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My joy returned. And so did my successes. I discovered what made our knowledge fragile, what made it robust, and what made it come alive!

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 Linking Your Thinking

Nick Milo – Linking Your Thinking

What’s stopping you from thinking your best?

Are you constantly losing sight of your ideas Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information?

Are you consuming too many of the stuff of other people?You don’t know how to fix it?

Do you find it difficult creating new ideas? You find yourself stuck creatively?

Would you like “technology” to actually help you think better?Instead of allowing others to get in your way, why not do it?

If any of these resonates, there is a way for you to take back the power.

The solution: You can create a safe and trusted space that will support your thinking efforts.

You want to create one?

Continue reading.

Create a custom system that supports your best thinking

The Linking Your Thinking Workshop is an online workshop that trains, supports, and teaches you how to build a personal knowledge management system you can trust.

I didn’t have room for my thoughts!

Evernote was my first venture in 2008. It was amazing at first. It was wonderful at first. “clipped” There are many web articles.

I also used Evernote in order to create an international gym and two independent feature films. Personally, I used my digital notes for reflection, writing, and to think.

It worked for a while. However, I had a secret cancer growing in my notes. I still remember the pain of trying to put together a business proposal for opening a boxing gym in NYC—and slamming the keyboard because I was wasting so much of my time looking for lost notes.

I used to jump into Evernote to organize my thoughts, but it wasn’t fun after 5 years. I was stressed. It made my mind feel scattered. The mere thought of opening my notes caused surprising anxiety.

My notes were becoming less useful. my notes. I was drowning in the SIGNAL because I was capturing too much NOISE. Since I was filling my notes with thoughts of other people, I didn’t have room for my thoughts!

I remember feeling the joy I felt using my digital notes. “death by a thousand cuts.” I was unable to find my most valuable thoughts. I began to feel like I was losing part of myself.

My joy vanished.

I knew there had got to be a better way.

‍There is a better method

When I decided to quit Evernote, I realized that My notes were captured In Evernote’s proprietary format. Even though I was able to export my notes in plain text, it didn’t work. EVERY. LINK. If you haven’t experienced the pain of transferring your notes, it can sabotage your work sessions years into the future.

However, the 2015 end will see a significant increase in this number. I finally took back control of my notes. I made my notes plain-text. That was the reason I used linked notes for half a decade before they became popular. There weren’t any systems to follow.

So The next few years were filled with stress.-Testing and iterating on universal frameworks hidden within linked notes. It was used for many different purposes in my real life, which I will describe below.

My joy returned. And so did my successes. I discovered what made our knowledge fragile and what made them strong and what made them come alive!

It is a revolution to be able to use technology to connect our ideas.. We can now use external tools to support our thinking efforts in much the same way as our brain naturally does.

I call all writers and thinkers life.-Long-Learners, content creators and entrepreneurs…

You can think better if you do it more often There is a better way.

It all begins with this:

  • Less collecting. More connecting.
  • There are fewer highlights. More insights.
Your best thinking is when you are fully engaged in the stuff in front of you, connecting it to other stuff—and finding your unique perspective amongst it all.

You want to be there consistently? Consistently?

The knowledge management principles we teach and train in the LYT Workshop will give you the insights, guidance, and support to unlock and empower your best thinking.

And, You will leave the workshop with your future, and your own ideas.-proof PKM system —a supercharged “Ideaverse“To support and power your thinking efforts.

Do you want to…

Do you want to Your custom, your future-Proof of the conceptverse
that will support & power your thinking efforts for the rest of your life?

Are you looking for a way to make your research more efficient?

Do you need to process large amounts information and make it clear and coherent?🔬

Do you want to make a better sense of the world around you?

Do you have many interests and want a system that helps you make connections & see the patterns between ideas?📚

Do you want consistency in your work?

Are you passionate about writing, teaching, reading, and sharing? Do you long to share your unique perspective?🖌

Do you want to write large and complex things?

Do you need support & power for writing your: novels, screenplays, books, D&D campaigns, or dissertations?🗺

Do you want your thoughts to be in order?

Do you want to journal, reflect, or live your life with more intention, calm and creativity?🖼

Are you looking to be productive?

Do you want to be focused and efficient in managing your projects?
If any of these resonate with your heart, then you can reap the immense benefits.
from attending the LYT Workshop. It is the best way for you to reliably communicate with your LYT Workshop.
Your custom, your future-Proof of the conceptverse This will.
support & power your thinking efforts for the rest of your life.

What will you learn from the curriculum 📚

►Unit 1: PKM & idea emergence
  • Learn how to make links work for you.
  • Learn how to form meaningful relationships between notes
  • Identify the note-You can take failures and you can use them when you need Notification-Making
  • Each type of relationship between notes can be practiced
  • Your PKM Planet results will help you gain clarity about your use-Cases
►Unit 2: Growing Value
  • Learn how to make a note-Taking creates weakness
    How to think differently
  • Learn how to make a note-making unlocks your
    Best thinking
  • Learn how to make your notes grow in value
    over time
  • Practice the 7 C’s of note-Making
  • Understanding the basics of
    Fluid thinking
►Unit 3: Accelerating Ideas
  • Recognize when “mental squeeze points” How to overcome them
  • Understand the fundamentals & power of Maps of Content (MOCs)
  • Apply the 11 C’s of map-Making
  • Explore the many benefits of MOOCs and the other ways they can be used
►Unit 4: Your Custom PKM System
  • Complete your idea emergence network
  • Make your library note
  • Build your ultimate dashboard,
    Your home note
  • You can refine your use of tags, folders, and links.
    Ask questions
►Unit 5: Processing Newness
  • Enhance the way you separate the signal
    The noise
  • Practice the skill of converting ideas into notes.-Making
  • Create and develop your PKM workflows
  • Explore advanced sensemaking strategies
►Unit 6: Sharing
  • Learn more about sensemaking
  • Strategies for sensemaking
  • Explore common activities in our PKM System
  • Define where, how and why you share things with others

Hi, I’m Nick Milo.

I’ve spent the last 15 years using digital notes to create and grow a fitness boxing into an international company, produce two independent feature films, become a TV and film editor, and—perhaps most importantly—to calm my thoughts and make better sense of the world around me.

I’ve tested and stretched the limits of linked notes in the “real world”:
  • from the fitness industry 🏃 to the film industry 🎬
  • from the football field 🏈 to civil engineering 🏗
  • from strength training 🏋️ to the boxing ring 🥊
  • from public speaking 🎤 to content creation 🎨
What I’ve learned is this:
Being effective at managing knowledge is a superpower—and linking your thinking supercharges it.
The frameworks I teach unlock my ability to work with ideas in a fast, flexible, future-oriented way.-proof. I have successfully taught linked notes to thousands of people. These principles are flexible enough for you to shape to your personal needs—no matter what you want to do.

You are searching for a “language”, to communicate your thoughts between your most inner selves-This workshop is for self and external world. – Alfredo
This was a game-changer for me. My PKM is a direct reflection on me, not a half-true.-modelled, half-Copy the system of another person. – Desirée Kolman

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