The Shift Network – Intuitive Medicine Summit 2021

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In this practicum, globally recognized medical intuition expert Tina Zion will define an aura.

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 Intuitive Medicine Summit 2021

The Shift Network – Intuitive Medicine Summit 2021

Here’s What You’ll Receive WITH YOUR UPGRADE:

Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2022

Your pass to The Intuitive Medicine Summit series…

Upgrade your pass now Instant access to transformative teachings and hands-Pragmatism These are only available in the Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2022.

Interpret Your Body’s Persistent Signals to Create Your Healing Action Plan

Intuitive Medicine is an alternative form of healing that can be used in combination with traditional medical treatment. You can become your own medical intuitive by learning ancient and scientific healing methods. Deepen your relationship to your body.

Intuitive Simple treatments are available in medicine. Transmuting the underlying causes by identifying, translating and translating them of your body’s symptoms. Both experienced and novice medical professionals can help to supplement their healing journey. Applying psychic, intuition, and divination to treat persistent illness.

The Intuitive Medicine Summit Science series:-based techniques from medical experts, health practitioners, and Reiki healers, including Suzanne Giesemann, mystic, medium, and author…

Ellen Meredith, Doctor of Arts and energy medicine practitioner… Wendie Colter, certified medical intuitive.… and Tina ZionLicensed hypnotherapist and certified mental health nurse

You’ll be able to practice charting your unique course toward wholeness and vitality with Daily meditative practices, Eastern and Western medicine tools, and energy-healing techniques.

These deeply healing and rejuvenating practices can be returned to again and again if you have the Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2022.

In addition to having every session at your fingertips, you can practice protecting and healing your energy with Tina Zion’s exclusive 2-Hourly bonus

The Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2022 will help you harness the power and wisdom of your inner knowledge Trust your symptoms, trust your body, and take control of your healing journey..


You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you act NOW:

Vital Energetic Protection & Healing for Everyone 🙏

TSN Exclusive 90-Minute Practicum with Tina Zion

This practice is a globally recognized medical intuition expert Tina Zion An aura will be defined.

She will show you how to recognize your essence and be an energetic being.Explain what colors mean vibrationally and why you need protection on an energy level.

She’ll also give you simple exercises To help you identify what (or whom) drains or boosts energy, and which activities drain/restore it.

Learn to trust your intuition-Energy Connection for Your Health

TSN Exclusive 60-Minute Practicum with Hilary Crowley

This practice is medical intuition. Hilary Crowley shares why there’s a growing need to integrate energy healing with intuition

…empowering patients to intuitively and actively participate in their own healing processes

A case study from her book will be shown. The Power of Energy MedicineDiscuss the meaning of it “hear the language of your energy through intuition.”

She’ll also display typical energy-Intuition session To open the third eye, you can share your experience, enhancing intuition.

Tap into Your Electromagnetic Field🙏

TSN Exclusive 90-Minute Practice with Dr. Natasha Fallahi

This practicum is with Dr. Natasha Fallahi, The Sensitive Doctor allows you to dive deeper into your electromagnetic fields, and learn how differentiate harmful from helpful energies.

Get nutrition and lifestyle tips to increase your resilienceLearn how to tap into your intuition and transform it into energy healing.

An Intuitive Healer’s Kit🙏

Kim Chestney has a Workbook and a Card Deck. Also, Affirmations to Support your Inner Healing.

Kim Chestney’s Kit for intuitive healers A collection of tools to help you on your inner healing journeyThe book is full of inspiration, intuition techniques, and tips to help you tune in to your inner healer.

Each kit includes:

  • A printable Intuitive healing journal and workbook Find the source of your energy blocks
  • A special Downloadable mini-Deck of cards This will enable your healer’s intuition to be activated
  • A collection of affirmation reminders that will brighten up your phone’s home screen
  • An exclusive excerpt “Becoming an Intuitive Healer” Her book Radical Intuition: The Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Strength

Mini-Collection of Healing Practices🙏

A Shift Summit Collection From Bronwyn Ayla, Dr. Shamini Jain & Anodea Judith, PhD

Reiki and other methods of energetic healing are beneficial for your whole family.

