Taylor Johnson – Ecstatic Lovers Course

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Share your deepest desires with your lover, and act them out in safe and erotic ways that leave you both connected and full of pleasure…

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Ecstatic Lovers Course

Taylor Johnson – Ecstatic Lovers Course

Ecstatic Lovers Course

A romantic & sexy journey for couples to connect deeply and experience more pleasure in the comfort of your own bedroom.


► Wanting more connection with your partner, but not knowing how to get it…

► Feeling like you’ve lost the spark of passion you once shared…

► Doing the same things over and over again in sex…

► Wanting to ravish your partner (or be ravished), but not knowing how do it…


► Access the full sexual potential of your relationship with your lover

► Experience blissfully laying in your lovers arms, mind-Blotted and Heart-Enjoy an orgasmically incredible lovemaking session

► Share your deepest desires with your lover, and act them out in safe and erotic ways that leave you both connected and full of pleasure

► Bring techniques from Yogic & Taoist Sexuality into your relationship in practical ways that easily merge the sacred with the sexy


Register today to create the intimate life that you desire.


Fully guided, 3-hour workshop for you and your lover to explore touch, intimacy and pleasure – in the comfort of your own home.


► Touch exercises to ignite passion, presence and connection

► Rituals that merge sacred sexual wisdom with practical pleasure

► Guided practices to celebrate and experience your true desires

Safe, sexy, and empowering is the secret to ravishing your lover (and being loved).

► BONUS CONTENT: on conscious objectification, sexual polarity and more…


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  4. You can deepen your love relationship by simply being there for your lover.

About Taylor Johnson

My name is Taylor…

And it’s my passion to help you have the most incredible and pleasurable intimate life possible.

Sex is one of the most amazing things we get to experience as humans, and there’s SO MUCH MORE to sex than what we’ve been told… Your intimate connection with your lover affects your entire life, and when your sexual connection thrives, everything just feels better.


It’s normal for the strength of your connection to ebb and flow…

That’s the nature of relationship.

If you’re not feeling the same spark you once did with your lover – OR – if you want to build your spark into a raging fire of love, now might be the time to take action. I created this private workshop experience to help you take action…

Because of the practice, amazing relationships can be made

You will find that the exercises in this course will make your spark of intimacy a raging fire. These exercises have changed my life and the lives of many others around the globe.


My journey to sacred sex began more than ten years ago, when my struggles with sexual anxiety, porn addiction and premature ejaculation were a major factor in my decision to pursue sacred sexuality.

I researched everything I could find about Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques. “Tantra,” Taoist sexual practices and practical western things too…

I literally traveled the world to study sex, relationship, and finally overcame my personal shortcomings. “performance” problems… But I then realized that this was only half of the journey… maybe even less than half.

It was a humbling realization…

To have the sex life that I wanted, I had TO PROACTIVELY learn new ways of connecting in the sexual realms.

I studied authentic communication, embodied presence, new kinds of touch, power dynamics, energetic sex, the magic of cultivated polarity, and much more… I’m certainly not perfect, and I’ll always be learning… but I will say that through this work my intimate connections have been able to thrive.


In this private workshop…

I will guide you and your lover through some of the most incredible processes I’ve ever learned in the realms of sex. It’ll be an empowering and liberating journey – one that will open doors to all kinds of pleasure for you both.

For example:

Lots of people fantasize about being ravished… having their clothes ripped off their body and being held down and made love to… And lots of people fantasize about being the person who rips the clothes off their lover and makes love to them…

But most people are afraid to actually do this…

This workshop will give each participant the tools necessary to have a safe, empowering, and beautiful erotic relationship.

And it will give you so much more…

In service and gratitude


Register now to:


You can deepen your relationship for the rest of your life.

► Strengthen Your Connection

► Create the Sex Life You Want

► Embody Your Full Sexual Potential

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