Thais Gibson – Break Through Self-Sabotage & Procrastination For Good

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Break through sabotaging patterns in relationships, procrastination around work or school, resistance to healthy living, and financial self-sabotage once and for all!

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 Break Through Self-Sabotage & Procrastination For Good

Thais Gibson – Break Through Self-Sabotage & Procrastination For Good

Break Through Self-Sabotage & Procrastination For Good 🖤

Procrastination Self and Others-Both Sabotage and deception come from the subconscious mind searching for something else. This course will help to identify and break the patterns that are keeping you stuck in this situation.

Break Through sabotaging relationships, procrastination around school or work, resistance to healthy living and financial self-interest-Stop sabotage once for all! You’ll finally become productive & efficient and learn strategies to achieve success seamlessly.

*Recommended for all attachment styles, including secure!


1️⃣ Awareness of the Subconscious Root Causes for Procrastination Self and Others-Sabotage

2️⃣ Understanding Your Subconscious Personality Needs to Create Change

3️⃣ Engaging the Subconscious when Creating Your Why

4️⃣ Procrastination Strategies and Habits

5️⃣ The PDS Impact Method: Key Steps to Transform Procrastination & Self-Sabotage Good!

6️⃣ Developing Your Vision & Strategies

7️⃣ Subconscious Association Reprogramming


►Chapter 1◄

  • Workbook & Workbook Summary
  • Welcome & Itinerary
  • How your personality needs impact you-Sabotage, Procrastination & Behavior
  • Workbook Exercise 1 — Dialing In – Establish Goals in All 7 Areas of Life
  • Workbook Exercise 2 – Building new emotional associations
  • Personality Needs Questionnaire & How to Align With Your Goals!
  • Workbook Exercise 3 (Part 1): Personality Needs Exercise
  • Workbook Exercise 3 (Part 2): Morning Routine & Reflection for Habits and Strategies to Fill Your Needs Buckets

►Chapter 2◄

  • Root Causes of Self-Sabotage and Procrastination & How to Change
  • Workbook Exercise 4 Subconscious Personality needs – Secondary Strategies for Getting Primary Needs Met
  • Workbook Exercise 5 – Identifying outmoded strategies and updating them with emotion

►Chapter 3◄

  • Productivity & Goal Achievement Tips

►Chapter 4◄

  • Re-Programming Yourself-Sabotage & Procrastination Plus, the Reverse Engineering Method
  • Workbook Exercise 6: Belief Dump & Re-Patterning
  • Workbook Exercise 7: 5 Step Reverse-Engineering Method
  • Final Quiz
  • Feedback from Courses

►Webinars – 2020◄

  • Set Goals For Your Subconscious Mind February 15th
  • Ending Procrastination & Self Sabotage – Jan. 11th

►Webinars – 2019◄

  • Overcoming Procrastination & Self-Sabotage – Dec. 21st


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