Rebel Wisdom – Sensemaking 101

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This course will give you an essential toolkit of skills to help you make sense of complexity, collaborate with others, understand yourself more fully and explore collective intelligence.

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 Sensemaking 101

Rebel Wisdom – Sensemaking 101

Sensemaking 101

The next course begins 14 September, 2022.

Learn how to:

  • Increase your agency and sovereignty
  • Learn to navigate complexity better
  • Develop your presence and discernment
  • Become better at conversations that can take you somewhere new

The 7-week process includes:

  • Live lessons and Q&A’s with world-Instructors for classes
  • A self-help toolkit-Development practices, working in groups of four, and larger community calls
  • A course workbook containing key theories, models, exercises and other information.
  • Exclusive interviews with instructors
  • For this final course, we’re giving everyone a selection of the best live sessions from previous courses with Daniel Schmachtenberger, Doshin Roshi and more


A 7-week online course hosted by Rebel Wisdom, with tuition from some of the best thinkers and teachers we’ve featured on the channel. Increase your sovereignty and sensemaking. Deepen your connection to others and practice having generative dialogue around big topics. Harness and develop the skills we need to imagine, design and experiment with new cultural operating systems.


►Guest Faculty◄

Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson, a chess grandmaster, philosopher, and coauthor of The Coexistence of Chess, is Dr. Jonathan Rowson.-founder of Perspectiva, a research organisation that examines the relationship between complex global challenges and the inner lives of human beings.

He is a leader in understanding “the meta crisis”, the complex, interrelated challenges such as climate change and political polarisation that we now face together.

Diane Musho Hamilton

Diane Musho Hamilton is an award-winning author.-Zen teacher and mediator. She combines decades of conflict resolution experience with extensive sitting meditation experience. She often states that “mediate” “meditate”Both share the same goal: To bring about harmony in disputes or areas that are divided. Mediation is a process that brings together disputing parties to reach an agreement. Meditating brings the body, speech, as well as the mind into harmony with the environment. She encourages us to embrace our differences while revealing our fundamental unity with warmth, depth, and insight.

John Vervaeke

John Vervaeke is a cognitive psychologist and winner of the prestigious John Vervaeke Award-University of Toronto, he was a winning lecturer. He is also the creator the YouTube series, “Awakening from The Meaning Crisis”. His research combines neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence and philosophy to address central questions about cognition. He also teaches courses about Buddhism and Cognitive Science and the scientific basis to mindfulness.

Sara Ness

Sara Ness is the Founder of Authentic Revolution and its Chief Instigator. In 2012, Sara Ness began teaching Authentic Relating. She founded a thousand classes.-Austin, Texas has a strong learning community. They have trained over 350 leaders and helped to found 30+ other communities. Sara is passionately committed to sharing the joys of human connection and exploring our creative possibilities through relationship.


►Rebel Wisdom Faculty◄

Alexander Beiner

Alexander is one the founders Rebel Wisdom He is also a mindfulness instructor, Holistic Counsellor, and a Holistic Counsellor. Since 2012, when he founded Open Meditation, a meditation school, he has been innovating ways to teach presence. He is an Integral practitioner and has a wealth knowledge about the science and phenomenology that relates to different stages of development and states of awareness.

David Fuller

David is one of the founders. Rebel WisdomHe has been involved in inner growth work since the age of ten. He is the leader. Rebel Wisdom’s editorial output and has two decades of experience as a journalist and filmmaker, with a particular interest in how we can make sense of a fragmented information ecology by developing our discernment, sovereignty and awareness.


This is why we created this course

Many people feel that the old is fading, but that there is still hope for the future. The institutions we’ve relied on to make sense of the world are unravelling at an ever faster rate, assaulted by new technologies and renewed tribalism. We are now in a post’.-Truth’s world can cloud our connection to purpose or meaning.

We are witnessing an accelerating, significant shift in the human story that will test our limits. Rebel Wisdom Since its inception, has been exploring this new landscape to find the most innovative and pioneering thinkers to help us navigate our way forward. We also host transformational retreats and live events that provide a platform for inner development. We have found that it is more than a shift in behavior. What We know this, but we don’t know how. How We know this, and Who We are. We must regain our natural human capabilities that have been hampered and manipulated by modern life.

This course is designed for you to unlock those abilities. It’s about developing your skill as a sensemaker – because if we don’t know how to make sense of the world, we don’t know where to put our focus or what direction to go in.

This course will give you an essential toolkit of skills to help you make sense of complexity, collaborate with others, understand yourself more fully and explore collective intelligence. We will begin by developing the qualities and abilities we as individuals need to increase our sovereignty – a deep but flexible connection to yourself, one that allows you to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your life, while still staying deeply receptive to the world.

It is paradoxically, a strong sense and sovereignty allows us to work effectively with others. The the course will help you do exactly this, in small ‘pods’ of four as well as larger group calls and teacher Q&A’s.

Sensemaking 101 It starts from the inside; you will be able to understand the world and take action. You will learn new ways to harness collective intelligence. You’ll learn ways to deepen your relationships with people around you and the course participants. You’ll learn how to claim your agency, clarify your core values and thereby enhance your sensemaking. While it will be very much your process, this course is also inspired by a phrase that came out of our transformative weekend retreats.

“We have to do it ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone.”

We will be going on an adventure together to grow up, clean up, wake up and show up so that we can become effective players on the cutting edge of culture. It’s an adventure that connects you to your essential gifts so that together we can imagine, design and realise something that’s more than the sum of its parts.


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