Z-Health – I-Phase Professional Certification 2020

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Fundamental neurology, pathways and assessments of the visual and vestibular systems for rehabilitation, pain-relief and performance enhancement.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Z-Health – I-Phase Professional Certification 2020

Z-Health - I-Phase Professional Certification 2020

Once your payment is complete for I-Phase: You will have access to course materials, including:

Over 24 hours of Instruction and Video Lecture

Exercise Resource Library

Course Manual

Course PowerPoint

Additional recordings from past courses

Research Archive

Additional registration benefits include:

No additional cost, invitation to Practical Intensive Webinar Series

Access to future updates

–What You’ll Learn–
-Fundamental Neurology, Pathways and Assessments of the Visual and Vestibular Systems for Rehabilitation, Pain-Performance enhancement and relief

-Advanced mobility concepts that go beyond biomechanics and drills that specifically target the nervous systems with exercise.

-Non-traditional, but structured, training programs to increase positive brain plasticity.

-Neurobehavioral concepts to increase client compliance with lifestyle changes

-I-Phase is all about integration. First with movement, then with the higher.-Orders of the vestibular and visual systems.

-Once you have read and understood the information in I-Phase, there is no going back -
 neurology and brain-Your lens for the rest of the world and your work will be first thinking. I-Phase adds crucial layers of –neurology on top of the fundamentals you have explored in R-Phase, with a heavy emphasis on the inner and outer eyes.-Ear impact movement

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