Judy Satori – Regeneration Secrets

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In this process we work with the telomeres of the DNA, the endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary and thyroid) and the mitochondria in the cells to spark amplified energy production. (25 minutes)”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Judy Satori – Regeneration Secrets

Judy Satori - Regeneration Secrets

**Regeneration Secrets This is a series five daily energy transmissions that you can use at any time.**

DAY 1 Meditate:

  • Guided meditation that uses the colour platinum to purge and clear and then silver to regenerative and heal.
  • To help eliminate limitation and sabotaging forces, you can soak in these energies. Restore the energy purity in your divine blueprint to instill positive vibrations of beauty and strength. (19 minutes)

DAY 2 Recalibrate

  • Restore harmony and balance, heal, and restore, in order to allow you to regenerate.
  • This recording covers various organs, systems, and systems of the body, starting with the morphogenetic field, the sub-patterns of sound and light, and the energy grids upon which the physical body is built.
  • Chronic “disease”-Energy distortion can cause “ease” in the morphogenetic field. (20 minutes)

DAY 3 Activate

  • Get this energy transmission and code to boost your life force “Beyond the Beyond.”
  • This process involves working with the telomeres in the DNA, the pituitary, pituitary, and thyroid glands, as well as the mitochondria in cells to increase energy production. (25 minutes)

DAY 4 Accelerate

  • To accelerate is to increase what has been activated. It’s like throwing a stone in a lake and creating ripple effects.
  • This energy merges your soul’s physical aspect with your body’s physical aspect, to ensure that the Soul’s Light is better integrated with the physical body.

DAY #5 Nourish

  • Intake these energies to help your body flourish. These energy frequencies will bring years to your life!
  • The activations activate at the DNA template level to switch on new patterns in DNA expression and an expanded life force. (20 minutes)

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