Sam Chan – Jow Ga

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These are the ideal instructional DVDs set teaching you a solid martial art skill in Jow Ga training! Purchase it today at this great discounted price! “This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Sam Chan – Jow Ga

Sam Chan - Jow Ga

Jow Ga This set of Home Study DVDs includes:

  1.     Siu Fook Fu DVD – First Jow Ga Form
  2.  Siu Fook Fu Dui Chak DVD – Sparring form
  3.  Sub Dok Sau DVD – 10 poison hands form
  4.  Siu Hung Kuen DVD – Small Hung Fist form
  5. Sheung Tao Gwan DVD – Double end pole form
  6.  Man Gee Kuen DVD– Thousand characters fist Form
  7.  Tat Sin Kuen DVD- Iron Wire Feist Internal breathing form
  8.  Fu Mei Darn Dao DVD – Tiger Tail board sword

-Order the complete Jow Ga Sifu produces instructional DVDs in a series Sam Hing Fai Chan.

-This set of DVDs included all the major films Jow Ga From beginner level to advanced level.

Beginner level – Little Tiger form, empty-hand sparring form, Ten Poison Hands Form.

-Intermediate level: Double End Pole, Small Hung Fist Form.

Advanced level – Man Gee Kuen and Iron Wire Fist Internal forms, and Tiger Tail board blade.

These instructional DVDs are ideal for teaching you the fundamentals of martial arts. Jow Ga training! Buy it today at a fantastic discount price!  

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