Power to Achieve by Andy Harrington

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Our brain is a computer. However, any computer can only be as good as its operating system.

Power to Achieve by Andy Harrington

Power to Achieve by Andy Harrington

Your brains function like a computer.
Our brain is similar to a computer. But any computer is only as good and reliable as the operating system that runs it.

Think of your brain like three brains all in one. These three brains are what allow you to be yourself. to Start thinking. to DOING, to BEING.

Your 3 brains can be:
– The Neocortex (The Thinking Brain).
– The Limbic Brain (The Chemical or Experience Brain).
– The Cerebellum – The Being or Identity Brain

When your 3 brains are not coherent, you may be in conflict with yourself. The brain’s different parts no longer sync with each other, leading to confusion. to A feeling of being. ‘out of balance’ Or ‘out of control’ or being ‘torn apart’.

This is how our brain feels. There are only three things we want. to Tell our bodies to Do NOT RUN, FIGHT, or HIDE.

But the truth is it’s much more nuanced than that, as we all have different ways we run, fight or hide in the modern world.
These are called coping mechanism.
What are Coping Methods?
These coping mechanisms can be compared to the training wheels (or stabilisers), on a bicycle. As children, they did an amazing job of keeping your upright and supporting you. to Move forward on your bicycle.
At some point, you will have learned. to You can balance on a bicycle and still move forward without the need to use stabilisers.
Although most adults have removed their bike’s physical stabilizers, some may still have problems. to You should get rid of their mental and/or emotional stabilisers (coping methods).
This makes them very likely to Repeat the same mistakes in their professional and personal lives, and jump to another problem to Another through emotional reactions, play-it safe inaction or worse, the wrong action.
The knock-on effect often results in disappointing or at worst inconsistent results …!
There is no doubt that YOU will have your own individual. “stabilisers” Or “coping mechanisms” During difficult and turbulent times of loss or rejection or failure.
They worked like your bike’s stabilisers and kept you upright while moving forward.
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For The Power To Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ LIVE Event
But… and this really is a BIG BUT
These very coping strategies (that have helped you through difficult situations) are what are most likely slowing down your progress in personal and professional life, especially during times when stress is high.
You might try these coping strategies: Put off things until the last minute, seek help to Control people and things, getting mad, keeping busy, pleasing other people to Gain approval, avoid conflict, not taking chances, not speaking up, not being open to suggestions, not speaking your mind, not separating yourself from others. to Keep your options open and avoid intimacy. to avoid rejection/failure to These are just a few.
So, what’s the answer?
Are we destined to Relive the events, the problems, and the results of your personal history. Or can you get behind the wheel and drive yourself to a new destination – a new destiny?
We can, I believe.
By using the power and flexibility of the 3-brains, you can effectively update ‘the operating system of the mind’ You can also improve your professional and personal life by engaging in a daily routine that takes only a few minutes.
You can make yourself happier, more healthy, wealthier, and start or scale a business that is truly unique. This will allow you to have a fulfilling, loving relationship.
Introducing The Power to Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ Firewalk Event
The Renaissance Heathrow
The Power to Achieve your 2020 vision™ is an experience unlike any other. It is designed to optimise human potential, it’s the equivalent of an upgrade of the operating system of the mind for those with the appetite to dare to See what they can do.
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For The Power To Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ LIVE Event
Power to Achieve your 2020 vision™ is NOT some far-fetched theoretical or philosophical ideology. This is a scientifically supported and practical approach at the biochemical, genetic and neurological levels that will make your personal and professional lives more balanced and cohesive.
You will learn how you got to where you are today over three days. You’ll tap into your innate ability to Release all your past and present inner conflicts and let go of any expectations from others. You’ll set your inner compass to Live your life to your full potential and in harmony with your true identity.
You’ll design your unique vision for 2020 and beyond. Importantly, not in a state that is divided and uncertain, but rather from a place of clarity, harmony, and creativity. This can only be achieved by rewiring our 3-brains, and breaking free from the old habits and behaviours.
(The Thinking Brain Day).
Day one involves a detailed investigation of the thinking patterns, feelings, and behavioural patterns of the 3 brains that are tying you. to Conditioning of the past and repeating patterns for the future.
You’ll also begin the individual process of evaluating where you are in your personal and professional life as the starting point for the journey of self-discovery over the next 3 days.
You’ll also learn how to Express yourself and your ideas using emotion and power to Attract the right people and circumstances to your life to Mobilize your vision for 2020 – and beyond
You’ll emerge at the end of the day by As a sign you are able, bend a bar of metal with your throat. to Express your newly regenerated physical power to Your vision and mission should be manifested.
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For The Power To Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ LIVE Event
(The Emotional Day of the Brain)
Day two is all about momentum, the emotional power of your limbic (chemical) brain, and how it affects your emotions. Learn what drives you and how to get there. to Rebalance your mind.
You’ll be shown how to Create mind-body coherence to You can resolve inner conflicts that could impede your progress, cause division, and derail your vision of 2020 and beyond.
This day is also about resilience, daily routines that make you mentally and physically bulletproof, and daily rituals.
On this day you’ll also discover how to Resolve conflicts that are not within your power to As part of your vision, generate plenty of money for 2020 and beyond.
But more than this you’ll be shown how to Profit from the opportunities that living in an information economy can offer.
You will turn your fears into a powerful drive at the end of the day to You will succeed by Participating in The Fire-Walk experience
You don’t have to – but you will almost certainly want to…!
Following a few hours of mental and physical preparation you’ll walk safely and purposefully across 15 feet of hot coals as a demonstration of the power of mind over matter.
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For The Power To Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ LIVE Event
(The Identity Brain Day).
These two days, while powerful in their own ways, are preparation for the final day.
On this day you’ll refine your vision for 2020 and beyond and put the finishing touches to Your masterpiece.
And then…
This final day will see you guided through a 4-hour process. to Rewire your 3-brains to achieve success. You’ll also be given the tools to You should be a force for positive change in every day of the week.
The event culminates with an unmatched feeling of clarity, coherence, and direction. to Turn the 2020 vision that you create at The into a reality Power to Achieve into a reality.
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For The Power To Achieve Your 2020 Vision™ LIVE Event
There are many ticket options
V.I.P. offers many ticket options to Premium and even a £17 general admission sponsored ticket (thanks to The generosity and support of many UK businesses
A Premium ticket enables you to You can participate in the Bar-bend experience and Fire-Walk experience, as well as sit in the premium seating section.
V.I.P gives you everything in the premium package, but in addition you’ll enjoy the very best front of house V.I.P seating area, a delicious hot lunch for all 3-days AND access to The exclusive speakers lounge is where you can enjoy all-day refreshments as well as meet and greet other like-minded leaders. Your fire-lane will be led by a personal leader. by Andy Harrington.
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