Lee Holden – The Buddha Palm Online Course

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Learn the entire Buddha Palm Qi Gong set… an entire self-healing routine you can use at any time to supercharge yourself with healing energy.

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 The Buddha Palm Online Course

Lee Holden – The Buddha Palm Online Course

Learn how to channel healing energy through your hands in the…

The Buddha Palm
Online Course
With Lee Holden

A Three Module Set Online Course
How to Activate Healing Energy in Your Hands
Learn how to become your own energy healer

What will you feel if your hands are held close together?

Some warmth?

Perhaps you are buzzing?


Perhaps nothing at all?

Whatever you may feel (or not), there is powerful energy within your hands.

Guess what?

The Energy in your hands “potential” energy. Potential energy waiting for healing. 

So if you’re interested in learning how to channel energy through your hands to help heal yourself (and others)…

Buddha Palm This is for you: the healer, or aspiring energy healer.
Introduce the
Online Course
Buddha Palm Our assistance is available to you
Channel Healing Energy
Through Your Hands

You can learn how your hand can channel energy for yourself-healing.

No matter if you are a natural-born healer, have been studying the healing arts for a long time, or you’re just starting to develop your healing gifts…

Buddha Palm can help you become your best energy healer.

What is it? Buddha Palm?

Buddha Palm You can use the Qi Gong form as a complete self-Healing practice.

You can use the practice to quickly clear stress, anxiety, and pain from your own system… 

Create an energetic field of protection that shields you from negative energies…

Balance your own energy to keep yourself going throughout the day.

You can use an existing healing method if you have one. Buddha Palm Before you meet with clients, charge yourself.

You can also use Buddha Palm You can quickly regain your energy after a healing session. It will help you to keep your energy clear, grounded, and connected throughout your healing process.


The Buddha Palm Online Course You’ll…

✔️ Learn the whole Buddha Palm Qi Gong set… an entire self-You can use this healing routine at any time to boost your healing energy.

✔️ Be your best! “energy doctor” With the Buddha Palm Self-Healing Qi Gong Set (use this routine to replenish energy on a daily base).

✔️ Learn how to create an energetic field around you to protect yourself from negative energy.

Transform negative energy into positivity Learn to balance your own energy so you can keep going throughout the ✔️ day.

✔️ Use your energy to create a healing effect on your clients… without depleting your own energy.

✔️ Focused healing work can be done on yourself and others by developing “Hands of Light”.

✔️ Learn how you can keep yourself grounded and clear your energy following healing sessions. Keep your energy clear and connected.


Here’s What You’ll Learn
The Buddha Palm Online Course
Module 1:
Connect and Circulate Healing Energy

In Buddha Palm Module 1, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Buddha Palm.

You will learn a Qi Gong sequence that will open your energy flow through your arms and hands to allow more energy to circulate through your meridians.

You’ll develop what is called “Hands of Light.”

You’ll learn how to circulate healing energy within yourself… and channel it so you don’t use your own life-Force energy to heal (which can drain you and exhaust you).

You’ll learn…

  • The Buddha Palm Qi Gong can help you connect to the source energies of the Earth, Universe, and Nature… How to move this energy within you for your own good-healing.
  • Key pressure points Building abundant healing energy Release energetic blocks from within and within yourself.
  • How to Bring healing energy to your hands Your activation key “Hands of Light” Increase energy flow through your arms & hands for more energy.
Module 2
Protect your property with a Field of Protection

In Buddha Palm Module 2, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from the “negative” energies around you.

This protective energy is called Wei Qi. It affects the physical body, immune system, as well as emotional energy.

You’ll learn specific acupressure points to send energy through your body, mind, and heart for self-healing. 

You’ll learn…

  • To use Wei Qi to create strong protective energy To protect yourself against negative emotions, stress, pathogenic Qi, and other harmful factors, wrap your arms around your body.
  • The Second Buddha Palm Qi Gong sequence Build a Qi shield.
  • How to send and receive healing energy Use specific acupressure points on your body to help you feel better. “healer’s mindset.”
Module 3
Connect to Source Energy

In Buddha Palm Module 3, you’ll learn how to connect to source energy… and how to channel that energy for healing.

You’ll learn how to bring more healing energy into your hands You can send that energy out by your hands to heal yourself and others.

A Qi Gong set that focuses specifically on projecting Qi through the fingers and hands for healing.

