Saenchai Muay Thai – Fight Giants Super Course

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Saenchai teaches Zhang Wei Li how to beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk, using his system to capture the belt in one of the greatest MMA fights of all time.

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Fight Giants Super Course

Saenchai Muay Thai – Fight Giants Super Course



Learn more about the 5-In-1 Super Course Below is the Offer


Saenchai The most dominant fighter of the generation, often fighting against opponents up to 30+ lbs.

Most attribute this dominance to talent, but in Saenchai’s own words, “I was not talented amongst my peers—I had to find ways to get better and win against much bigger and better talent. This was possible by fighting and training in a unique manner. Others can do it with the right tools. 

  • Biggest video Course Master Level Muay Thai
  • 11+ hours Of Saenchai’s Techniques
  • In-Depth Breakdowns And Fight Footage
  • More than 100 Videos Total
  • $640 OFF Only during VIP Offer Period


Saenchai teaches exact techniques he used to defeat bigger and stronger fighters for three decades.

  • Full Muay Thai Systems Against Bigger Opponents
  • How to catch and throw larger opponents
  • 4 Module Video Course
  • 4 Hours Total Watch time
  • 32+-Depth Systematic Masterclass Videos

Value: $297


Saenchai teaches his signature techniques that makes him so unique and untouchable. This is SaenchaiOriginal striking course reinstituted-Vamped into Version 2.0 With many more details.

  • Saenchai’s Original Best-Seller Course Version 2.0
  • All the Techniques That You See in SaenchaiHighlight Reels
  • 3 Module Video Course
  • Watch Time: 3.5 hours
  • 22+-Depth Systematic Masterclass Videos

Value: $197 Regular price


Saenchai teaches Zhang Wei Li how to beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk, using his system to capture the belt in one of the greatest MMA fights of all time.

  • Saenchai’s Muay Thai Adapted to MMA Striking
  • Actual techniques Wei Li used in beating Joanna Jedrzejcyk
  • Full Technique Strategy blueprint
  • 1+ hours Total Watch Time
  • 16+-Depth Systematic Masterclass Videos

Value: $147 Regular Price


Saenchai Commentary on his most memorable fights. He explains how to defeat different styles of fighting and how he adjusted during fights to win against legendary fighters.

  • SaenchaiFavorite Fights by’s Fans
  • Commentary: Technique and tactics in fighting
  • Master the Championship Mindset
  • Watch Time: 1+ hours
  • 10+ Legendary Fight Breakdown Videos

Value: $97 Regular price


Have you ever wanted to attend a Saenchai Have you ever wanted to attend a seminar but didn’t get the chance? Did you go to one and just couldn’t stop? This course teaches dozens of his techniques which he loves to share at seminars all over the world.

  • Saenchai’s Most Loved Seminar Techniques
  • Live Seminar Footage
  • Learn Cheeky and Tricky Style
  • 1.5+ hours Total Watch Time
  • 20+-Depth Systematic Masterclass Videos

Value: $147 Regular price

Incredible VIP Value Deal

5-In-1 Super Course Get $640 off (REAL)

How to Fight Giants Course: $297

Saenchai’s Championship Secrets $197

MMA STRIKING – UFC Championship Blueprint: $147

Legendary Fight Breakdowns: $97

Saenchai Masterclass Seminars $147

You’ll be getting $640 OFF this super courseAt an amazing value of only. $297!

That’s right, after the launch, the “How to” section of the website will close. Fight GiantsThe course will cost $297.

This price is only for one private training session in Thailand with him…

The knowledge inside is equivalent to 30+ private sessions ($9000!)

This is SaenchaiIt is our way to express gratitude for your support.

Message from Saenchai

Hello my friend, Saenchai here…

We really appreciate your presence because it means that you are appreciated. Love Muay Thai I am honored that you are my fan.

You’re probably interested in, or curious to learn more about this topic because you’re reading it right now. Muay ThaiSpecifically, “Saenchai Style Muay Thai.”

This means the entire world to me. The truth is, I want everyone around the globe to know the truth. Muay Thai.

Muay Thai You gave me everything and I want to give it to you.

I am aware that not everyone has the opportunity to work with the best coaches.Teammates, the best training… just like I did.

This is why I wanted to put this course together—for you—it is the most complete system of elite Muay Thai to date.

The course combines the best from both golden era Muay Thai With current era Muay Thai.

This course is for you if you want to dominate your opponent the same way I do in the Ring.

