The Mindful Attraction Academy – Nice Guy

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Women will find themselves more attracted to you in the process. Those who disrespected you in the past will either leave or find new found respect for you.

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Nice Guy

The Mindful Attraction Academy – Nice Guy

The Mindful Attraction Academy


This course is for men who see themselves as “a man of integrity.”Nice Guy”, and would like finally to stand up to those who take advantage of us.

I was a nice guy up to my 20s, and women took advantage of me.

The Problem is that nice guys are not respected by others. They bring out the predators in people.

Nice Men have a hard time expressing their values and confronting others. They attract predators and become passive.-You must be aggressive in this process. This is not good!

You will be able to project power and strength by the end of the course. You will stop those who exploit the weak and deter them from coming into your life. Nobody will dare to play with you, and if they do they will suffer the consequences.

This will make women more attracted to your persona. People who have disrespected you in your past will either leave or gain new respect for you.

You will also:

•Learn foolproof dating rules for men who feel that women CONSTANTLY take advantage of their love and kindness.

•Know how to project a threatening presence that demands respect

•Learn why healthy boundaries are important

•Understand how healthy boundaries are created

•Learn how healthy boundaries help us enjoy life

•Know how to create healthy boundaries

•Know good boundary communication

•Know how to non verbally communicate strength.

•Learn to project ultimate confidence and self assuredness

•Learn how to set internal boundaries and let your inner authority run your life and much more!

This is again for NICE GUYS! 

If you are already a “[email protected]”, this might not be the right course for you.

Layout of Course

Nice Guy

The Source of Human Aggression
Identifying Aggression
The Naive Perspective
Confrontation and Learning How To Be Aggressive
Strategies for Self-Assertion
Types of Disrespect | Emotional Disrespect
Disrespect for your time| Disrespect of your time
Public Disrespect| Public Disrespect
Reputational disrespect| Reputational Disrespect
Subtle Disrespect| Subtle Disrespect
Signs When Someone Doesn’t Like You
Facts about the Human Nature
How to Disarm Aggressors
Signs of weakness
Exercise: What causes you to lose respect for others?
Signs of Strength
Be open to being dissatisfied
How to deal with the anxiety of confrontation
Standing up for yourself
Meditation for Self Assertion
How to assert yourself when you’re weak
The Surrender in Appearance
Don’t Attack Everyone


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