  • The Energetic points along the Microcosmic Orbit, how to tell when they’re blocked, and how to charge them up with healing energy.
  • To Project Qi from the hands Healing hands and fingers
  • How to circulate energy Through the “Extraordinary Meridians.”
You’ll Also Receive Instant Access to These Four Bonus Programs Register for the Buddha Palm Online Course
How to do healing work with a partner

To heal means to “make whole.”

The word “heal” Proto-Germanic word “hailjan,” This literally means “to make whole.”

Meaning, if you can create “wholeness” within, healing happens.

Your job is to bring high income as a healer.-Use frequency energy to remove any obstacles that prevent healing from occurring.

This is the first bonus program. you’ll learn how to do healing work with a partner.

You’ll learn…

  • How to use your energy You can have a healing impact on someone else (or yourself)
  • Medical Qi Gong techniques Eliminating energy blocks Qi can circulate through the meridians, or energy pathways of the body.
  • How to Develop energy through your hands And develop “Hands of Light” You can increase the effectiveness of your healing sessions.
The Basics of Acupressure & Chinese Meridian Theory

Chinese Medicine is based around Qi, which is the life force behind all things.-Force energy within.

The energy channels that flow throughout the body are called Meridians. These meridians are home to acupressure points.

This is the second bonus program. You will learn the basics and theory of Chinese Medicine.

  • The The meridian pathways are the main conduits of energy. The 12 primary meridians
  • How to tell if a Meridian is blocked It must be rewritten.-Open
  • These are the key points of acupressure Release the flow Qi For more energy and vitality
  • The Chinese Medicine: A Chinese Medicine way to look at the body, energy and healing
How to Awaken Someone Else’s Microcosmic Orbit 

The Microcosmic Orbit, a special energy path that regulates the yin/yang energy in the body, is called a microcosmic orbit.

By learning to work on this special energy pathway, you can activate the healing power in someone else’s body.

This is the third bonus program. you’ll learn how to apply your Buddha Palm practice to someone else’s Microcosmic Orbit.

You’ll learn…

  • The Energy points of importance Along the Microcosmic Orbit
  • How to project Qi from these points using your hands
  • How to sense and feel where the orbit is blocked… How to Unblock It
  • Simple techniques to Treat energy imbalances These meridians
Self-Healers: Healing Routine

If you’re a healer, one of the biggest challenges you face is taking care of your own energy.

Your energy system is vulnerable to other people’s energy… This can leave you feeling drained, sluggish, and clouded. This can lead you to develop negative thoughts and resentment.

It’s important for you to learn to protect yourself from what’s called “pathogenic Qi” From other people. This ensures you don’t take on their energy and develop illnesses yourself.

This is the fourth bonus program. A self-healing routine for healers, you’ll learn how to:

  • Transform external stressors or sickness Recover into pure energy you can use to heal
  • Protect yourself from negative or toxic energy From other people
  • “Compost” other people’s energy It can be transformed into energy that you can use to heal more
  • After healing sessions, clear your energy Your energy is clear and connected to the source.

✨About Lee Holden✨

Lee After almost losing his ability to walk, he was able to discover the healing power Qi Gong. He was slide-A rival soccer player tackled him from behind and severely injured his tailbone.

He was amazed at how quickly these ancient energy techniques healed him and allowed him to go back to playing. He was hooked… and decided to devote his life to the study of ancient Chinese healing practices, so people in the West could benefit as well.

Lee It is also known as the “Accessible Qi Gong Teacher.” He has developed a simplified system for anyone to transform stress into energy after 28 years of experience teaching. He is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist (7 Minutes of Magic Penguin 2007).

His Qi Gong DVD collection has made him a regular on American Public Television as well as over 105 PBS stations across the U.S. LeeQi Gong programs can be found in more than 50 million homes.

I have sampled several of the Qi Gong styles on Youtube, including Holden Qigong, and this [Lee’s] is a definite favorite, as the movements are done at a good pace and are quite do-able for me (in my 60s) and everything is well explained. Thanks!

~ Cynthia McNeil

I love Lee’s Qigong. After being very ill for a few years, I had a benign brain tumor removed in February and after a month and a half stay in the hospital to recover I started doing Qi Gong religiously. Doing Qigong has helped me heal so much faster and better. I cannot imagine my life without it. Thank you for all that you do.”
~ Rebecca McGregor 

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