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You can get rid of past and present entanglements and unwelcome lower relationships, connections, as well as the behaviors and effects of low energy contexts that have impacted your ability to relate.

Julie Renee - Karma Clearing

Julie Renee – Karma Clearing

Clear with which ganizations in this life or in any future life.

You can get rid of past and present entanglements and unwelcome lower relationships, connections, as well as the behaviors and effects of low energy contexts that have impacted your ability to relate.

Although when you’re new to the path of clearing karma it can be an avenue for ending past obligations of others to you or you to others, but as your skill and abilities progress over time this becomes the blissful process of releasing stuff not belonging to or defining you, coming into your own element. It’s a firm step towards living an awakened enlightened life. Imagine yourself relating to everyone with a fresh perspective. Things that once drew you in are no longer relevant. For example, I can say yes to this energy, this person or no, this is not right for me. Simple, clean, easy.

We address:

Disappearing Cords can vary from person-to-person
Ending Contracts are usually a written obligation that will continue into the future.
Release fully Agreements, dreams, and ideals shared by another un manifest
Restoring shared energies to the energy owner
Karmic Debt Completion: This is the end of any karmic obligation between you and another person from this moment onwards

We’ve been exploring match, collapse and entitlements as well as prophecy in our recent trainings. These are all pieces of the puzzle to a permanent, lasting clearing with those you love and have current connections to, and those that you wish to never be entangled with.

Karma Clearing can be so profound that, for example, a stalker can forget about you and not remember you after you are done. This will lead to your beloved falling deeper in love with yourself because the intrusive obligation of the relationship is no more felt. You can both feel higher energies and frequencies, which can delight you both.

Our training for removal and completion Karma will end obligation to fix someone or yourself as you relate to them, trying to complete saying never again but still being bound to them energetically and always feeling a need to heal from relationship (you don’t feel the impact once the karma clearing process is fully finished).
Here’s what we’re going to cover in this training:

Family enjoying a meal in a restaurant
Training One

Birth father and mother, clan, right of belonging and being loved Are you loved, cherished, and planned for during pregnancy and the first months? What would your life look like if you didn’t? Better? Better? ‘clan’? What agreements are in place which are causing so many problems in your life? Men’s clearing (respected and honored by mother). Women’s clearing (cherished and protected by father).

Fun upside down
Training Two

Siblings and childhood friends. First love, first breakup, loss in innocence, loss of hope, loss or loss of possibility. As we erase the past that made you think you were less, we make it possible for you to discover your greatest potential in love.

And how does it make you feel?
Three Training

Divorce, bad breakup of a love relationship, romantic love unentangled

Learn how to let go and let go of everything ‘baggage’ From love gone wrong. This could be life-changing. You may feel a permanent and clear space with a parasitical ex who just forgets about you.

Group of Blurred People Walking In a Financial District
Training Four

Bigger stuff, karma ending at corporations, countries, and religions. Learn how to work with groups. Being held back by the country you were born in, or the church that you can’t seem to shake off its control? Are you being influenced too much by your medical group? Reclaim your freedom and ease

This course is more than just about. Karma Clearing but much more. You’ll gain the skill to recognize where the problem lies and what steps you need to take to clear. You will learn the basics of clearing cords and contracts, agreements, and shared energy. Next, you will dive into the complexities behind how life began, the emotional patterns, and set points that led to substandard relationships, and love.

I’ve learned so much from my own history, and am excited to share ALL of what I have learned so far that has helped me tremendously!
Our former clients have a lot to say about us. Karma Clearing Program

My mother was difficult to get along with. I know this because I cleared it. Karma With her, it would be a great help.
This course helped me feel more confident. I also learned about the transformative power forgiveness has on my health and in my field. My mother and my father had a very difficult relationship. For five years, we stopped speaking to each other. We couldn’t have a conversation without getting into an argument. The amazing thing about this training is that we can have a conversation without starting an argument!

This clearing was done with several family members. I also used my mockup (an instrument I learned from Accelerate Wealth) to focus on my dream of having a harmonious time at family gatherings. Things have improved greatly in my family! Julie Renee I have the tools and support to get me moving forward.

—Mary Islam

Thank you so much for your help. I am very happy to inform you that I followed your instructions and purchased the item. Karma Clearing meditation helped me to get rid of my ex.-husband, my ex fiancée and my current husband, my family and my coworkers. Many positive changes have occurred with my husband. He is caring, loving, and makes us both happier. He even bought your latest program for me. I am so excited for the January group clearings. Things are going well with my husband. We appreciate your assistance.

— Carmen Wellever

Thank you Julie Renee For the Karma Clearing Yesterday was class! My boss gave me a bonus-check this morning that he promised to give me back in January. I was shocked at the amount of money he gave to me. It was $2,500! Yahoo! =)

— Chantal

I wanted you to know about the wonderful healing and clearing I received through the Karma Clearing (1) Class (1) It was a powerful clearing of the birth and early childhood experience. There was a family. “joke” I was a female for the first 2 weeks. It was because my parents were expecting their first boy. So, they took a little time and decided on the names of my 2 grandmothers – Mary and Martha. So I was Mary Martha. I didn’t think much about this story until I was taking my first communion. Karma Clearing class. Then it occurred to me that I must have been exposed to some type of not-Very-Completely accepted and loved my feelings. So I focused on that – and felt a huge healing and clearing on the back side of my heart chakra!

