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Once you enroll, you’ll be onboarded and receive a link to log in to the members area and access the content. I’ll show you how to get into the private group, group coaching and access to the bonuses.

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 Surplus Trader Secrets 2.0

Matt Goldberg – Surplus Trader Secrets 2.0

We help aspiring entrepreneurs build a highly profitable inventory broker business
Without any products, experience or upfront inventory costs

What you get

✔️ Access to a private members’ area 24/7 with a simple step-By-step video tutorials from start to finish to help you start & grow your finders fees business
✔️ Learn how to build a huge network of suppliers & buyers across any product category & industry
✔️ Master this recession proof skill of buying & selling surplus stock without holding, seeing or owning any stock. The modern online way.
✔️ Private group with on-going support & live weekly Zoom coaching calls
✔️ Done-For-You have 1-2-1 help on deals, with exclusive access to my worldwide network of buyer contacts to help you get results easier & faster.

►Facts About The Program◄
What is The? Surplus Trader Secrets Coaching Program?
It’s an online coaching program that teaches you how to start & grow a surplus inventory flipping business and build a huge network of supplier & buyer connections, so you can buy & sell surplus like a pro. You can do it all online, so there is no need to see, touch or hold any inventory.
Who Really Needs It?
Anyone looking to start a business or make extra money?-5, or an existing business. This program is for total beginners as well as advanced users. Jump into the phase that is most suitable for you
How does it work?
Once you have signed up, you will be activated and given a link to log on to the members area to access the content. I’ll show you how to get into the private group, group coaching and access to the bonuses. In the private student community you’ll meet other students to help you on your journey. You’ll also be able to access regular coaching Matt Direct 1-2-1 help from him for any inventory deals you find to help you make some deals.


►Where Does The Coaching◄
What Happens Next?
The program can be accessed 100% online at your own pace. Unlimited access is provided, and the program can be accessed 24/7/365. Unlimited group coaching is included for as long as the product lasts or until the end. Matt Gets hit by a bus!

Is it possible?
It’s possible to do it as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. We have successful students from all around the world and that speak multiple languages.

How long does it take?
It all depends on your individual situation. Some students can make deals happen in less than a month. Others who are already making money in the business may see a rise in deals even faster. It is up to you to decide if you want to work faster or slower.


What’s waiting for you in? Surplus Trader Secrets Coaching Program 2.0
▶️The Surplus Trader Secrets Masterclass Course 2.0: The ultimate step-By-step blueprint on how to start & grow a surplus stock business. You’ll get the step-By-step VIDEO tutorials to start & build a profitable surplus stock business. I don’t leave anything out. You’re going to learn every little detail, strategy, and trick I use in my own business that earns thousands in fees every month. ($4997 Value)
▶️Done-For-You Email Letter Templates : I’m giving you my personal proven & effective email letters that I send to suppliers that gets me dozens of surplus stock offers every day. An email template you can send potential buyers that will get attention ($197 value)
▶️VIP Access To My Private Facebook Group: Here you can see what’s working for for me and other students. AND you’ll get live fortnightly group coaching from me. Regular new content. Your investment in The Surplus Trader Secrets Coaching Program doesn’t even come close to what I should charge to get this kind of access to me. I’m here to help you grow your surplus stock business get results. I am available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. ($4,995 Value)
▶️The Finders Fees Secrets Coaching Program: This program is the most effective and efficient I have ever created. You will learn the #1 recession-proof skill of how to earn finders fees without ever having to buy or sell anything. It’s also the easiest way to make money, as you just need to find surplus stock. This program offers high-value bonus training that is worth more than $3000. ($1997 Value)
▶️Done-For-You have 1-2-1 Coaching On Your Inventory Offers & Access To My Private Network Of Buyer Contacts – I don’t just give this to anyone, only my inner circle of students. So what I offer here is the opportunity to put your surplus stock offers in front of my network of buyer contacts, to help you get results faster & easier. These international contacts I have built over many years, but you get instant access to my well connected buyers ($4995 value).
▶️Live Group Coaching Calls – Get help to your questions, struggles on anything in the program, or deals you find. Also, you’ll get new content, strategies and lots of motivation & accountability, so you can start getting results faster and grow your profits ($4995 Value)
▶️VIP E-Book On: 105 Ways To Source Surplus Inventory ($197 Value).
▶️You’ll Get 100 New Buyers Contact Details Every Month – You’ll the contact details of real-Time buyers are interested in stock deals and receive time buyer inquiries each month. These could be wholesalers or online shops, retailers, importers, sellers, brokers, traders, etc. You will be able to get their name, company name, email address, telephone number, country and the products they are looking for. You will also receive 100 new contacts each month, all year ($1995 Value).



