Prune Harris – Energy Essentials for Everyday Living

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Energy understandings and techniques in bite-sized 10 minute lessons to bring balance to nine areas of your daily life

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 Energy Essentials for Everyday Living

Prune Harris – Energy Essentials for Everyday Living

Energy Essentials for Every Day Living

Energy Understandings, tools, and techniques that will make you feel energetic and healthy every day. This course will teach you what you need to do physically and energetically to empower this choice and make it real.

My goal for This course is designed to help you:

✢ Learn more about the six energy systems you have and how they are structured in and around your body.

✢ Learn how the energy systems interact to keep you healthy, active, and empowered to live your best life.

✢ Feel empowered. Simple energy exercises can help make you feel energized and joyful every day of your lives.

✢ You will be able to pick which exercise is most powerful or effective. for You are there when you need it

✢ Find out why it is so important to be grounded and how to do this easily


What’s included

•20+ Short Videos

Energy Understanding and techniques in biting-A series of 10 minute lessons that will bring balance to nine areas in your daily life

•21 Page Course Ebook

All the exercises and recommendations from this course are included to support your learning at every stage.

•Two bonus handouts

Your Amazing Energy Anatomy and The Fabulous Fundamentals of Energy To deepen your understanding

•Techniques to help you with many daily challenges

Covering stress, fatigue and insomnia, immunity, pains, sadness, anger, and brain fog, work-to-home transition

•Energy Anatomy Module

Find out how your six energy system are organized within and around your body


To help you stay on the right track and consolidate what you have learned

•Lifetime Access

Enjoy the content whenever and wherever you like. for The course is valid for a lifetime

•Understanding your energy is EASY!

I’ve spent my life observing and working with energy and now I want to share the simple energy corrections that can help you feel energised, joyful and healthy every day of your life


Course curriculum

►1. Let’s Get Started◄

How to navigate this course

FAQs about Prune

My private community group

►2. Welcome◄

From: Prune

Getting the most from this course – setting an intention

What is your intention for This course?

Let’s check in – how are you right now?

►3. Course Handouts◄

Course Handouts

►4. Module 1 – Energy Anatomy◄

A summary of your AMAZING Energy Anatomy

Your Aura

Your Chakras

Your Energetic Core

Your Meridians

Your Elemental Rhythms

Your Heartfield

Your Amazing Energy Anatomy

Energy Anatomy Quiz!

►5. Module 2 – Understand your energy, Understand your life!◄

Do you want to live a small or big life?

Stability, strength and resilience are all qualities that you can expect.

What is going on with your energy when you don’t feel great?

Fabulous Fundamentals Energy

Learn how to understand your energy quiz

►6. Module 3 – Your Every Day Energy Tools

How to use this section

Fatigue – what to do when your energy slumps

Stress – what to do when you’re feeling under pressure

Physical pain – what to do when something hurts

Insomnia – what to do when you just can’t sleep

Sadness – what to do when you’re feeling low

Anger – what to do when you’re about to explode!

Brain fog – what to do when you feel spaced out

The transition from work to home – creating energetic resilience

Immune boosters – what to do when you’re feeling run down

Main Course eBook

►7. Next Steps…◄

You are important and you are always, always enough

Congratulations! My wish for you…

More resources for You

Before you go…


✨About Prune Harris✨


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