Titanya Monique Dahlin – Energy Medicine for Women through Belly Dance

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Consult your doctor, but studies have shown it provides an easier childbirth experience – for you and your baby!

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 Energy Medicine for Women through Belly Dance

Titanya Monique Dahlin – Energy Medicine for Women through Belly Dance

Women have long wanted to learn how to cook. Belly Dance is an instinct. This DVD set will teach you how to dance in your own home. You can also invite friends over to have a fun and memorable night of dancing and bonding. Titanya Has been a Middle Eastern Belly dancer for Highest demand is for those who have been in business for more than 30 years for her wisdom about the history and symbolism of belly dancing, which you will learn in her DVD’s. Within her teaching style, she combines the effective health benefits of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine With the ancient art of Belly This is a joyous way to connect with your own energy.

This DVD set contains 2 DVDs. It teaches you about the sacred history of Middle Eastern dance and the basics of Middle Eastern dancing, including Veil, Drum Solo, and a Choreographed. Dance You can even practice at home. Enjoy beautiful melodies from the Middle East and be transported to your private oasis of tranquility.

Titanya combines the effective health benefits of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Techniques that combine the ancient art form of Belly She teaches you how to dance. for Eden is the best place to balance your hormones Energy MedicineWhile connecting to the powerful dances of the divine feminine, he/she will be dancing.

Bellydancing Benefits 💃:

★ Feel comfortable in your skin

★ Radiance is possible when you let go of your energy

★ Empower your inner wisdom

★ Balance all your energy systems, even the Five Elements.

★ You can love yourself deeper than ever before

★ Joy and harmony are more yours

★ Promotes restful nights of sleep

★ Relieves stress

★ Increases oxygen levels in the body, which has many health benefits

★ Strengthens your core muscles – a fun way to get your exercise in for Every day is a new day!

★ This increases circulation, which promotes radiant skin and better memory.

★ Healthy digestion is supported by the abdominal movements

★ Menstrual cramps may be decreased by movements in the pelvic region

★ You can heal yourself through dance – Whenever we use our muscles we release toxins, old stagnant energy and wounds so these DVD’s will help your over-All sense of well-Being, and even changing your perspective on yourself, others, and the world, is possible! It is truly a gift!

★ Incorporating Eden Energy Medicine You will get even more health benefits, tools and information to improve your natural health.

★ Consult your doctor, but studies have shown it provides an easier childbirth experience – for You and your baby!

About the Belly dance

The Belly Dance is an ancient form of sacred dance that has roots in India, Spain, and the Middle East. Some say it is the oldest form. It was thought that it was a birth ritual where women performed the breathing exercises and belly techniques around the pregnant woman’s bed. These dance rituals were often performed by women. Men were forbidden from witnessing them. Later, it became a more communal dance and a dance for harvest to ensure good crops. for The tribe. It was a women’s initiation. for women to dance together at transitions in their lives such as young girl’s passage into adulthood, births, deaths, and changes in season. Like the natural curves of a woman’s body, Belly These undulating movements celebrate the feminine form and dance follows them. The Belly Dance can provide many healing benefits and a feeling of confidence. for Young girls and women.

Later, it was a way to express the dancer and became an art form. In 1893, belly dancing came to America with the Chicago World’s Fair, with a dancer by the name of “Little Egypt”. Belly dancers were influenced by Hollywood and classical Russian ballet. They added veil dancing.

Belly Dance has come a long distance since its early origins. In some places of the Middle East, a woman could be disowned and her family could not support it. for This exotic dance can be enjoyed by anyone. Today, there are numerous belly dance workshops and festivals all over the globe.-Wide and you can see a professional bellydancer in your local Middle Eastern restaurant. Belly Dance has been recognized as an art form and is now considered to be a distinct art form. It is now acknowledged as an expression of the individual dancer’s performance and popular worldwide with both men and women.

About Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Donna Eden, holistic health pioneer and author of Donna Eden’s books, developed an energy healing system. “Energy Medicine” “Energy Medicine for Women” These are used in the development of complementary health programs worldwide-wide. Eden’s Energy Medicine focuses on the body’s subtle energies to enhance a person’s health and well-being. 9 energy systems are used, including the aura, chakras and meridians, as well as the electrical systems. Energy Medicine Uses the wisdom of these energy field to correct body disturbances and bring them into balance, moving towards wellness.

 Titanya I grew up in Energy Medicine as she is Donna Eden’s daughter. She has taught all over the world.-wide in her mother’s healing workshops since 1996. She is the movement director for The Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program The creator of Energy Medicine Dance, a form of creative healing movement that is based upon her mother’s powerful healing work.

More about Titanya

Starting at the age of 9 Titanya Polynesian began to be studied Dance Dondi, her sister, was in the Islands. She later formed her own troupe Polynesian Sunset which included Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori dances (from New Zealand). Titanya Also available is an instructional video for Poi dancing called, The Energy Poi for sale.

Her Godmother taught her Middle Eastern dance at the age of 15 and she was able to pass it on to her children. Titanya She found her passion for dance and has continued to dance ever after. A professional award winning Middle Eastern dancer since 1987, Titanya She has traveled the world performing and teaching this dance to empower women and enrich their lives with the stories and culture.

Titanya’s performances and teaching have taken her throughout the world. Nominated as Best kept secret in the Golden Belly Awards Sponsored by Zaghareet Magazine First Place in the Scarab Category At the Double Crown Competition in Portland Oregon

Titanya He is also a playwright, storyteller and award-winning author.-She is an award-winning speaker and stage actor, among other talents. She is also well-known for Her One-She wrote and directed women’s dance and dramatic shows. Scheherazade-The Veil Behind the Blade The Transcendance Of Innana They were her two one-Wide acclaim was given to woman shows. She was the director and owner of The Nightingale and the Rose Performing Arts Company Boulder, Colorado

Titanya Was the choreographer and director The Bedouin Moon Dance Theatre (adult) The Bedouin Moonbeams (children), who both specialized in World Dance Theatre. She produced and created many dance dramas, including The Goddess Dances This performance featured storytellers, musicians, multicultural dancers, and more.

Today, Titanya has been leading empowering women’s healing retreats worldwide through Energy Medicine for The Five Elements and Healing Movement, Kids, and Sacred Ceremony for The last 30 years have been spent at renowned retreat centers like Omega Institute, Feathered Pipe and Esalen Institute.

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