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This disconnect results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

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 Yoni Yoga

Sofia Sundari – Yoni Yoga

Do you want deep intimacy with your feminine side and to unlock your sexual urges?

Discover the Power of the Yoni Egg and Orgasmic Life: Egg and Awaken Your Sexual Nature and Orgasmic Vitality

Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari reveals Yoni Yoga: A sacred journey online for 5 weeks You can liberate your sexuality by mastery of the Jade Egg practice

Let’s talk frankly…

✔️ Do you want to bring more magic to your sex lives?

✔️ Would you like to live a life that is truly transformative?-orgasms?

✔️ Do you want to feel more attractive and sexier?

✔️ Are you interested in learning how to use the Jade Egg for your entire body?

✔️ Do you want to feel confident in yourself and deeply connected with your body and sexuality.

All this is possible for you!


Every woman has the ability to be fully present in herself and experience extraordinary orgasms.

So if that’s true, why are so many Not yet?

It’s because we are taught Not to. Sexuality in the 21st century is still something that is repressed, we’re not supposed to speak about or claim for ourselves.

There is a lot of conditioning that makes many people believe that sexuality is dirty, and we all carry a degree of shame around it…

Many women live a life that is disconnected from their genitals.

This disconnect results in numbness, which is one of the main reasons why we don’t feel pleasure. That’s why so many women don’t feel satisfied with their sex life.

The majority of women simply don’t know how to change their situation, and so they end up giving up on their pleasure altogether.

The solution to the ‘How’ This wonderful practice was developed thousands years ago in ancient China.

It was well known that to be a strong leader and live a long and happy life, members of royal families had to harness and master their sexual energy. Women were encouraged by their mothers to keep a crystal near their womb. This practice was kept a secret for many years.

But today this long kept secret is no longer hidden. It’s now available to you!

It is known as the Yoni Egg practice.


What is the power of this? Yoni You might be asking, “Egg?”

  • The Yoni Egg is a small egg-shaped crystal made of Jade.
  • Yoni Sanskrit name for female reproductive organs. Literally, it refers to ‘holy temple’ .
  • The Yoni The egg is to be placed inside your vagina. When we hold it in, we do special things.
  • These practices can help you to strengthen your whole self.
  • The Yoni Egg is a practical tool for feminine empowerment, transformation and transformation.

And then, practice it. Sofia This Online Course offers many amazing benefits to our expanded sexual and/orgasmic nature.

Your body will become more sensitive with practice. You can feel a deep connection with your body. Yoni. You revitalize your whole being. You enhance and harmonize your sex drive. You balance hormones, so you can say goodbye to PMS or menopause symptoms. You experience a new level of spirituality. You feel your feminine power. You can heal sexual trauma. You can also experience a whole new level of sexual pleasure.

In this course you’ll be taken on a journey of holistic sexual empowerment.

To unleash the You are erotic, Powerful youThe You are a sensationTo connect with the Feminine and sacred you.

✨About Sofia Sundari✨

Hi, this is Sofia. I am a Tantra teacher and the creatress of Mystical Femininity. My path as a feminine mystic is my passion. I am open to all who are willing to share my journey of the feminine mystic.

My work offers a wider view of human existence. My students are encouraged to question deeply held beliefs. These beliefs concern our sexuality, our emotions, and our lives in general. I offer an alternative for confused mindsets or habits. I create a space where our darkness is no longer shameful and instead nourishes our light. This is where spirituality and sexuality can be one.

“Sofia Lives What She Is Talking About. Her Gift Is to Create a Sacret Temple.” ~ Bianca

🔸 My life was transformed from that of a Moscow lawyer to that of a yogini, tantrica, living on a tropical island.

🔸 The bedroom with my lover and the dance floor are the most enjoyable places in the universe for me.

🔸 I can have an orgasm almost anywhere on my body.

🔸 I lived in a paradise island and practiced 5-6 hours of meditation, Hatha Yoga Tantra every day for five-years

There are many things I can teach people, as well as powerful techniques and practices. My role is to provide a safe and sacred space for people to explore things they may not have been able to before.

The Yoni Egg changed my life from the inside out

My life changed dramatically when I discovered Tantra. I began to own my sexuality and experienced deep orgasms. This was the moment I discovered Tantra. Yoni Egg practice.

It was impossible to know what to do with it. But I was so fascinated with the Yoni Egg I kept researching, creating exercises and practicing every day. It didn’t take long (only a matter of a few days of practice, really!) Before I could feel the pleasure of sexsky.-My partner, after one of our passionate lovemaking sessions, told me that my rocket rocketed. “Wow, your Yoni feels amazing, what did you do to her?”

I began feeling more. I began reclaiming my Yoni as the powerful and sacred place she is.
I am honored to be able provide a step by step guide to this mystical practice.


Why should every woman have her? Yoni Do you eat eggs on a regular basis

Because you believe in the mystical power within yourself Yoni. And that’s where feminine empowerment should start. It is essential for all women to have a deep and meaningful relationship with their partner. Yoni. This is how you can take control of your power. This is how you can access your deepest wisdom, intuition, and creativity.

