Sara Allen – Energy Medicine Relief for EMF Sensitivity

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While this issue may appear formidable, and its affects can be quite distressing, this syndrome, like any other condition we deal with, is energy testable.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Sara Allen – Energy Medicine Relief for EMF Sensitivity

Sara Allen - Energy Medicine Relief for EMF Sensitivity

How to Stay Healthy and Happyve in Today’s World!
An Eden Energy Medicine Class with Sara AllenEden, PhD Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner
This class will provide some important insight into the science of EMF sickness.

This issue can seem overwhelming and can cause severe distress. However, it is energy-testable, just like any other condition.
Here’s the glorious truth:

You can energy treat anything that can be energy tested.
This class will teach you:

  • Learn how to do it! for EMF Sensitivity
  • Learn how to track how this sensitivity affects your body
  • Learn how to transform EMF Sensitivity into the powerhouse of vitality, strength and vitality that it was meant for
  • Learn how to apply Energy Medicine You can apply the skills and techniques that you already know in new ways.

Even if your condition is not severe EMF You will learn how to harness this incredible energy in the most efficient way possible. for Your expansion, health, and well-being. Find out daily if your complex electromagnetic field energy system is expanding or contracting.
The study of EMF Issues is the study of understanding what it means to be an electric river of energy. This includes the first spark of conception through the last exhale. It connects the Heavens to Earth.

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