Thomas Hubl – The Art of Transparent Communication

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You’ll explore the art of communication from the mystic’s perspective – a contemplative approach, embodying a deep authenticity and attunement.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Thomas Hubl – The Art of Transparent Communication

Thomas Hubl - The Art of Transparent Communication

Every one of We know how important it is to be visible in our core

-When someone really gets you, it is a moment when your heart opens.

This course is designed for anyone who ever wanted to have an inner connection to spirit. To feel more connected to the flow and guided, this course is for you. of life.

-We are rich humans, composed of Multiple streams of Intelligence and each of We radiate all the information of Our lives into the space.

-In this course, you’ll learn what it means to tune in to these multiple levels of information. Through contemplative practices, and the development of You will develop subtle skills that will increase your ability to be present and to receive more. of All the information is right around you

-When you train for the mystical art of transparent communication, you’ll refine your knowledge and understanding of Space, presence, energy, movement, and awakening within the social and relational realms of your life.

Connect to a deeper knowing moment by moment and let it guide your life.

This transformational course will change your life. Thomas will guide you through 7 modules that are both practical and profound. You will explore the art. of communication from the mystic’s perspective – a contemplative approach, embodying a deep authenticity and attunement.


The Art of Contemplative Communication

-In the following session Thomas It explains how to turn your daily life into a deep practice that will increase your relational capacity.

He offers a practice that we can use to present our current perceptions and moves into stillness and motion, transcending our habits and filling the relational fields with awareness.

Topics include:

Every moment counts

Present the Current Perception

Stillness and Movement

Transcending Habits

Two modes of Listening

The Relational Field

Transforming Fears Into Power

Contraction and Space Creation

Meditation: Mindfulness and Presencing


The Core Motivation The Emergent Energy of The Soul

-In the following session Thomas These principles are introduced of belonging and being expands on essence and offers practices to discover our core intelligence.

-He guides us to increase our awareness. of Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states and to “look” with the whole body.

Topics include:

Listening, Perceiving and Communicating

Practice, Spaciousness, And Attunement

Wholeness, Intimacy and Developing Our Human Instruments

Essence and Essential Conversation

Energy of The Heart: Belonging, Becoming and the Heart

Transparent Communication Is Studying the Books a Good Idea? of Life

The Effect of Trauma on Belonging, Becoming

The Restoration of Belonging is through relationships

Meditation: Mapping Your Inner Landscape: Body and Emotions. Mind.


Exploring the Relational Field

This session will be: Thomas teaches how we can develop our relational competence by becoming more attuned to others’ thoughts, feelings, and embodiment. He also leads us through a practice that will help us to feel more connected to others. of inner spaciousness.

Topics include:

Developing Awareness of Your Inner-Body Communication

Finding Our Place: Belonging & Becoming

Practice 24/7 in the Marketplace

Building Our Relational Capabilities

The Higher Intelligence of Attunement

Becoming more aware of The Synchronicity of Body, Emotions and Mind

A mature emotional perspective is essential

Meditation: Inner-Body Communication


Create Inner Space to Bring In the Future

This session will be: Thomas Discusses rewriting evolution (changing your habits), and explains the four pillars of Talks about coherence and creativity as essential for our evolutionary path.

Topics include:

Balance Space and Energy

Separate Consciousness vs. Feld Consciousness

Transparent Communication As an Evolutionary Practice

It is important to commit to a “Forever” Practice

Practice Presence Moment to moment

Shadow as a process we participate in

Technology Evolution: Finding the Wisdom to Meet It

Meditation: Inner and outer coherence


Training the capacity for intuition

This session will be: Thomas teaches how to access our intuitive knowing, how to notice and use subtle irritations in our practice, and how walking a conscious path means that the difficulties in our life are not in the way—they are the way.

Topics include:

Presencing Perception to Create Inner Spaciousness

Mapping Your Inner Body Landscape

You can train your inner intelligence and wisdom.

How to distinguish between interpretation and process

Karma Processing of The Day

Body/Mind Synchronization

Resonating with and Feeling Another’s Frequency

Relaxing into Your Inner State

Meditation: Listening to the Spaciousness


Inspiration and the Creative Power of ‘Yes’

This session will be: Thomas He takes a closer look into life energy and offers practices to restore our chi and substance. He also leads us through an exploration of Our relational network and talks on the importance of Acceptance of the evolutionary tensions that may arise in relationships.

Topics include:

Leaving No Trace

Chi and Substance

Contracts and Change

360 Degree Response-Ability

Illumination of Informational Field

Shadow Landscapes

Explore How We Use Our Life Energy

Our Natural State Is Presence of Being

Meditation: Exploring your Energy Field Potential


Becoming a Social Mystic

In this final session Thomas Talks about becoming an a “social mystic,” making one’s every encounter an opportunity for contemplative attunement. He also speaks about how practicing together can help us reach the highest possible potential, individually and collectively.

Topics include:

Synchronizing Our Awareness of Space and Energy

Cultural Aspects of Transparent Communication

Constant Re-The Dance is the way to relate of Life

Service Evolution Around Me and Me

Crossing the Red Line In Our Relationships

Listening to the Whisper of Inner Guidance

Hearing Our Awakening Call

The Economy of Love

Meditation: Awareness of Your Relational Network

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