Show Her Off: Date Night Parts 1, 2, and 3

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It’s based off my sold out Romance Tour Workshops where I teach couples 11 easy & fun dance moves that you can use in different combinations again and again.

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 Date Night Parts 1, 2, and 3

Show Her Off: Date Night Parts 1, 2, and 3

Date Night:

Living Room Dancing💃🏻

Connect, laugh & have a blast together right at home!

Enjoy a Fun & Flirty Date Night Dancing in Your Living Room

✶ No dancing experience necessary

✶ Perfect for anyone who has “two left feet”.

✶ Sparks deeper connection & bond

✶ Dance to any music that you like


Get your lady off her feet – literally!

Date Night Dancing™ We will be there for you and Your partner will love you and laugh with joy. and You can dance together in no time. While you won’t be a professional dancer when you finish this course, you’ll still have lots of fun learning basic moves that will fool anyone.

It’s based off my sold out Romance Tour Workshops where I teach couples 11 easy & fun dance moves that you can use in different combinations again and again.

The result? You look like you know what you are doing even though you don’t.

Date Night Dancing™ You can use your own music to learn so that you and your partner feel comfortable dancing to the songs you like.

This program has taught thousands to dance. There are no two-left feet that we can’t dance.

Available in either an Online Streaming or DVD Version.


Frequently Asked Questions❔

► Who is this for?

This digital date night is designed for couples who are interested in dancing together, but don’t have any previous experience. It’s open to all ages, including families and those who have never danced before.

This is for BEGINNERS, / non-dancers. There is no rhythm 🙂

► What’s included?

The straight run time is approximately 60 minutes. This is NOT a movie.

Once completed, it will take you approximately 4-6 hours.

It’s a video series that consists of 19 videos. and Your partner dancing together before the night ends.

11 fun moves are included that will make you appear to know 100+ people.

You can dance to any type of music.

You will have unlimited access/replays (couples report that they often go through it). 3-4 times, because it’s easy and fun and Every time they get a little better, it’s a win-win situation.

► What type of dance do we learn?

This is social Swing, so you can dance to any music anywhere.

It is the most universal and You can dance in a fun, easy style that everyone can do. The music is not included in the program. You can choose any songs you like!

► Is this good for our Wedding First Dance?

Yes!! This will help you wow the crowd with your first dance, so you don’t just sway back. and Dance on the dance floor.

The ‘Watch the Video’Date Night See the video below of Couples to see some real first dancing clips I was sent by couples who used this program.

► What if my man doesn’t dance?

He will make sure you finish your date night together at home.

I specialize in helping men “get it” when it comes dancing with their woman.

It doesn’t matter if he lacks rhythm, has two left feet, or has never danced before.

Many men don’t want the public to see them learn because they don’t want anyone to make a mistake or look bad.

Because you’ll be doing this in the privacy and comfort of your own home, that problem is no longer a concern and You can both focus on having quality time together.

Make sure to check out the reviews on social media below.

► Can families use this? Mothers/sons, Fathers/daughters?

Yes, absolutely! This is a great way to have a fun night with your family!

There are a few kiss prompts’ in the program. You can ignore them (or embarrass) them and Plant a kiss on their cheek, heehee!

► Is this a ‘modest’ program?

Yes. It would be rated PG / G at most. The instructors are fully clothed in jeans & t-shirt.


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