Julie Brown Yau – Trauma as a Path to Embodied Wisdom

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We will also explore beyond trauma, were we return to love, the love from which we never truly left, and the natural embodiment of Shakti.

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 Trauma as a Path to Embodied Wisdom

Julie Brown Yau – Trauma as a Path to Embodied Wisdom


Resolving trauma can be the basis of embodied knowing, integrated wisdom, and a Authentic presence. We also find a Grounded vibrancy a Feeling at home in your body and a Release fear so that nonduality can be revealed
This webinar series combines trauma and spiritual practice.

  • Learn more about the dynamics of developmental trauma. to Recognize the limitations of adulthood and the disconnection that comes with it
  • Explore the deepest levels of trauma that are often hidden from conscious awareness
  • Learn how to All aspects of our being, beautiful and ugly, are included, even the most scary.
  • Know the return to Unrestricted love can be achieved

In our time together, we will explore surrender & detachment as a We will explore ways of healing, resolution, freedom. We will also look beyond trauma to see where we can return. to Love, the love that we never truly leave, and the natural embodiment Shakti.

We will examine the often to do this.-Tumultuous energies from trauma and how to These are the best ways to navigate them. We will call on the experience of a A powerful feminine force who has the potential to Eliminate ignorance and the duality of our mind.

Please join Julie Brown Yau Enjoy this thrilling experience of returning to The body to love, to Your strong sense of agency and connectedness to the world.

Each module will include discussion and a Meditation or other experiential practices.

Recommended reading: The Body Awareness Workbook TraumaBy Julie Brown Yau. Available on Amazon


The Nuances of Developmental Trauma

Nov 10, 2019 10:00am – 11:30am PST

We will discuss how early traumatic experiences impact our lives and how we might begin to overcome them. to Working with our eyes can help us release early trauma. We will also learn how to release early trauma through working with our eyes. to Do not suppress emotions. Instead, let them out. to Allow them to Liberate yourself through surrender, release and detachment

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Love, the Other Side Trauma

Nov 17, 2019 10:00am – 11:30am PST

This module will focus on the heart, self, love, and how they interact. We will discover how trauma can block our deepest desires and how we can resolve trauma. to Return to Love, our dharma and what it means in our human experience.

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Protecting Yourself to Beyond the Mind

Nov 24, 2019 10:00am – 11:30am PST

Protection to and transcending the mind. The last module of this series will be about connecting with a fierce feminine energy, Chamunda. The purpose is to Get in touch with her as a field of consciousness as a We can feel the intensity and volatility of volatile energies by keeping them contained. Sometimes anger appears before our body has developed the capacity. to Be fully present to it. Chamunda can help us. Chamunda also brings an end to ignorance, not of not knowing, but knowing incorrectly, so we can see things as They really are and end duality of the mind.

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes


About Julie Brown Yau

Julie Brown Yau, Ph.D. has a 33-Year background in psycho-somatic and spiritual traditions, a Unique depth of knowledge and experiences Julie She is a specialist in the resolution and prevention of developmental trauma. She is an author, speaker, and consultant. a Passion for helping individuals and groups to succeed-Being that demonstrates positive qualities of agency a Heart-A centered capacity to be present, compassionate, and whole.

Julie For 15 years, he was also CCALS’s director of education. He is currently a consultant in trauma and spiritual services. Julie She has lectured and taught in hospitals, universities, as well as the UCI center of Integrative Medicine; she continues to teach. to Lecture and write on the topic of spirituality and trauma. She is an authorized teacher at Shri Vidya, where she combines trauma resolution with specific spiritual practice. Julie Has a private practice in Laguna Beach CA.


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