You’ll use a Guided sound practice to align your biofield, and explore your chakras — considered by many practitioners to be portals to your energy body.

You’ll discover ways to use Sound and energy healing to lower your stress levels Reduce stress and conflict, and trauma.

To regulate your vibrational energy, you can use visualizations, meditations, or relaxing movements.

You’ll receive:

  • “Reiki and Energetic Healing for Families” Bronwyn Ayla, From the 2021 Conscious Kids Summit
  • “Shakti, Sound, and Healing: The Power of the Biofield” Dr. Shamini Jain, starting at the 2021 Intuitive Medicine Summit
  • “Chakras and the Energy Body” Anodea, Judith, PhD from the 2019 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit 

An Experience of Healing & Channeling 🙏

An 8-Minute Video & PDF Transcript With Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne Giesemann Is a medium, author, teacher, and facilitator of The The Awakened Way — spiritual guidance that suggests humans are part of one interconnected web of higher consciousness.

This connection is demonstrated by her communication with the spirit realms.

This bonus gift is Suzanne A group healing experience that includes words channeled from Sanaya’s guides in spirit..

You’ll resonate with the frequency of Sanaya’s wisdom and inspiration, made even more powerful by the written transcript included with your gift.

The Turning Wheel of Change: Navigating Personal & Global Shifts 🙏

A PDF Book Excerpt by Ellen Meredith

1993 Ellen Meredith First published Listening in: Dialogues with the Wiser Self To critical acclaim.

This classic, channeled and relatable book is a must-have Spiritual and personal growth insights

… relevant for navigating the changes we’re facing today.

The This bonus includes: “The Dialogue Begins,” “Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves,” “The Turning Wheel of Change.”

Healing from the Otherside🙏

Marie Manuchehri guides you through a guided meditation video

Enjoy this guided meditation Marie Manuchehri These can help you get rid of any barriers. Increase your aura and allow healers of the Otherside help you.

Beings from the Otherside have the best modalities to help the human race heal, whether it’s through self-healing, healing loved ones, or supporting clients — and they desire to be helpful!

Can I Really Be a Doctor? Intuitive What about me? 🙏

Tina Zion’s PDF Book Excerpt

This chapter is from Tina Zion’sBe Your Own Doctor Intuitive, you’ll learn how Medical intuition goes beyond being able scan yourself.

Explore the 11 key concepts you need to know about intuitionThese are the 7 primary blocks that will help you develop your intuitive skills.

Learn how to release blocks and how to notice yourself with fascination.

Intuitive Communication & Healing for Pets 🙏

A Shift Summit Collection From Allecia Maine & Latifa Meena

These are the pet-Sessions of focused healing offered by Allecia Maine Latifa Meena, you’ll discover new ways to relate to your beloved animals.

See how to utilize energy healing to regulate your pet’s behaviorHow to communicate more effectively and intuitively with your pets.

Be the pet-whisperer you’ve always dreamed of being, and nurture your favorite animal back to optimum health and happiness using these effective tools.

You’ll receive:

  • “Qi Healing For Animals: 3 Simple Steps to Harmonize, Heal, and Transform Your Pet’s Behavior and Health While Strengthening Their Life Force Energy” Allecia Maine, beginning at 2021 Qigong Summit
  • “Animal Communication — Why Talk With the Animals, and the Benefits” Latifa meena, from 2021 Intuitive Healing Summit

Meditation: How to Communicate with Your Pet🙏

Nancy Mello Recording an Audio Record

This is the introductory meditation Nancy Mello teaches you How to communicate with your pet while you meditate.

Before you begin this 5 minute exercise, make sure to find a comfortable position and space.-Minutes of meditation

You will be focusing on relaxation and asking your pet questions.

Intuitive Practitioner Toolkit 🙏

A Shift Summit Collection From Judith Orloff, MD, Wendie Colter & Dr. Divi Chandna

Everybody can tap into intuition, which is a powerful source of wisdom. The It is possible to make magic by trusting your intuition and waking up to it.

In this insightful collection, you’ll discover ways to identify intuition, how to use medical intuition for healing, and how to recognize déjà vu, synchronicities, and predictions.

