marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

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These techniques were used before the outbreak of the pandemic. It is now even more important to learn them. There is a greater awareness of how to stay healthy and well.-being in general.

marco paret - Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

marco paret – Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus

Ultimate Non-Verbal Hypnosis & Mesmerismus® Online Master Training
The Holy Grail for personal development and hypnosis!
Masterclass on mesmerism, fascination and non-verbal hypnosis. Learn secrets techniques – an authentic tradition updated with modern quantistic sciences. test modifica MARIO ORE 16 E TRENTA
Imagine mastering any non-native language.-verbal hypnosis, mesmerism techniques. Even the most secret and obscure. Find the secret. The secret lies within you. Now, imagine these techniques being used for your well-being.-being, and in real life to: manage a challenging period and rise after it, start or boost a business by charming people being the obvious best choice, enchant people with your ideas, hypnotize for healing, and most importantly manage your inner states and develop the force and the power in you beyond your imagination …
NEW: in this COVID-19 PERIOD…
The only thing that is essential in this age is to acquire skills!
These techniques were used before the outbreak of the pandemic. It is now even more important to learn them. There is a greater awareness of how to stay healthy and well.-being in general. Take advantage of this time you have and don’t get caught out unprepared by the opportunities that will arise for you after this COVID-19 is over. Take action now…
“Captain, the hub is worried and very agitated about the quarantine they imposed on us at the port. Can you talk to us?”
“What troubles you, boy? Don’t you have enough food? Don’t you sleep enough?”
“This is not it, Captain, I can’t stand not being able to go ashore, not being able to embrace my loved ones.”
“And if they let you down and you were contagious, would you bear the guilt of infecting someone who can’t stand the disease?”
“I would never forgive myself, even if this plague was invented for me!”
“Maybe it is, but if it doesn’t?”
“I understand what you mean, but I feel deprived of freedom, Captain, they have deprived me of something.”
“And you deprive yourself of even more things, boy.”
“You are making fun of me?”
“Not at all … If you let yourself be deprived of something without responding adequately, you have lost”.
“So, in your opinion, if they take something from me, do I have to take other ones off to win?”
“Sure. I did it in the quarantine of seven years ago.”
“And what did you deprive yourself of?”
“I had to wait more than twenty days on the ship. I had been waiting for months to be able to visit the port and get some spring on the land. There was an epidemic. Port April forbade us to descend. The first days were difficult. I felt like you. Then, I began to respond to these impositions using logic. After twenty years, I realized that it was true.-After one day of behavior, a habit is formed. I stopped complaining and creating horrible ones and started to be different from everyone else. To get the right perspective, I started to think about who is in deprivation and how many he has. Then I tried to win.
I started with food. I forced myself to eat half the amount I normally eat. Next, I began to choose foods that were more easily digestible and wouldn’t overload my body. I ate foods that have been traditionally healthy.
The next step was to combine it with a purification or unhealthy thoughts, to make them higher and more noble. I forced myself to read at least one page a day of a book on a topic I didn’t know. I made it a point to do morning exercises on the bridge. An old Indian once told me that the body is empowered when it holds its breath. Every morning, I took deep breaths. I believe my lungs never reached such a force. The evening was time for prayers. It was time to thank an entity that rules everything for not giving my life serious hardships.
The Indian always advised me years ago to imagine light entering me and making my strength stronger. It can also work for my loved ones who are far away. So this practice also appeared every day I was on the ship.
Instead of thinking about everything I couldn’t do, I thought about what I would do once I got off. I was able to see the scenes daily, experienced them intensely, and enjoyed the wait. It’s not worth waiting to see what you can get. Waiting can subliminate desire to make it more powerful.
I had stopped eating succulent foods, drank many rums, and made blasphemies, curses, and lists in front of the rest. I had stopped playing cards, stopped sleeping well, stopped lazing around, and thought only of what they were denying me. “
“How did it end, Captain?”
“I acquired all those new habits, boy. They made me get off after much longer than I expected.”
“Did they also deprive you of spring, anyway?”
“Yes, that year they deprived me of spring, and of many other things, but I had nevertheless flourished, I had brought spring inside, and no one could have stolen it anymore”.
This is an ancient secret hermetic text that is part of one of the traditions we discuss in the course, but it is also relevant to this period. These were the questions that the candidate asked:
