Lee Morrison – Environmental Combatives Part 1 Pub Simulation Training

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Thirty seconds on the street is worth three years in the dojo any day of the week. Multiply that by a lot and you, too, would have approached similar conclusions to my own and those of better men before me.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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(*1*)Lee Morrison – Environmental Combatives Part 1 Pub Simulation Training

Lee Morrison - Environmental Combatives Part 1 Pub Simulation Training

***Here is the first indication that such a system has missed the point – the words ‘self-defence’. The word ‘defence’ Particularly, this indicates that you are in a situation in which a physical response is not only necessary but also your only option.***
What about escape and avoidance?
  • This is possible by being aware of your environment and understanding attack ritual, dialogue, and body language. You can then be prepared to recognize such events before they become so severe that you don’t have any other options. This is why many of the most respected experts in the field believe that the term should be used. ‘Self-Protection’ There is so much more.
  • I formed Urban Combatives after twenty-Two years spent researching different methods of combat in Asia and Western.
  • My research began at the school playground, and continued through my adolescence when I was involved in many pub brawls. It moved on to where I have been for the last twelve years – working as a bouncer within the pub and nightclub environment of door security work.
  • This was the most effective part my combat efficiency education to date.
  • Anyone who has been in a true blood situation-And-Snot, violent confrontations will know what I mean.
  • Three years in a dojo every day is worth thirty seconds spent on the streets. Multiply that number by a lot and your own conclusions will be similar to mine and those of other better men.
  • Those conclusions are the result of a combination of active learning from my own experience, and from those who I have trained with and aspire to, as well as thousands of hours spent travelling, training, reading and studying – sorting the wheat from the chaff.
  • Believe me when I say that there is a lot of chaff in the martial arts world. It is being passed off as a workable and effective self.-defence.

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