Miss Ivy Young – Secrets of Submission


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Of course, the fact that Mr. Grey is gorgeous, obscenely rich, intelligent, charming and an excellent lover (as well as being more than adequately endowed

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 Secrets of Submission

Miss Ivy Young – Secrets of Submission

Ladies! If you have read 50 Shades of Grey (submission, BDSM, and all), then you know the secret and that intimacy is more than your grandma might have you believe. Secrets are the best way to keep your secrets. of submission, tough love (in the bedroom and elsewhere) may very well be the best way to keep your spouse’s love alive.
This idea may have even intrigued you as a reader of Submission, where Mrs. Grey is the future Mrs. Grey has the thrills of A relationship in which she is willing to let go of control of She will play with her husband and I mean she will relinquish control. This means she will become the submissive in a relationship where pain, bondage, and other BDSM techniques may be used.
Oh my!!
The most unusual thing about these books is that it is easy to see that the entire process was a learning experience. of This is the process? Miss Anastasia Steele is the future Mrs. Grey and falls head over heels for Mr. Grey. He clearly knows everything there is to know about her. Secrets of Submission. The sex scenes in sex are steamy and hot. “entertaining” We, female readers, want to know what the end result (probably) will be for us. “turns” us on is the thought that well… we would just love to be in Miss Steele’s stilettos… Or shackles!
“I have to admit that throughout the three books, I wished that I was Mr. Grey’s obedient sub!”
This is something I heard repeated over and over by women all around the world.
The fact that Mr. Grey is beautiful, obscenely wealthy, intelligent, charming, and an excellent lover (along with being more than adequately endowed) is no surprise.
It is certain that it plays a part in this (not very) old-fashioned love story.
But there’s more! “mundane” considerations, what drives this relationship to a constant boil is the fact that Mr. Grey is… well… a Dominant (notice the capital D) who knows how to handle his submissives (notice the small c) and with this controlling knowledge, he has (near) complete power over Anastasia (and his subs before her).
It is possible, therefore, that Mrs. Grey falls in love with her husband hopelessly because of His dominance in sex over her? ❤️
Assuming for a moment that the premises are true of This argument is not the reason she falls in love with him. But it could be that it plays a definite and determining part in her passionate nature. of The feelings she feels for her husband?
There are times when intimacy recedes into the background and couples find it difficult to have a sexual relationship. What about you? How is sex with your husband? Could it be your own sex life slowly disappearing, or even dead?
Wouldn’t it be nice for you (and the countless couples out there who find themselves into the proverbial marital rut) if someone could teach you how to use BDSM (Secrets of SubmissionYou can use () to revive your love life and your marriage.
What would a man give to make his wife his? To make her fall in love with him by dominating her sexually until she is completely enamored. And ultimately… Completely… his..
An attractive proposition to be sure for all the guys out there, to be sure…
Mrs. E. L. James books show that Mr. Grey is the dominant force and Anastasia, his wife, is the submissive.
But wait…What if YOU, the woman were the Dominant and your husband (boyfriend) the sub (submissive)!
What if I said that there are many? of We, women out in the world, are able to live in relationships with men who are willing subs for us because of our knowledge and skills. They love us for it. Absolutely. of We are loved by heels
⇒ And that the more we refine our techniques, the more they fall for us?
⇒ What if YOU (as a woman) could learn to Dominate your man so exquisitely well that that he would fall madly in love with you all over again?
⇒ Wouldn’t that be a lovely thought?
⇒ Would that even save your relationship?
Here is the lovelies part for all you ladies…
The more we learn to control our males at bedtime, the more they want it!
The more they love it… I mean really love it…
… And the more they love us.

It’s worth it! You’d be amazed and you could even introduce it as part of A game.


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