Sovereign Subliminals – The Time Machine – Change Your Past And Live Your Best Future Now X2

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Based on Neville Goddard’s infamous revision technique, we created a subliminal that would deeply change these painful events and free you from the past.

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 The Time Machine - Change Your Past And Live Your Best Future Now X2

Sovereign Subliminals – The Time Machine – Change Your Past And Live Your Best Future Now X2

What if your past could be rewritten?

You live in the past all the time. It happened, and it hurt. It is better for you to let it go, but you don’t have the ability to.

And It is stealing all your joy. And What about all the mistakes that you wish you hadn’t made?

Are you tired carrying the weight of the past? Do you wish time travel were possible? Do you ever wish you could go back and change any event to experience the joy, freedom and energy that these changes bring?

We have something for everyone.

Based on Neville Goddard’s legendary rev technique

Sometimes, bad things happen. Sometimes, things happen that are not as expected.

These events continue to replay in our minds, creating the exact same feelings, thoughts, and experiences over and again. Ever notice that people stuck in the past create similar circumstances? Again and again? It’s awful not to be in a position to just move on with your day. Don’t waste your years We regret what happened.

But what can we do?

Based on Neville Goddard’s The infamous revision techniqueWe created a subliminal which would profoundly change these painful past events and help you to get rid of them.

Woah, what?

Yes, exactly. Think about it: If you relive the same events over-and-over, it manifests. The same situation applies.This is why you must imagine these events changing in your imagination. Changes in circumstances. This is exactly what you want. The Time Machine does.

It doesn’t matter what type of event it was, how far back it was, or if it’s not something you remember, it matters. The Time Machine We will change and revise everything in the past to make you a new person here and now. These horrible events are unacceptable Never happened If something wonderful happened instead, who would you rather be today?

Neville Goddard (one of the greatest mystics in the 20th century) observed that Your imagination can transform your memoriesLiving them as if they were true. Changes facts.

This bold statement has been proven to be true by countless people.

And Now, for the first-time, we have a subliminal to do this work for us. The Time Machine It is designed to transform all the negative events in your daily life into positive, deep-rooted joy, deep peace, happiness and confidence.

✅ The Time Machine If you are…

* You find yourself ruminating and thinking about the past again and again

* You continuously think about past events and how you wish you could have done things differently

* You stopped enjoying life because you are worried about the future based on things that happened in the past

* You wish there was a way to free yourself from the past and start life anew again

* You believe you are “too far gone” and your life will only get worse

Let’s do what’s impossible – Let’s make your past better today.

So you can live your best life! Best for the future now. This is what you can do for a second. Imagine the most horrible things in your daily life. Never happened. Imagine it as if it had disappeared into the blue sky.

Think of other good things that could have happened. Things that make you feel good. Live life to its fullestLet go of the past and let go of worrying about the future. Instead, embrace the present and move on.

Impossible? Too good to believe?

It is possible to prove it yourself.

Demonstrate to yourself that you are capable love, mercy, freedom and joy.

Get The Time Machine Be reborn today

The Version X3 Time Machine This version includes a new feature that I am certain you will love: You can now instantly revise any memory or experience by simply thinking about it and silently repeating. “Time Machine”. The Event will then be automatically rewritten to ensure the best outcome for all involved. This feature can be used both while listening to the subliminal or without listening to it.

“I’m 25 years old and feel the same joy and happiness as when I was in my teens!” YourFearIsReal

“I can still recall my past, but it doesn’t make me feel sad or affect my health. I am calm and composed. I don’t have any anxiety attacks or thoughts that are negative. All this was possible after only one listening. Thanks a lot” – Prasad Verma

Yes, it’s possible. People just like yourself have freed themselves of the past.


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