Tom Pauley & Dave Edman – Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging

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Dave Edman is a wealth of information. It is never, ever, ever boring with him around. He is always reaching out to the newest ideas for expanding and empowering your mind.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Tom Pauley & Dave Edman – Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging

Tom Pauley & Dave Edman - Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging

Are You Maximizing Your Abundance
The Theater of Your Mind?

  • We have heard it many times: What you focus on, is what you get in your life. You can focus on what you think is happening if you do. to If you are a person who struggles, suffers, or loses, then that’s what you will get more of.
  • If you are focused on what you want…success and happiness, joy, wealth then that’s how to open the door. to The abundance you desire.
  • This is because every observation your brain makes has a dramatic and powerful effect on every cell of your body.
  • Your mind’s receptive intelligence (RIM), can be the key to creating the abundant and rich life you want and deserve.
  • Original Dave Referred to This information is known as the Theater of the Mind. Soon, it was clear that we had harnessed an even greater energy. That’s when it became the series,
  • Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging.
  • Hidden Secrets To Power Imaging This is a collection of three amazing programs, each designed to amaze. to You can remove the veil of secrecy around the incredible power that is hidden within your mind.
  • A power you can use to Create a well-Spring of abundance happens overnight
  • The Secrets Tom, Penelope and Dave This powerful series may be the key you are looking for to Open the doors to endless prosperity, success, and happiness.

Knowledge is gold
Dave Edman Our Spiritual Life Consultant. He is often referred to as our spiritual guide or shaman. His advice and perspective are invaluable.
He actually holds a BA degree in history. He has completed post graduate work in Human Relations and Psychology, as well as Theology.
Dave For 18 years, he was a clinical hypnotherapist in both holistic and medical centers. He also traveled extensively teaching in the US and abroad for several years.
His most recent research has been in mind, body and spirit connection. His knowledge of mysticism goes beyond impressive.
Dave Edman It is a treasure trove of information. It’s never boring to have him around. He is always reaching out to The newest ideas to expand and empower your mind.
Dave I can honestly say that he is the most intellectually stimulating and yet most personal person I have ever known.
Six Hours To Sugar Hill

  • In Houston I had friends who used this great expression for someone who’d ‘made it’. Someone who had everything going their direction. Someone who could weather any storm and still end up richer than ever.
  • They called it “movin’ to Sugar Hill”
  • Well, that’s what happens when you start using the Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging.
  • You can move to Sugar Hill. And life get’s very, very good.

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