Selco – SHTF School – Survival Boot Camp Course

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What you can do to prevent people going into shock and how to manage the body temperature for people who have fever.

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 SHTF School - Survival Boot Camp Course

Selco – SHTF School – Survival Boot Camp Course

What is the SHTF School Survival Boot Camp?

The result is short and sweet: Boot Camp This is our final take on survival. “our” This is also why the Boot Camp special. Selco Toby and Toby will show you the real side to survival without sugar-You can coat anything.

This is the place to go if you want to be prepared and gain practical skills that will make you a wolf in the sheep’s ear.


Who is this? Selco?

Selco The Balkan war of 1990s saw the city under siege without electricity, running water or food distribution.

He gives an insider’s view of how survival can be achieved in the harshest of conditions in this online course. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

Since the war, he has never stopped learning about survival techniques and preparedness. No matter what happens, you are unlikely to experience extreme situations such as Selco did. You can learn from him, and how he survived the death of his wife for months.

Real survival is not romanticized or idealistic. It is hard, cruel, and unfair. Let’s get it done! Selco Let us take you to that place.


►Course Overview◄

• Learn practical and proven survival skills that simply work.

• Understand how Selco’s attitude helped him to stay strong while facing hopeless situations and develop your own true survival mindset.

• Get access to over 90.000 words of survival wisdom (that would make a 350 page book) without any fluff. 100% information and tips to help you put what you’ve learned into practice.

• Get a special gift if you subscribe until Friday the 18th.


►Chapter 1◄

•Why learning about survival matters•

How to help others understand the importance and benefits of being prepared

•The most important survival skill everyone needs to master•

You can’t buy this and no equipment will help you with this.

•Assessing your situation•

Becoming aware of the things you must learn.

•Developing an emergency communications plan•

Keep your group together in an emergency situation.

•Every Day Carry•

Learn the essential concepts that will help you build your EDC.


►Chapter 2◄

•Bugging In•

How to make it through a collapse while living in an urban shelter.

•Bugging Out•

How to bug out, when to bug out, and how to pick a bug-out location.

•Bug out Bags 101•

Selco’s shelf system explained and detailed bug out bag guide.

•Profiling your neighbors and neighborhood•

Discover valuable resources around you and how to evaluate potential friends and enemies.

•In depth guide to trading•

How to plan for trading following a collapse.

•Building your Survival Group•

How to find the right people to join your survival group


►Chapter 3◄

•Finding Water•

How to find water resources in different environments

•Making water ready to drink•

How to filter water with the help primitive and high pressure filters-Tech tools and techniques

•What you need to know about shelters•

How to find the best spots and build the most important outdoor shelters.

•Essential guide to fire and fire starting•

Learn the different uses of fire for survival and get to know practical fire starting techniques and equipment.

•Food basics and plants as food•

Learn how much energy you require and where to find the best plants in your area.

•Hunting, fishing and trapping•

Learn how to get the best food for survival and how to process and preserve it.


►Chapter 4◄

•Types of violence•

Know what type of violence is affecting you.

•Mindset of a predator•

Interview with a “problem solver”.

•Self defense & fighting•

How to avoid trouble, and what to do when it happens.

•Consequences of violence•

Consequences for using and facing violence

•Weapons and tools•

How to choose the right equipment to defend yourself.


►Chapter 5◄

•Personal hygiene in survival situations•

How to take care of yourself using very basic methods

•Keeping your space clean and organized•

How to organize your shelter so germs and bacteria don’t spread.

•Dealing with human waste•

Different toilet configurations and how to poop outdoors.

•First Aid Basics•

What skills everyone should know and when and how you can help.

•Medication & Medical Equipment•

Find out what essential medication and equipment are necessary for your health.

•Basic Treatment: CPR and Bleeding Wounds•

There are many ways to treat bleeding wounds and CPR.

•Basic Treatment: Heat and Cold Related Injuries•

How to help people with burns, heat stroke and exhaustion, frost bite and hypothermia.

•Basic Treatment: Broken Bones•

How to stabilize, splint and care for broken bones and other musculoskeletal injuries.

•Basic Treatment: Shock & Fever•

How to prevent people from going into shock and how you can manage their body temperature when they have fever.

•Basic Treatment: Poisoning•

How to deal with minor poisoning incidents such as plant poisoning, bites, or other minor poisoning.


►Chapter 6◄

•Introduction to Preparedness•

Explore the various types of preparedness.

•Food & water storage•

How to store food and water.


Living off the grid and managing different energy sources.

•Preparing for specific disasters•

How to prepare for floods, storms, earthquakes and specific man-made disasters.

What would other course members say?

This isn’t some Boy Scout “how to make a fire with sticks” This is real life. There is nothing softcore about it. This is how to survive in a true disaster, or when S literally HTF.

This course explains that the truth is hard, cold, and unpleasant. This course is full of useful tips and advice that I can see a lot of potential for the future. There is no fluff. Just the essentials to live. That’s how a course titles “Survival” It should be. I received exactly what I ordered and would do it again.

Dimitry, Canada

The best part of this course, though it is saddening, is that a lot of its content comes from someone who saw their lives change after a war and had no choice but to live a brutal existence to survive. That’s what makes this course different from the others. I like that the content doesn’t sugarcoat any dark procedures required for survival. It is informative and useful and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.

Elizabeth, UK

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