Layne Norton – Training The Physique Athlete

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This module will give you all the tools you need to design training programs that maximise your client results time and time again.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”


Layne Norton – Training The Physique Athlete
Layne Norton - Training The Physique Athlete

*Here’s everything You’ll Learn in ANFL…
Module 1: Nutrition for Fat Loss (ANFL1)

  • You will be able to distinguish between coaching people to lose weight and getting shredded. You will also learn the mindset and expectations of body athletes.

Module 2: Advanced Nutritional Methodologies

  • Learn about TDEE, determining caloric intake and nutrient timing. You will also learn how to set macro targets and get the most from the different macronutrients.

Module 3 The Science of Refeeds & Diet Breaks (ANFL3)

  • Learn about the difference between diet breaks and refeeds. It all depends on the client’s goal and trainee level.

Module 4: Advanced Training Principles for Fat Loss (ANFL4)

  • Learn the fundamentals of program design, timeization, and auto-Regulation, volume, exercise selection, and the female training myth-busting. This module will give all the tools you need for designing training programs that maximize client results.

Module 5: The Contest Prep Process (ANFL5)

  • This module covers everything you need about the process, including check.-Ins, measurements and plateau busting are all part of coaching physique athletes.

Module 6: The Science of Peak-Week Physique Athletes (ANFL6)

  • You will learn everything you need to know about peak weak, nutrition, training, and how to get rid of those peak week plateaus.

Module 7: Show Day Nutrition Strategies – ANFL7

  • Get all the tools you need to tip your client or athlete-They should be in top condition and present their best package on the day, whether they are on stage or at a photo shoot.

Module 8: The Art of Post-Comp/Photoshoot Programming – ANFL8

  • Learn about all the possible adaptations to fat reduction that may occur after.-Reverse dieting and weight regain after an event. You will also learn how you can periodise your training and nutrition to maximize your gains after the event.

Module 9: Supplementation For Advanced Populations (ANFL9)

  • Learn all about whey protein, creatine, caffeine, betaine, citrulline, essential amino acids, BCAA and over 10 other popular and researched supplements that you can integrate into your clients’ programs as required to reach their goals.

Take the Shortcut to Success

Do you want a coach who is able to surpass 99% of the rest?
Are you passionate about Physique Sports?
Do you want to know how to create champion physiques that look and feel great for the general population?
Focusing on nutrition is a key element of personal training. This will increase your chances of achieving rewarding results and a booming career, particularly if you are able to work with elite trainers.-level physique athletes. It’s never been more crucial to differentiate yourself from other personal trainers and stand out from the crowd. This is a highly sought-after skill.-You have the chance to use Dr. after completing the online course Layne Norton’s bank of knowledge and experience to define your career as a leading contest prep coach or specialised personal trainer.

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