That feeling has now washed into all areas of my life – its about 3 or 4 weeks ago that this happened. I feel so much more love, appreciation, and connection. I am connecting with my family members – and we are about to set up a regular Zoom meeting so we can be more connected! This has been a great healing experience.

— Martha

Thank you so much for clearing the Karma, violence, abuse, etc. Because the violent men in our lives came along AFTER we bought this house. My headache is gone, low back pain is gone, I felt rested this morning for the first time in years…My child was loving and less hyper (more cooperative getting dressed/eating.) I didn’t expect such fast results…is this common Thank you, thank you!

— Kristie Briggs

Support Materials

Your Divine Human Blueprint
Your Divine Human Blueprint – Chapter Love and Relationship

This rich and deep written material will give you an amazing insight into the nature of relationships and how to navigate them more effectively by removing outmoded ways and programs that don’t suit you, your current and future relationships.

Finding peace together
The definitive guide to Karma Clearing Training Long Play Meditation 72 Minutes

The Karma Clearing The Meditation Program is ideal for anyone who wants to feel more freedom and joy in their relationships. We will clear any relationship that has failed. This could be something as extreme as a bad marriage or a broken intimate relationship. The second meditation focuses upon clearing karma for someone currently in your life. This is where you feel trust and the weight past history with that person.

In the first meditation, we will end a relationship that is not working. This could be something as extreme as a bad marriage or a broken intimate relationship.
The second meditation focuses upon clearing karma for someone currently in your life. This means that you can feel trust and the weight past history with this person.
You’ll learn how to remove shared and controlling energy from your body and theirs restoring you both to balance and having your own energy back in your body
Remove cords. This is an important step that will help you get out of their space and them out your space. Cords were used to give you a way to keep tabs on their feelings and activities. It’s time to clean it up.
Contracts that are written or verbally signed can be removed. Many agreements are continued long after the relationship ends.
Karma You can then use the ring technique to fill in the rest in rapid time. Then, you can end once and for all your karma.

This is our fundamental teaching meditation. You’ll learn the important steps to unhooking from a loved one, whether still together or no longer in your life.
Q5 Meditations

All meditations include transcripts

Portrait of a beautiful young woman reclining on a couch with headphones on and her eyes closed.
Karma Clearing

Karma Clearing allows you to be free from the emotional turmoil caused by the involvement of someone you don’t want in your life.

If you are exhausted from feeling muddled and disturbed by someone who just shouldn’t have that kind of power in your life anymore, or you want to clear up funky energy from a current relationship, this is an amazing “get it done fast” Meditation that brings you joy and ease.


Ground and Connect to the Divine
Magnetic Rose Energy removal from body to body
Treasure Chest Contacts, and Agreements End
The Karma RING Toss White Rose Clearing
Future Reset in Quantum Pleasure Field

Karma can be shared with others. But when the pull causes disruptions and dysfunction, it is time to make a change. The Q5 Karma Clearing assures you receive a quick clearing in no time at all. These tools are easy to share with others and can make you feel completely free. Take control of your happiness today.

Baby in the arms of his mother, a newborn baby at the window
I am loved

This is a beautiful, soothing meditation that will take you back to the place of feeling loved, cherished, understood and accepted as a human being. It is a sweet reminder to let go of all that isn’t love in your life.


Being surrounded by pink love is a joy.
You must undergo a separation release of all that is keeping you from a feeling of love
Refresh your self-view cherished loved and inner peace
Find the source of love in yourself!
Initiating a Mudra to your own benefit-Self and love-affinity
Bring forth the affirmation that I love and trust my unique self.

This is the right time to get rid of the self-Disconnect from your doubts and fall in love again with you. This guided meditation will teach you how to meditate correctly and how to get love back. You will learn to let go and release the blocks that prevent you from being your best self.

Make a wish
Bad Luck Breaker

Everyone has experienced bad luck at one point or another. The good news is that meditation can and will turn your bad luck around. Learn how you can shift the energy within your field. You can change your luck and your stars by working from within!


Heart-Broken Old Patterns, Centered Bombs of Roses
Confidence Programming
Golden Vac Clean-Out
Honor the Self in Quantum Pleasure Field
Eliminate bad luck
A feeling of gratitude for Midas Touch
Re-Experience the Golden Temple of Silence and Divine Connection by establishing Divine Connection

The Q5 Bad Luck Breaker meditation will help you take charge of your future with a variety of amazing energy tools. Be free from negative energy and feel connected with the Divine and yourself.

Figure of a super-business woman
Owning Your Life

Resetting yourself is as easy a matter of releasing other energy, breathing Pink and Gold, and allowing yourself to relax into the certainty and joy that comes with the quantum pleasure fields.


Breathe in positivity, let go of negativity
Find Your Center and Let Go of Other People’s Energy
Your Aura can help you detox the energy around you
Blue Corona – Burn off Excess Negative Energy
Top 10 Things to Do to Reaffirm Your Greatness

The “Owning Your Life” Meditation is a powerful tool for transforming your life. It uses profound affirmations of love, power, and greatness. You will feel powerful beyond measure when you complete your quantum shift in pleasure zone. It’s your time to shine!


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