Jon Yuen – Spinal Waves 101

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By the end of the course, you will have greater control of your spine and a clear understanding of how to improve, explore and enjoy the many capabilities of your backbone(s).

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 Spinal Waves 101

Jon Yuen – Spinal Waves 101

Spinal Waves – 101

An in-Deep introduction to spinal waves



Spinal Waves 101 This comprehensive 5-Week one: An introduction to spinal waves. This is a method of mobilizing all articulating parts in your spine. You will be able to control your spine better and understand how to enhance, explore, and enjoy the many abilities of your backbone.

The System

*️⃣ Tides: There are many ways to arch and fold the spine to increase motion range and general capacity.
*️⃣ Ripples: Motor control drills for smaller and more complex spinal movements.
*️⃣ Waves: Sequential spinal extension and deflexion: In other words, how to flow.


  • A chair.
  • A wall.
  • A little bit of floorspace.
  • 3-4 sessions x5 weeks


The benefits


Spinal Waves won’t make your spine breakable. This is not how physics and physiology work. You will become more resilient to stressors if you decide to move your spine and stress it in other ways. That’s a great deal.


Asking the right questions is key to listening to your body. “Body mapping”, a vital part of spinal waves, refers to the act of refining our ability interpret and then move our bodies.


Spinal Waves will enable you to move more comfortably, which will in turn make your movement smoother. You will feel movement in all parts of your spine. This will allow you to move in a variety of ways.


“It has completely rocked me to start this journey into spinal waves. This course is highly recommended. If you have a spine, get on board.

Frances Moylan

“Jon Yuen’s spinal wave course is a delightful journey that takes us through the peaceful forest of guided movement and doesn’t fall into the dry and formulaic “online fitness course” design,”

Sarah Bender

“As each week went by, I felt a greater sense of freedom to transfer into other exercises. It helped me to feel more mindful in new areas of my spine.”

Melissa Marshall

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