Rintu Basu – Trancey Coaching

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This is a rare peak under the hood so you not only get the content but also see it applied on an audience.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Rintu Basu – Trancey Coaching

Rintu Basu - Trancey Coaching

Who is this for?
This course is for you if you are a coach, therapist, hypnotist or therapist and want to use trance work more effectively in your business, whether you want to sell more effectively, increase your status, reputation, authority, or make it easier for clients.

This material will help you if you do change work with individuals and group and want to know how you can preframe those conversations to make your clients change quickly. This course contains active demonstrations on spatial anchoring, covert-trance inductions and setting up and using timelines for groups. It also teaches you how to do the same with clients. This course is for anyone who does client change work. You can use the content to sell clients, give them useful beliefs, and then show them how to make the changes quickly and easily so that they don’t even notice. This package is perfect for sales professionals. This course is for you if you are a sales professional who works in a consultative setting. It has many ideas, techniques, and content that you can tweak and share with your prospects. All the tools, techniques, and trance inductions that I use to persuade students are fully demonstrated. This is a rare peek under the hood. You will not only see the content, but also how it is applied on an audience.

What’s the point of this course?

This course will distill my 20+ years of coaching experience and take some of the fun hypnotic languages I have created and apply them to coaching, counselling, hypnotherapy, or consulting situations. It contains many of the frames, covert introductions, and presentations that I use with prospects and clients.

It is not enough to convince clients to enroll in the course. Once they’re there, I want them to have an amazing experience and make the changes they desire. You can’t do the best work in any field that relies on clients to make changes.

That means I want to make sure the client is motivated, has cleared their negative beliefs and is on the right track to achieving more than they ever imagined.

My version of the selling process is integral to the work they do. This course is about creating preframes to attract clients who will get huge benefit from your services. It will provide them with preframes that will help them make useful changes and then value your services enough to be willingly to pay for them.

Here’s what this course doesn’t mean

  • It won’t teach you your expertise.
  • You must be a coach or trainer to become a therapist, counsellor or coach.
  • It won’t give you superpowers to cover up incompetence, lack skills, or lack of experience.
  • These ideas can be used to cheat, lie, or bamboozle clients and customers. However, the overall strategy in this course relies on a long-term relationship that treats those who are interested in your services with respect.
  • Although some of the material in this course can seem magical in its ability to convert vague interest into zealot-like fans, it is not a quick fix or magic bullet.
  • Everything in this course is simple. But that is not to say that you don’t need to apply effort.
  • These ideas and skills will result in ten times more clients. You will have to put in the work.

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