I will teach you Saenchai Style Muay ThaiAs well as unique ring craftsmanship and tactics few others know.

Learn my style of world-class teaching if you’re interested. Muay ThaiThis is the “Super Course It is for you.

Have more questions? Let’s answer your questions below.

Who is This? Course Is it for you?

  • People who love Muay Thai And Saenchai Want to? INCREASE FIGHT FOR IQ Learn Thai culture by studying authentic Muay Thai.
  • Martial artists will be through 11+ hours of content to make their striking techniques much more effective.
  • Fighters who want to use Saenchai’s HIGHEST PERCENTAGE Techniques that have worked against larger opponents for more than 30 years are still in use.
  • People who are driven and believe that their knowledge combined with discipline is what makes them successful. POWER And will take the necessary steps to get results.

Who is This? Course What is it for?

  • Fighters who want to brawl and charge forward aggressively [I love you guys because this is my favorite type of style to fight against… but my style won’t work well for you]
  • People who want to achieve greatness as quickly as they can [Hint: this mindset doesn’t work… you have to put in the work]
  • Anyone who wants instant results just because they signed up to the super course without taking real action and implement what I teach you. If you don’t take action, I won’t be able to help you.
  • People are looking for cookie cutter-striking solutions.

These are the issues you’re currently dealing with:

  • You are lacking an expert INFORMATION You can trust us completely
  • You lack the knowledge IMPLEMENT Combine the techniques that you already know
  • You don’t know which techniques you should use PRIORTIZE Based on effectiveness
  • You are aware of the value of TACTICS You don’t know which ones you should choose and put together
  • You’ve reached a wall and need to be lifted. NEXT LEVEL

You may have one or more of these objectives, but you aren’t achieving them.

  • You can be great on the pads or bag, but not enough to translate it into your purse. SPARRING or fighting… It’s worse than appearing good on social media and not being real good.
  • You want BETTER Training methods
  • You want to increase your strike rate and landing percentage. MORE EFFECTIVE
  • You want to learn all about WHY SaenchaiThe techniques of’s work
  • You want to build a WINNING Change your mindset to conquer your fears

How can you know for certain? SaenchaiWhat are the techniques that work?

After fighting for THREE DECADES, Saenchai has fought the legendary opponents all around the world. He’s coached hundreds of champions and taught to tens of thousands of people through seminars. But until now, he’s never taught His system IN-DEPTH Or made it accessible to everyone.

Each person has their own opinions on the best training methods. Saenchai wants to show you the methods that he’s used throughout my career to win FIVE Lumpinee Stadium Belts There are many world championship titles, awards, and other awards.

Here are some examples Saenchai’s accomplishments:

  • 60-0 Fight Win Streak
  • 150-1 Against Foreign Competition
  • 2008 Sports Writers of Thailand Fighter of the The Year
  • 1999 Sports Writers of Thailand Fighter of the year
  • Muay Thai: 5 Lumpinee Belts across 4 Divisions
  • Lumpinee Stadium Lightweight champion
  • Lumpinee Stadium Super featherweight Champion
  • Lumpinee Stadium Bantamweight champion
  • Lumpinee Stadium Super Flyweight Champion
  • 2020 YOKKAO Diamond Welterweight Champion
  • 2016-2019 Thai Fight World Champion
  • 2017 Phoenix Fighting Championship
  • 2013 Toyota Vigo Marathon Tournament
  • 2012 Muay Thai Warriors Welterweight (65 kg) champion
  • 2012 W.P.M.F. Interim World Welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • 2011 WBC Diamond World Champion
  • 2010 WMC World Lightweight (135 lbs/61 kg) champion
  • 2010 Lumpinee Stadium Champion Lightweight (135 lbs/61 kg)
  • 2010 Toyota Cup tournament champion
  • 2010 MTAA World Lightweight champion
  • Professional: 2003 PABA Featherweight interim champion

Let’s see how systematic technique selection can work for you!

Here’s what you need to understand about Saenchai’s Fight for HIGHLIGHTS 

It is based on MUAY THAI SYSTEM He built, and NONE of it would be possible without learning and implementing layers of specific fighting tactics.

And here’s Saenchai’s secrets: ALL These strategies can complement each other, but they need to be understood in depth ONE One at a given time.

There are many video tutorials and courses available. Many people try to copy them. Saenchai Without ever having trained alongside him.

