Money Manifestation VIP Content from The Aware Show

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Dr. Dain Heer’s newly released 7 Step Guide is designed to clear away any blocks between you and your financial dreams. Remember that your perspective creates your reality. Format File: [Mp4 Version]

Money Manifestation VIP Content from The Aware Show

Money Manifestation VIP Content from The Aware Show

Is it time for you to stop wishing your financial reality will change? Are you ready to get on with the job?

Dr. Dain Heer’s newly released 7 Step Guide is designed to clear away any blocks between you and your financial dreams. Your reality is created by your point of view. Your reality doesn’t create your point of view!

This 7 Step Guide includes 7 videos to guide you through the process.
Video One

Asking the tough questions that could be a roadblock for you will get you started.

What does money really mean to you?
What does it mean to you money?
What can you change in the world with lots of money that you couldn’t change without it?

This video will introduce you to the tools and processes, and at certain point your attention will come off of money as a significance, which will actually allow you to have all the money you’d like by asking for it.
Video Two

Do you think you have a money issue? This video will reframe how you look at money and what you’ve decided are your problems.

This video will show you how to identify your money problems, and what questions you can use to solve them. This will allow for you to be creative rather than being a problem-solver who must create new problems.

This will change the energy that leads to your thoughts before they even become thoughts. This will help you get rid of the things that are limiting your money flow and allow you to tap into all the possibilities.

There’s no such thing as a money problem, the only problem is your ability to receive.
Video Three

This video will give you tips and tools to honor your customers, which will lead to more money.

You will see money differently once you have it. There will be a point at which you can focus your attention on money. This will allow money flow to you with ease.
Video Four

Is it time for you to take control of your financial situation? The The first step is to identify where you are at the moment and what your current situation looks like.

Financial awareness will help you know what to ask for and how to spend it.

Get out of the sand! It’s time to create financial awareness.
Video Five

It’s time to take a look at your judgments in regards to money and wealthy people and how that will affect your money situation. Every point of view or judgment you hold is a limitation on what you can do and who you can become. This is your chance to change that now.

For every judgment you’re willing to receive, you make $5k more that year; for every judgment you refuse, you lose $10k that year. Does this explain your current income and financial situation?
Video Six

Learn more about how energy flows affect your money flows. You can also learn how to make them work for you. When you create the space where money is flowing in and out with total ease you can create abundance and financial ease beyond what you’ve even imagined possible.
Video Seven

We finish your learning by reviewing your vocabulary and how it impacts what you experience in your daily life. Dain will also guide you through an exercise that will pull energy. This will allow money to flow to you and the Universe will gift you with ease.

Every video in this Special Online Training with Dain Heer includes concrete practices that you can use until the next video. If you’re willing, this could forever change the way you function with money and your whole financial reality!

This is a new way of working in this area. It’s simpler and more dynamic than you can imagine. Are you ready to do that?

Download Haled immediately The Aware Show – Money Manifestation VIP Content

Item 2. Being You & Ending the Struggle with Money
Retail Value $300

Special One-Day Class Facilitated by Dr. Dainheer in Melbourne, Australia 2014.

This item contains an MP3 audio program.
It is immediately available online
What if everything you’ve been taught about money, wealth and abundance was out-of-date or incorrect?

What if you could see the opportunities instead of the problems in times of financial turmoil?

What if the universe actually desires to support you in totality — and all you have to do is start to ask questions?

During this special one-day class with Dr. Dain Heer, facilitated in Melbourne, Australia in April 2014, you’ll receive tools and processes that can help you to start creating the life you’ve always said you desired.

What if money isn’t the issue?

What if it’s actually about how much you’re willing to receive?

Would receiving more allow you to contribute more to you, to everyone around you — and the world?

What would that look like?
Item 3. Being You & Ending the Struggle with Money Processes
Retail Value: $150

This item includes an MP3 Audio Program.
It is immediately available online

This loop of verbal processes is a special one from the one-day class, recorded by Dr. Dain Heer, will increase change in the areas of money, wealth…and everything else!

