The Art of Lifting & The Science of Lifting Power Pack (2015)

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These books represent the cumulative knowledge gained from over a decade under the bar, the frustrations of a 5-year plateau, hundreds of classroom hours, working with hundreds of clients, and countless conversations with other lifters and coaches.

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The Art of Lifting & The Science of Lifting Power Pack (2015)

The Art of Lifting & The Science of Lifting Power Pack (2015)

Take control of Your
Training and nutrition
The Art & Science of Lifting You can use ebooks to create your own programs and train like an expert.
► Learn to design and adjust training and nutrition programs based on scientific principles.
► Develop a mental framework for understanding training and nutrition concepts.
► Learn to critically read fitness information and start thinking like an expert.

For long-lasting success, build a solid foundation
This will allow you to stop wasting money and time.

We WANT PEOPLE to be REALLY FREAKING SMART. The phrase is the most honest way to answer fitness and strength-related questions. “It depends.” Although there are few things that can be universally right or wrong in life, people still want to find easy answers and solutions. Unfortunately, that’s not going to get you very far.

These books will give you the tools to think about training like an expert lifter or coach. There aren’t going to be many pre-packaged answers or, say, a training routine you can implement directly. Instead, they give you an all-in-one guide to navigate the minefield. of Online fitness information.

These books contain the cumulative knowledge and frustrations of more than a decade at the bar. of a 5-year plateau, hundreds of Classes, working with hundreds of clients, as well as countless conversations with coaches and lifters.

I have put in the effort, the time, and the energy to learn all of the lessons in these books (often learning them the hard way).

The Art Science of Lifting The culmination of That journey and all the knowledge I’ve gained along the way.

These books will provide you with the information you need in order to be successful long-term.

There are literally hundreds of books laying out someone’s specific training program or diet. That wasn’t the purpose here. The The goal was to make it easy for you to do the things that you want. of the land so you’d be better equipped to evaluate books like that, articles, videos, or other resources you come across in the future.

It’s like the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Most ebooks include a picture of a fish. The Art Science of Lifting They will teach you how to fish.


What’s inside: 200+ Pages, 50+ Infographics

Each book has approximately 100 pages.

The Art of Lifting It is very simple to understand and serves to introduce all. of These are the key concepts that every lifter must be aware of.

The Science of Lifting is a lot more in-depth and takes you through how to understand training holistically – how to set up your training and diet, how and when to make adjustments, how all of These factors affect your life outside of the gym and many other areas. To put it mildly, it’s very dense.

However, the books can also be used to accommodate different learning styles. I am a visual learner so I made sure that all the information was clear. of These key points were also illustrated using 50+ beautiful infographics.


The Art of Lifting

108 pages. 22 illustrations. Split into two parts: What Matters and What Doesn’t.

  1. Keys will let you in on the key factors that matter and make the greatest impact on your training progress.
  2. It will help you avoid the common traps and pitfalls that can result from focusing your efforts on the wrong things.
  3. Accessible and useful for people of All levels of knowledge.

The Science of Lifting

98 pages. 35 graphics explaining the concept.

  1. Your knowledge base, which you have accumulated through reading, will be deepened The Art of Lifting. 
  2. Learn how to use model-based thinking to solve problems like an expert instead of Looking for black-and white, cookie cutter solutions.
  3. As an athlete, you can become self-sufficient. Don’t guess about what might work, instead start thinking about the next step and feeling confident.

✨About the authors✨

Greg Nuckols

Greg Nuckols, the founder and owner of the company, is Greg Nuckols. of, a website dedicated to combining lifting advice with biomechanics and scientific theory. He holds a Master’s degree. He has a master’s degree in exercise physiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his B.S. in exercise science and sports science. Greg holds three all-time powerlifting world records in the 220lb or 242lb weight classes. He has also coached hundreds. of For many athletes and writers of The major magazines and websites of the industry. He’s worked with and learned from record holders, champion athletes, and collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coaches through previous job as Chief Content Director for Juggernaut Training Systems and current full-time work on

About Omar Isuf

Omar Isuf is its owner of Canada’s most popular YouTube channel for fitness. Omar has a relationship with hundreds of people. of Answering questions and using feedback to create informative and accessible content for viewers, Omar interacts with them every day. Omar knows what lifters need to understand and what information can be misinterpreted. He has collaborated with the best in the industry on various video projects and dispelled myths about nutrition, hypertrophy, strength, and movement. Omar’s most impressive lifts are a 500lb. squat, 350lb. bench, and 585lb. deadlift.

 What industry experts have to say

Greg and Omar have compiled a comprehensive guide to lifts that offers a great blend of information. of Science and practical application. It is written in an easy-to-understand format and serves as a guideline for increasing muscle strength and size. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter, this two-book set is a valuable addition to your fitness library.

Brad SchoenfeldPh.D., CSCS, FNSCA

The Days of They are no longer able to think for themselves. What are the consequences? “big guys do” While important, it is not the only source. of advice on how to get bigger, stronger, and leaner… Especially if you’re limited on the amount of Time you are willing to invest in this process. The fruits of science are a great guide, but there’s so much to know! If only there was a source! of Science-based advice on how to make the most of your limited time to achieve the best results. “The Art of Lifting” “The Science of Lifting” Do exactly that. Science-based, practical information on what matters most, what matters least, and what doesn’t matter at all for results in fitness. If you’ve been a bit lost on the seemingly contradictory advice coming in from all sides of the fitness industry, very soon you won’t be. This book is for YOU.

Mike IsraetelPh.D

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