Rick Hanson – Positive Neuroplasticity Training

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In a peer-These methods were based on a statistically significant increase in happiness, resilience and compassion. There was also a decrease in anxiety and depression. File Size: 8.572GB

Rick Hanson - Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Rick Hanson – Positive Neuroplasticity Training

Beat the Negativity Bias of the Brain and Fill Yourself With Calm Strength, Confidence and Joy
Our thoughts influence the structure of our brains. Every action we take creates connections in our brain’s network. The more you repeat something the stronger that connection becomes. These connections affect our behavior, emotions, and reactions and impact our overall well-being.-being.

Join Dr. Rick HansonTo experience a journey that strengthens positive connections to inner strength, resilience, happiness, and peace, please click here
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In a peer-These methods were based on a statistically significant increase in happiness, resilience, compassion, empathy, and anxiety.
A 6-Part-time Online Course to Learn How To:

You can feel more secure, happier, and connected if you meet your needs.

Hardwire peace of spirit, contentment, self-assurance-compassion into your brain

Recognize your own problems and pain points, and develop inner strengths to overcome them.
Are you a coach, therapist, doctor, educator, or coach?

After the Positive Neuroplasticity TrainingTake the Professional Course to learn these powerful methods with others.
Mental Health professionals can receive 10 CE credits for the PNT, and 9 CE credits for the PC.
This Training Includes:

13+ hours of Video Teachings

Pre-You can view recorded presentations at any time. This includes audio downloads and closed captions.
Experiential Activities

Deep, guided practices you can do alone or with a partner to help you grow your strengths.
Handbook and Slides

The Positive Neuroplasticity Handbook (PDF) and downloadable slide decks to follow along and make notes
Certificate of Participation

A PDF certificate that you can download with your name
An Engaged Community

Access to a private Facebook Group, and the ability to build it.-in discussion forums

Course outline

This is a pre-Recorded, on-You have lifetime access to the demand program so you can engage it whenever suits you.

The essence of Positive Neuroplasticity

Change your brain with your mind
Mindfulness is a way to be present, let go, and allow in.
Overcome the brain’s negativity bias
Use HEAL for inner resources and to transform your experiences

Enjoying, Enriching, And Absorbing Beneficial Experiences

Create beneficial, useful experiences
Positive thoughts and feelings should be encouraged
Feel confident in your ability to be on your own team
Believe in the goodness within you.

Linking Positive Negative Material

Recognize and Honor Your Deepest Needs
Develop the inner resources that you most need
Stay in the “Green Zone”
Use positive experiences to heal your wounds and empty spaces within

Growing Strengths to Feel Safer

Get the benefits you deserve-Compassion
Use calm strength to manage threats
Be less anxious
You can rest in a feeling of peace, contentment, love, and tranquility.

Growing Strengths to Feel More Satisfied

Be authentically successful at more things
Stay motivated
Strive for big goals without stress
Feel more joy and thankfulness

Growing Strengths to Feel More Connected

Increase your self-confidence-It is worth it
Get rid of envy and resentment
Heal deep levels old pain
Combine assertiveness and compassion


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