You can listen in your car, while you sleep or when you’re out walking. The The more you listen, you will notice a shift in your ability to function in this area. It’s that simple!

Item 4. Change the way that you think about it Money…& Everything Else
Retail Value: $150

This item includes a viewing on TV Access Channel
& MP3 files that are immediately available online

Special Class with Dr. Dain – Recorded in Vancouver, Canada, February 2014.

What if YOU were the source of all the wealth in your life? What have you decided is the key to creating money…that isn’t?

This interactive workshop, recorded in Vancouver, Canada in February 2014, with Dr. Dain Sheer, offers new perspectives and tools for this area. from From poverty to riches, and even wealth.

What is possible with the wealth of being alive that you’ve never considered? Is it now the right time to tap into what you truly know in order to create a reality that works best for you?

Item 5. Item 5. Money Problem
Retail Value $300

This item contains an MP3 audio program.
It is immediately available online

This set of 4 special loops of verbal processes about money and abundance, recorded by Dr. Dain Heer, will increase the change in the areas of money, wealth…and everything else!

Change the way that you think about things Money…& Everything Else Processes
Living in Total Abundance Class
Create Money Generosity comes from Generosity
Finally, you can solve your problem! Money Processes

Bonus 1. Your Energetic Capacity to Perform! (The Key To Being)
Retail Value: Unpredictable

This is an online class that you will have instant access to as a private streaming video.

Online Streaming Video Class Recorded in Houston, Texas 2014 with Dr. Dain Sheer from Access Consciousness

As if by magic, when you alter the energy of an object, your outward circumstances change. Your life and the world around it will change even more dynamically if you increase your energetic capacity.

In this class, Dr. Dain Heer show you how by simply becoming that energy, you invite everyone around you to be it too—if they are willing. This isn’t about succeeding as you or doing something better. It is about being You, the energy and the energetic capabilities of You in all aspects. Is that something you’re interested in? Well then…this may be the class for you!

Additional Resource: Quick Guide Tool and Audio of Being you, Changing The World

This item contains an MP3 Audio Program, and a PDF.
It is immediately available online
Part 1. A Quick Guide to Start Using the Tools of Access Consciousness ™

By the Access Consciousness Team.
Part 2. Part 2. from The Book ‘ Being You, Changing the World’.

Dr. Dain Heer reads his Introduction and First Chapter. ‘Being You, Changing the World’.
Part 3. The Clearing Statement

Access Consciousness includes the Clearing Statement. Dr. Dain Sheer explains it in an MP3 Audio Download, or Streaming Video.

Dr. Dain Heer, an international speaker, author, and co-creator Access Consciousness is a pragmatic set philosophies, tools, and techniques that will allow you to create dynamic changes in every area of life.

Download Haled immediately The Aware Show – Money Manifestation VIP Content

Dr. Heer’s unique perspectives on personal transformation is unlike anything else in the world. He encourages and inspires people towards greater conscious awareness. from Total allowance, caring and humor. He has been sharing his life-changing ideas on money, bodies, future, healing, sex and relationships with tens of thousands of people globally for the past 13 years — with extraordinary results.

Dr. Heer was a Network Chiropractor who was successful in California, USA. He seemed to have it all. On the inside, however, things were very different. Deep unhappiness was turning into despair, and despite all the self-help methods he tried, he finally came to a point where he was even contemplating suicide.
Access Consciousness came to his rescue after he failed to see any lasting results from the other modalities or techniques he was studying. It was a game changer for him and his life began expanding and growing faster than he could ever have imagined.

He now travels around the world, facilitating advanced classes of consciousness and has developed an unique energetic transformation process for individuals as well as groups. The Energetic Synthesis for Being. He offers a totally different approach to healing. He teaches people to recognize and tap into their own abilities. The You can transform your life quickly and effectively with energetic energy.

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