Prune Harris – Spring Energetics: Release Your Radiance

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Being aligned with the energy of spring has a profound impact on your health, your vitality, and your ability to connect into really living your life purpose.

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 Spring Energetics: Release Your Radiance

Prune Harris – Spring Energetics: Release Your Radiance

30 days with me to deepen your connection with the magic and potential spring energy

➜You can feel the power and radiant energy of spring.

Spring energy calls your every cell, your every energy system to wake up, welcome new energy and drop old patterns so you can embrace all that life has to offer, and each and every one of you can work with this spring energy to access your own power, radiance and vitality – and it’s easy!

If you’re wondering if you have the right to feel strong, radiant, and healthy in these times of uncertainty and challenge, here is the simple answer. YES. Spring energy can help you nourish and support yourself no matter what it is you are currently focusing.

The energy of spring has a profound influence on your health, vitality, as well as your ability to connect with your purpose in life.

Take a springtime journey with me to…

✧ Release You are still stuck in old patterns

✧ Get out of the rut you are in.

✧ Transform your health, and increase your energy levels

✧ As you move through the new year, take care of your dreams and goals.

✧ Release Your innate joy and radiance

✧ Connect deeply with spring energy’s potential and magic.

You are a wonderful human being. It is your right to feel happy, healthy, vibrant, and energized. If you don’t feel that way and need some help, I can help. I’m excited!


Wonderful spring!


“Spring is not something I like. I haven’t felt well physically, mentally and especially emotionally in the past. This year, spring was a truly amazing experience for me! Thank you! Prune! This class completely changed my experience of spring!” AB

Feeling happy


“The program’s simple and sweet exercises, delivered in such kindness and depth of wisdom, brighten my days. Some exercises had such an impact that I was almost knocked out by them. I am grateful to have the opportunity to take the course again and thankful to be able to thank you. Prune “Thank you to everyone involved for their generosity, vision, and all that they did.” LP

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