✓ Bonus 1: Wholesale Arbitrage Method – I’ll show you how I buy surplus stock wholesale online, then turn it onto another site online…without ever actually seeing the stock! Wholesale Arbitrage is an untapped market that you should explore. This can be run as a separate business or as a new venture. ($297 value)
✓ Bonus 2 – Buy & Flip Stock Onto Ebay/Amazon Sellers: Step by step ways to find eBay & Amazon shop customers to sell your surplus stock to. How to build lists of potential eBay & Amazon customers who could be your customers. How to approach these Ebay & Amazon shops and what to say to them. Plus, how to make a deal even without seeing the stock… plus lots more! ($297 Value)
✓ Bonus 3 – Get My Secret Google Keywords Cheat Sheet To Find Surplus Stock like a pro: I use Google to locate companies to locate surplus inventory. But there are specific keywords & phrases you can use to find hundreds, even thousands of new supplier contact, using these untapped methods ($297 Value)
✓ Bonus 4 Secrets To Getting Dozens Of Surplus Stock Offers Sent to Your Mailbox Every Day On Autopilot: The key to this business is to get a steady stream stock offers sent to you email every day, 24 hours a days. This is how I show you how to automate it. This method allows me to have surplus stock offers every day, even while I’m asleep. ($297 Value)
✓ Bonus 5 – How To Buy & Sell Retailer Returns Like A Pro: Around $440 billion worth of merchandise is returned to retailers each year – the majority of which doesn’t go back on store shelves and is ultimately sold off in bulk. One company’s headache is another’s opportunity, and for small businesses there has never been a better time to source returned and excess merchandise on the secondary market. ($297 Value)
✓ Bonus 6 – Trade Show Secrets & How To Source Surplus Stock without Even Attending: Learn how I source surplus stocks from tradeshow exhibitors without ever attending. This method has saved me thousands of dollars over the years, as well as expensive hotels and time. This valuable method you can copy & steal and use wherever you are in the world ($297 Value)
✓ Bonus 7 – How to Source Surplus Stock & Sell Onto Auction Companies: How to locate Auction houses that will BUY ! How to find out the best way to sell to them. The best way to contact them & what to say. How to negotiate a deal with them… plus lots more This training will teach you how to SELL stock to Auction companies ($297 Value).
✓ Bonus 8 – How To Buy Surplus Stock From One Manufacturer & Sell Onto Another Manufacturer: Discover this great untapped market of sourcing surplus stock from one manufacturer, then flipping the stock onto another manufacturer. Follow my steps to source surplus stock. Next, find another manufacturer to buy it. This is a backwards process in the supply chain, and not many people in surplus stock business use this method.($297 Value)
✓ Bonus 9 – How to Source New Products Surplus Stock from High Street Retailers This is a great opportunity for surplus stock traders. Here are my methods of targeting retailers. Learn how I approach them, what I say, and how to make a deal.($297 Value)

Plus brand new training & content added each month !


Who designed this course?
Matt Goldberg✨ Surplus Stock trading expert with over 29 years experience in the field
Matt went from being broke, with literally holes in his shoes and barely being able to pay his electric bill….to buying & flipping many truckloads of surplus inventory across the world, from some of the biggest companies in the world.

Now after 30 years in this industry and one of the most connected guys in the surplus inventory business, with thousands of followers across social media, he’s teaching & sharing ALL his knowledge & expertise in this business that took many years of trial & error…so you get the shortcuts to get results easier & faster.

Surplus Trader Secrets is the blueprint & support for aspiring entrepreneurs & 9-5’er, looking to start & grow your own inventory flipping broker business – without the trial & error! You’ll discover how you can duplicate Matt’s success and grow an extra income stream from home…without the worry of investing in any inventory, getting stuck with inventory or how to pay for it.

Matt It takes you from the beginning to the end, and even the bank profit. Matt’s coaching has helped his students go from zero to 4-5 figures per month


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