Your pelvic floor muscles will be activated and toned on a physical level. Our pelvic floor acts as the base for all our vital organs. Yoni You will be naturally stronger, wetter, more flexible, and more resistant to all types of bacteria.

Your system will be cleared at the energetic level. Yoni All past traumas and negative experiences that have affected your sexuality. Your sex drive can be boosted or harmonised.
On an emotional level, you will experience healing from past traumas and more balanced emotions. Your PMS or menopausal symptoms, will also be greatly reduced.

Spiritually, you will be able to establish a sacred connection with yourself and all of the people around you. You will start experiencing the truly amazing orgasmic sensations!

Yoni Yoga It is a deeply empowering and empowering practice that allows every woman to find her erotic self. This crystal will be held in your very core.

In Yoni Yoga We unite the erotic with the holy.


What you will get from this journey

This course is for women who desire to feel a deep connection to their erotic selves. It’s for women who want to strengthen their Yoni and the pelvic floor. It’s for women who want to go deeper into their sexuality and experience powerful life changing orgasms.

It’s for women who want to harmonise their hormones and have lighter menstruation or a smoother transition into menopause. It’s for women who want to increase their vitality and longevity. It’s for women who want to be in tune with their femininity. It’s for women who want to discover their own sacredness.


You will be taken on an inspiring journey.

✔️ Find out everything you need about the Yoni Egg practice

✔️ Discover the secrets of your erotic nature

✔️ Heal past traumas stored in your vagina that are holding you back in your sexual life and in your sexuality

✔️ Perform energetic purification Yoni

✔️ You can have deep pleasure alone or with a partner by overcoming the numbness, shame, and discomfort of your vagina.

✔️ Learn about and practice reflexology in all zones Yoni

✔️ Make your breasts more beautiful and sensitive

✔️ Learn how to have breasts-gasms

✔️ You can try different types of breast massage

✔️ Breathe deeply from your uterus and ovaries

✔️ Learn about the anatomy of female arousal

✔️ Build a deep relationship and trust with your loved ones Yoni

✔️ Learn how to use the Yoni Egg for your orgasmic expansion

✔️ Dive deeper into your feminine core

✔️ Find your sacredness, connect with it

For the erotic side:

  • Feel one with your erotic nature
  • Learn to claim your sexuality.
  • Feel connected to yourself

For the most orgasmic of you:

  • Deep ecstatic orgasms
  • Also breast-gasms
  • You can bring your partner incredible pleasure by your only vaginal muscles

For the sacred you

  • Learn how to create sacred space
  • Find alignment with your true self

For the powerful you

  • Feel confident as a women
  • Feel energized at all levels
  • Enhance or harmonize your sex drive
  • Do some reflexology work in the vagina

For the feminine version:

  • Learn to embrace your feminine side in every day life
  • Feel the intuition of your intuition Yoni
  • Discover the part within you that can surrender


Explore the Course Curriculum

►Week 1: I am Erotic◄

  • Eros is not about what you do, it’s the space you create.
  • YoniGet to know her
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Foundation
  • Yoni Egg: Foundation

►Week 2: I am Powerful◄

  • Step into Your Power – Own Your Sexuality
  • Sexual Healing
  • Delicious Breast Massage: Expansion
  • Energetic Purification Yoni
  • Ovarian Breathing
►Week 3: I am Orgasmic◄

  • Orgasmic Expansion
  • Self-Enjoyment as a Gateway To Yourself
  • Breast-gasm
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Egg: Sitting

►Week 4: I am Feminine◄

  • The Feminine Core
  • Anatomy and Mechanisms of Feminine Arousal
  • Make Your Altar
  • Delicious Breast Massage
  • Yoni Eggs in Standing

►Week 5: I am Sacred◄

  • Seek the Divine Within
  • What’s Next?
  • Yoni Egg: Integral
  • Bonus

“I am taking it slow and have not received my egg yet. I have been doing lots of breast massage & ovarian breathing + yoni massage / explorations. 🙂 So far I’m finding it is not easy to get into the habit, but loved a few orgasms that I had while practicing and to my surprise I am enjoying not wearing a bra. My mooncup feels more comfortable and I have an awakaned curiosity for tantric things. I am a single mum, so I wanted to keep myself sexually pleased and there is certainly an improvement. Thanks to Yoni Yoga I learnt to give myself deep vaginal orgasm. Now I have orgasms almost daily and I am feeling much more relaxed and happy. One of my biggest struggles was that I used to get stressed especially when I worked and needed to get things done. And at those times I often would start eating to fill myself up. I felt food was not my answer. Now I don’t need it and deep vaginal orgasms seem to be a much better answer.”
“I began using the breath before and during lovemaking and Wauw that have changed something. I feel the energy move and I can activate the energy by choice. One night I experienced a very new orgasm doing the ovarian breathing during intercourse and I realized that I have only seen the top of the iceberg. The surprised look on my husband’s face shows me that he notices the changes in my yoni. And actually one night I was able to feel how I could use the different muscles at different times when he was inside of me. Even though I have had trouble feeling it on my own. So to any newcomers I can only encourage you to not give up and trust Sofia when she says “just keep practicing, then the results will come” I can’t wait to see where this will take me. Thank you Sofia for putting yourself out there and for sharing your knowledge with us.”

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