Matthew Smith – Pike & Head To Toe

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Variations on exercises to target specific weak links and keep progressing.

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 Pike & Head To Toe

Matthew Smith – Pike & Head To Toe

All the Tools You Will Need To Pike & Head To Toe

Gravity: Working with or against it

✶ Learn how to either orient yourself with gravity, or actively work against it.

✶ Learn how to make changes from not being allowed to touch your toes, to active compression, and head to toe.

Understanding Subtle Positioning Details

✶ How to highlight different aspects of the calves, hamstrings, and other parts.

✶ Variations of exercises to target weak links and continue progressing.


What’s Included in Pike & Head To Toe?

►Full In-depth Assessment◄

Accurately build a profile of your current pike ability. This information can be used to create programs and to document your progress.

►Drills Modified For Every level◄

In beginner training, you will learn how to use gravity as well as elevation. You can use leverage to build strength.

►Pulsing & Ballistic Stretching◄

Learn modern principles that can be applied to a stretching system that dates back over 1000 years.

►How To Measure Progress◄

To quantify your training efforts, learn the pike touchpoints.

►Methods To Overcome Plateaus◄

Strategies to keep moving forward, when to add/remove weight, and more.

►How To Write Your Own Programs◄

This is a complete breakdown of program design to give you the tools to move forward indefinitely.


•Head To Toe Progress•

– The entire Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit team learnt to head to toe as an adult. This puts us in a unique position to teach having gone through the difficulties of learning ourselves.

•Student Progress•

– It has been a pleasure to pass the knowledge and methods on to our loyal students who have all put in the hard work. You can see a few examples below.


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