Lewis Mocker – Monthly Mastermind

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As a Mastermind Subscribers will have access to our private masters group. This community, which is over 500 strong, is your new home for camaraderie & support.

Lewis Mocker - Monthly Mastermind

Lewis Mocker – Monthly Mastermind

One can master every aspect of your life.
Affordable monthly membership
✔ My Private Facebook Group
✔ The Monthly Masterclass
✔ The Live Monthly Huddle
✔ Challenges & Assignments
✔ Exclusive Tools & Software
✔ Cancel anytime
✔ Monthly Tuition priced in AUD
Join Now $80/m
You’re the average of your 5 closest influencers.
As a Mastermind Subscribers will have access to our private masters group. This community, with over 500 members, is your new home of camaraderie.
Join Now $80/m
Expert mentorship to help guide you in every area of your life.
Each month, Lewis Robyn and Robyn will live stream the Masterclass to answer your questions, give feedback, reward top performers, and set new challenges.
Join Now $80/m
High-ticket education & tools for a small monthly fee.
The most valuable part of the entire program, however, is the Monthly Masterclass. Join us as we work through every area of life from Purpose & Relationships to Business, Finance & Lifestyle Design.
Join Now $80/m
✔ Health & Energy
✔ Wealth & Financial Independence
✔ Wisdom & Knowledge
✔ Business & Vocational Success
✔ Relationships & Family Empire Building
✔ Social Leadership & Influence
✔ Spirituality, Purpose & Universal Laws
Frequently Asked Question
What currency is it? Mastermind Are you charged in?
Australian Dollars (AUD). There is no lock-You can cancel contracts at any time
$80 AUD is approximately 57 USD, 42 GBP and 49 EUR.

All taxes are included in this fee.
Can I get a discount by paying annually?
Yes! Click here to get 2 months for free when you sign up annually. This will save you $160
How detailed are Masterclasses!

Each Monthly Masterclasses consist of 1-3 hours of exclusive step-By-step video training. Each class includes at least one tool and a downloadable worksheet. Monthly homework, action steps and group challenges are also sent.
What if I am already taking another course?

The Monthly Mastermind It will complement any business, course, or personal development program you are pursuing. The Mastermind Each month, you’ll receive powerful nuggets to help accelerate and magnify the success of your projects and businesses.
What kinds of things can I expect to learn?

The first year Mastermind This is essentially a program that teaches you how to live a full and complete life. Here’s a taste of what you will learn:

✅ How to find your purpose in life
✅ How to align your daily actions with this purpose
✅ How to create a side-Business that you love
✅ How to create highly profitable funnels for your business
✅ How to manage your income and build wealth
✅ How and when you will achieve Financial Independence
✅ How to design your luxury lifestyle.
✅ How to live an inspired life through delegation
✅ How to talk and sell online to anyone
✅ How to build a loyal audience and a personal brand
✅ How to eliminate fear completely
✅ How to set goals and masterplan your life
✅ How to adjust to the class structure
✅ How to shine and be a leader
✅ How to get rid of fear, worry and guilt.

In Year 2 Mastermind, we’ll be delving deeper into into specifics. These include advanced business and investing strategies.
Can I get the previous months when I subscribe to the newsletter?

No. There will always be 2 Masterclasses displayed on the dashboard.

New subscribers will be able to:

✅ The Welcome Kit
✅ Life & Legacy Master Planning
✅ Speaking, Content & Social Media
✅ Efficiency & Advanced Self Review  (Still running…)

Important: This is a pay-for-access subscription. This content is priced at a lower price than I would have liked. While you will get incredible value for your investment, please remember that you are not purchasing lifetime access to the content. The old Masterclasses will be gone forever. You SNOOZE and you lose in the mastermind. To achieve optimal results, you must work together quickly and efficiently.

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