Scott Sonnon – Softwork 2005


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Filmed at the first Softwork seminar, this program unifies the many branches of previously-released RMAX FlowFighting Systems and Circular Strength Training programs.”This course is available for immediate delivery!’

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Scott Sonnon – Softwork 2005

Scott Sonnon - Softwork 2005

The root words competition are “to seek together,” which is an opportunity to learn from others.

With SoftworkInternational Champion and U.S. National Coaching Coach Scott Sonnon It is a training method that combines creativity in partner work and breathes new life into effective martial practice.

Softwork It is the culmination of many years spent training and doing practical research on both sides. As a non-invasive technician,-Non-dogmatic, not-It is a stylistic practice method that challenges martial enthusiasts to go beyond traditional limits. It is based upon anatomical facts as well as applied biomechanical principles. It can be used to improve your performance and as a technical enhancement tool. Filmed at the beginning Softwork Seminar: This program unites all the branches of the previously mentioned programs.-RMAX FlowFighting Systems released and Circular Strength Training programs released.

Breath, Structure and Movement, and the role of tension chain in exploratory practice
Progressions for working together with single or multiple partners
Standing Shock Absorption

Deprogramming force-Related fear-Reactivity with movement

Noninvasive, deep and heavy practice protocols.-Traditional and Dependent hitting
3 Strategies:

Confirmation, Withdrawal and Revolution
Leg Density:

Identification and dissolution
Global – Local. Global:

Practical ideas for mental toughness
Exploring, Exploiting and Releasing density
Leg Fencing:

Through flowing movement sensitivity, create takedown opportunities
Touch Response

Spontaneous force sensitivity to attack and defense
It’s all in one:

Develop and practice dynamic drills
Ground Evasion:

Explore your options with standing partners
Blade work:

Overcoming fear-Time, reactivity-Training and framing kinesthetic awareness in a non-patternative manner
Stick Work

“Snagging the sweater”: Using tension chains and tactical force applications
Ground Fighting:

Principles of non-violence-Technique, use of pressure, and investigation into core density
Guiding Flow

Movement between techniques, Triangle Theory for joint locks, select tension, and soft movement
Why being a good student is more important that being a good partner

Loading, tension-Induced weakness
Coaching Guidance

How to get the most out of Softwork Develop and practice Good Partners to mutual benefit

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