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The Vert Code-Elite is designed as a full year program, the more months you complete consecutively the more potential you’ll have for head-turning athleticism.

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PJF Performance – The Vert Code Elite



The Vert Code-Elite This program is for athletes who have weight room experience. Access to a general weight area, resistance bands, and a swimming pool (optional, but not necessary) is required. This program is best for athletes with a lot of resistance training/plyometrics experience. If you don’t have any weight room experience or don’t have access to any equipment, the Vert Code The Bodyweight Program is better for you.

•Step-By-Step Guidance•

For a fraction of the cost, you can get NBA-level training right at your fingertips! Users receive in-Video description in depth for each exercise, as well as sets and reps, and month-to-month progressions. The Vert Code Elite You can access them online and/or via the PJF Performance app!

•Latest Research•

The Vert Code Elite Program is our second volume that features our latest Vertical Jump research breakthroughs. Did you think that our last program produced outstanding results? Well, we’ve been in the lab the last 5 years doing 100’s of Vertical Jump case studies and exercise testing to make The Vert Code Elite BETTER!

•Year Round Content•

Every month, we offer a new progressive training program that lasts up to one year. The Vert Code-Elite is designed as a full year program, the more months you complete consecutively the more potential you’ll have for head-Turning athleticism. In just weeks, most athletes see amazing results. You can cancel this monthly subscription program at any time by going to your account settings.


Our professional program design is not only available to users, but also our Explosive Nutrition Guide and Jump Mechanics Guide as well as Recovery Protocols and Explosive Athlete Mentality Guide. We even have a Patellar Tendinitis Guide that was created by our Physical Therapist!



The Vert Code Elite My explosion pyramid has been updated to allow the program to work. These are the exact same principles I use when I train NBA superstars.


Preparing the body for maximum explosion requires a stable foundation that will not only lead to direct VERTICAL GAINS but also reduces the risk of injury over the long-term.


Have you ever seen the black panther vibranium suits? It stores energy, and uses the same energy to produce power. This is the #1 goal of phase 2, except we’re making our muscles/tendons into the ultimate weapon so you don’t need the suit! Head-Turning vertical requires ELITE energy storage, release, and storage in the tendons. This is where most vertical programs fall short! This phase is crucial for significant improvements in your ability TO STORE and TRANSFER ENERGY FOR PEAK EXPLOSION.


This phase will activate your nervous system, fast twitch muscles fibers, and turn on overdrive! This phase aims to make your body a force producing MACHINE and train for high levels of performance.-Increase force production. Ever seen someone stand underneath the rim and EXPLODE straight into the air to slam down a big dunk. Their concentric power is ELITE. Our main goal for this phase is developing that concentric force/rate of force development that makes us jump out of the gym AND leads to easy blow by’s with an explosive first step!


We all know some genetic freaks. You know, the athlete that doesn’t really train but they have EFFORTLESS bounce! We’ve scientifically reverse engineered this phenomenon and identified the traits that separate them. The result in short— SPRING. This trait was the focus of phase 4. We will show you how to maximize energy release without getting too scientific. Phase 2 was the foundation for maximum spring. This is the final stage that increases our elasticity to the MAX!


It’s been years in the making, welcome to the Vert Code Elite!

Workouts 5 Days a Week

Advanced program. For athletes who have previously done resistance training.

Weight Room Required

Explosive Nutrition Guide Jump Mechanics Guide Recovery Protocols Explosive Athlete Mentality Guide and many more.


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