Q – Where are you?
A – In the earth. I am now in stable ground and can climb toward the heights
Q – Which season is it?
A – It is spring
Q – What is it you desire?
A -To expand or to flourish
Q – Do you think we can help you?
A – Yes
If you are a hypno/magnetic therapist or wish to be one, it is essential that you can provide those methods. You must first be yourself!
Lastly, and most importantly, these techniques (the hermetic methods) were developed during a time when epidemies were common. Their purpose was to increase energy and improve the immune system.
We will detail them in our program.
Discover secret techniques. To develop limitless gifts and Magnetism potential, Fascination, Psychic influence, Energy, Vitality and going beyond your personal limits – Rediscover the tradition in a real Millenary School! Updated with the most current Elite Expertise about Man’s potential.
And… Before putting your hAnds on my Hypnosis and Mesmerismus® Master Training, let me tell you a few things.
From: Dr. Marco Paret
Dear Reader
Mind control is a skill that can be used to improve your abilities, manage your inner states, persuade and negotiate, and other things like that. HypnosisFascination, and Mesmerismus These puzzles are solved by (c).
My name’s Dr. Marco Paret. I have been researching this field for years.
A number of books have been published by me (available on that focus on authentic magnetism techniques. These include: An easy guide to Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Magnetism Hypnotism, and Mesmerism.
I am also an expert in modern techniques. I have studied NLP, traditional Hypnosis, and quantum techniques over the years of my research. My trainings are regarded as some of the most effective.
I have personally trained: Doctors (all specializations) , Managers, CEOs, Researchers, Psychologists, Educators, Martial Arts practitioners, Lawyers, etc…
I have conducted training around the globe. This is a breakthrough method of hypnosis.
I also contribute in the expansion of AFEM, Association Francaise pour les Etudes Metaphysiques. This association was founded in 1945 and is based on Dr. Richet’s tradition. They were among the first to study such phenomena.
I have met NLP authorities from America and Italy in the modern field. Hypnosis, and other techniques (John Grinder and Ormond McGill; Jerry Kein; Tad James, Gil Boyne, and many others) who have valid techniques, but which are not the ones we propose.
What I discovered was that real fascination is what we can call “Mesmerism” These approaches, while modern, don’t offer the knowledge of certain elements or principles. They are limited in their ability to go beyond and can only be partially modeled.
These principles are, however, part of the european traditions I am talking about.
NLP, verbal, linguistic, and verbal were created from modeling verbal behaviors. They never have a complete ability to describe nonverbal behavior on other levels.
The mind is also more receptive than the body.-Verbal cues are more effective than verbal cues.
Non is what we mean when we talk about-Verbally we are talking about inner POWER.
If you have only learned verbal techniques, you are on the right track. Although the information presented here is different than modern techniques, it is complementary to your existing knowledge and must be integrated for better results.
NLP, Quantum practitioner, etc. can enhance and complement his knowledge. This is my experience. If you are willing to explore the unknown and push the boundaries, you can reach the places you’ve always longed for.
As we love Aristotle to say, “the soul goes beyond its limits”
You are about to get closer and experience one of the most powerful and intense knowledges ever discovered.
25.2K subscribers
Enchanting Mesmeric Experience | Non-Verbal Dr. Paret Hypnosis | Dr. Paret
The secrets of authentic hypnotists and fascinators. The foundation of Animal Magnetism, and the development of Man. These seven ancient protocols. Discover the secrets to a quantistic reality that takes man beyond his limits.
25.2K subscribers
Dr. Paret’s Hypno-mesmerism is an amazing, hypnotic, and fascinative effect.
Hypnotism and mesmerism merged to create a powerful combination. Some people believe you need a trance: YOU DON’T NEED A TRANCE. Some believe you must speak. Intention guides energy. These seemingly impossible feats are possible because of the power of intention. You can use this skill in a therapeutic session to skyrocket your results. Many successful therapists use the idea at the base without even realizing it and its other potential uses.
25.2K subscribers
Non Verbal Instant Hypnosis Instant Inductions ENGLISH – dr. Paret
One of our amazing Youtube plailists, with hundreds of video demonstrations.
The non-Verbal is simple and inborn, while verbal must be learned and is more complex
If the universe gives you something that you don’t acknowledge and you refuse to acknowledge it, it is not guaranteed that it will return or that it will be given to you in the way you prefer. The key is to accept the gifts that the Universe gives us. Magnetism is just one of those gifts.
The density of words is less than that of gestures. The self is primarily verbal, whereas one’s inward identity is primarily non-verbal. The body is not-verbal…

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