Loren W. Christensen – Restraint and Control Strategies


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Too often so many fancy locks and holds do no work as they do in some book when u have to apply them IRL.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Loren W. Christensen – Restraint and Control Strategies

Loren W. Christensen - Restraint and Control Strategies

Loren W.Christensen- Restraint and Control StrategiesThis is primarily for cops and bouncers and Security professionals who can’t afford to just hit some guys head-on are not allowed.

  1. This is not an easy task. and Effect take downs and How to hurt someone but not cause them serious (lawsuit worthy), permanent damage.
  2. This is not a downer. and Finish the course and Not a complete ‘all points addressed’ fighting system.
  3. You will see these DVDs.
  4. Loren He has been a cop for almost three decades so he knows his stuff when it comes to doing. and Thank goodness, teaching is easy with moves like these.
  5. He is as old as a granddad (looks old!). – but once u see him giving the instruction you can see his age is a boon.
  6. He is an expert in how to move the body so it will comply.
  7. I loved the section on how you can switch from a lock with a join to a lock with head control, when you have to take down stalls from an existing lock.
  8. Too often, there are too many fancy locks and Holds don’t work the same as they do in a book when you have to apply them IRL.


  • Sparring will prove this fact! To learn body mechanics and To finish the takedown fast, you can use momentum (or the head). and Hard is very useful information.
  • There are many gems, such as how to look at a man (where to watch his body) in an approach that allows you to see any attack he may attempt but also neutralizes him. and in a non aggressive posture…
  • Great stuff! This isn’t watching his hands.
  • Loren says why that is not as good…
  • This is worth a look if you are able to take down in the gym in ur sparing, but are unsure if you can pull them off IRL.

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