Empaths are highly sensitive and energetic beings, and can even become sick.

But by opening up intuition and understanding channels of connection, it’s possible to Use these gifts to help people while remaining healthy and grounded.

You’ll receive:

  • “Ignite the Power of Your Intuition” Judith Orloff MD, of the 2021 Intuitive Healing Summit
  • “Medical Intuition: Blazing a Trail for Holistic Health” Wendie Colter from the 2021 Science of Healing Summit
  • “Rituals to Strengthen Your Intuitive Channels” Dr. Divi Chandna, From the 2021 Empaths, Sensitives & Intuitives Summit

Improve Your Intuitive Skills🙏

A Shift Summit Collection From David Gandelman & Dr. Christine Page

Intuitive healers commit to doing their own soul work in order to provide a sacred space for healing.

In this fascinating collection, you’ll come to Understanding the basic principles of the seven energies in the soul, their excesses and deficiencies..

Awaken your untapped spiritual potential to help others heal while living with purpose — grounding, finishing projects, and building successful careers and relationships.

You’ll receive:

  • “Cultivating Intuition Through Meditation” David Gandelman, From the 2021 Evolutionary Empath Summit
  • “Healing Into Wholeness: Intuition as the Greatest Gift to Healing” Christine Page, Dr. Evolutionary Empath Summit

Perform Energy Clearings on Yourself, Other People, Plants & Animals 🙏

A Shift Network Jean Haner’s Course Sampler

These classes are of particular importance. you’ll learn to use a pendulum to clear other people’s energy from your field, keeping you centered and focused.

You’ll develop an ability to easily notice when you’re about to be negatively affected by someone’s energy, so you can prevent it from soaking in.

And finally, you’ll discover how to release issues you may be carrying from past difficult experiences — issues that are restricting the flow of your life in the present.

You’ll receive:

  • Module 2: Clearing Other People’s Energy From Your Field
  • Module 3: Your Step-By-Step Personal Energy Clearing

Be Your Own Medical Practitioner Intuitive For personal healing🙏

A Shift Network Tina Zion – Course Sampler

You may talk and pray to Source and the nonphysical realms — but do you stop to listen and receive a response?

Tina Zion demonstrates How to communicate clearly with your spirit guides and other nonphysical beings.

You’ll learn the five steps to direct your spiritual team toward your health and healing, 15 key points to help you discern what intuition really is, and 8 blocks that hinder your intuitive skills.

She’ll empower you to take action to heighten your intuition, by knowing and feeling 6 pathways where you can receive nonphysical information.

You’ll receive:

  • A guided meditation to open and increase awareness of your telepathic abilities and mind’s eye
  • A practice session to increase your telepathic communication skills and your receptivity towards symbolic images

Salient Health Solutions 🙏

A Shift Summit Collection From Amy B. Scher, Keesha Ewers, PhD & Lisa Bonnice

The effects of trauma can manifest in many ways — as anxiety, in autoimmune disorders, and even as weight gain, grinding down your self-Your self-esteem and self-esteem are both affected.

You can awaken your inherent healing potential by Finding support that can counteract the power of trauma or overwhelm.

This enlightening collection contains healing modalities that you can learn from. Use both Eastern and Western medicine techniques

Reduce anxiety, heal autoimmune conditions, and lose weight You can tap into your intuition.

You’ll receive:

  • “How to Heal Yourself From Anxiety When No One Else Can” Amy B. Scher, beginning in the 2019 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit
  • “Healing Trauma and Autoimmune Disease Using Eastern and Western Medicine” Keesha Ewers (PhD) from the 2021 Evolutionary Empath Summit
  • “Shape Shifting: Intuition and Weight Balancing” Lisa Bonnice, starting at 2021 Intuitive Healing Summit

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS infinite access to the video recordings and transcripts of every series session — empowering you with essential teachings on the latest intuitive research and healthcare applications from medical experts.

With the Intuitive Medicine Wisdom Collection 2022, you’ll find insightful, yet actionable, wisdom from the Intuitive Medicine Summit series experts — and the modalities they use to guide you toward owning your health journey.


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