Most people fail to realize that they are overwhelmed and consume too much. TOO MUCH INFORMATION All at once. It’s easy for people to lose focus and try too many techniques to improve.

As a world champion and now coach for champions, we want to tell you something. DOESN’T WORK!

What works?

Take PROVEN Techniques and tactics, and how to learn them through multiple methods [partner drilling, sparring, shaowboxing, etc.)… EVEN IF it’s something you think you already know.

We guarantee that there’s details you missed in studying Saenchai’s fight videos, or when your coach is attempting to teach you Saenchai’s technique.

Even if you have “learned” Saenchai’s techniques before… guess what? You should NEVER stop learning, and just because you learned it once doesn’t mean you can’t improve your understanding on the topic.

Once you fully understand something, your job is to TAKE ACTION and implement it immediately while it’s still warm in your mind.

This is what separates 99% of martial artists from the rest. They actually DO the work and implement it all.

The strategies Saenchai teaches WILL work for you, but only if you believe they will and are willing to listen and put in the time to master them.

If fighting is a science [which I believe it is]Please, understand that Saenchai These methods were tested in the laboratory by Dr. X. THREE DECADES.

We want you to achieve your goals. Muay ThaiWe believe that you have the right to access all of them, so we created a master SUPER COURSE. Saenchai’s Muay Thai system… AKA Saenchai’s FIGHTING SCIENCE.

But first, We need to talk about a few Myths They are all out there.

•Myth 1It worked SaenchaiIt Won’t Work for Me, Because… [Insert Excuse]

If you have ever thought this, you are probably living with a very bad “limiting mindset”.

You see… with that type of mindset you are SABOTAGING yourself and not even giving yourself a chance to succeed.

Mindset is crucial in fighting and in living. Love is something you have to do. Muay Thai to become great, and the reality is things take TIME…

When something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s broken — it means you need to drill and practice them until it does. It is a huge shortcut to knowing what works.

These strategies will work for you if you believe it will and are willing and able to devote the necessary time and effort to learn the details.

One thing is certain: Nothing beats EXPERIENCE.

Saenchai’s 30 years of fighting with so few injuries proves that my methods are proven.

Access SaenchaiThese proven methods will accelerate your progress. Instead of learning by trial and error, you can learn from them. Saenchai’s priceless experience.

•Myth 2 More Techniques in a Course The Best Price is the Lowest

This is false. It is not possible to learn and share great skills for free. Think about what Saenchai He had to go through to find out what he knows.

It is impossible for the best coaches to compete against the best opponents and have decades of experience.

You believe a course that is low-priced and has many techniques is good.

The truth is that it is important to know which techniques are used and what nuances are shared.

The majority of people don’t know the difference between good and great, and great to great…

That is what it is! SaenchaiHis fighting and coaching experience is… THE GREATEST. It took decades of FILTERING before we knew what drills and how to train.

Many of these techniques and tactics are available. Saenchai You will learn that it is not easy to learn.

They are better techniques and contain more important details than other courses.

Please pay attention to this key concept… 

Training is a steady investment. You need to make small deposits over an extended period of time.

Reality is that most people are OVER-Do not complicate their investment by using too many tactics and techniques.

The idea is to use the techniques that you can immediately use, and then continue investing in them.

Then, once you have these techniques mastered, you will be able to expand your arsenal.

Saenchai’s Promise:

My Promise: 

You can drill and study the techniques shown in SaenchaiYou will gain a deeper understanding of the subject through the video course. Muay Thai.

The BEST part? These techniques don’t require you to be very talented or strong.

People who do the work well are the ones that do the best.

Don’t overthink the process. Just take small steps every day by drilling, let Saenchai My experience will help you do the thinking.

If you already consider yourself high fight IQ, keep a humble and open mind to follow the details Saenchai knows.

These strategies are the key to breaking through and achieving truly remarkable results.


Do not take our word for it… listen to what the people who took the course have said

George Hutsell

“Saenchai’s videos and tutorials have been excellent and My learning curve has been significantly reduced. Can’t wait to hit the bag or go to class and spar after viewing a Saenchai video.

Anthony Magallan

“This entire course was AMAZING. Your notes that summarized the entire course at the beginning really helped. I’m looking forward to more!”

Gregorio Posada

“Definitely listen to the MASTER move and talk is truly a treat!” I will continue to buy everything that he makes in the future. It’s a great honor to be a part of his growth. Muay Thai.”

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