Jon Yuen – Bottoms Up

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Create and maintain tension. Increase the strength and resiliency of your knees and ankles.

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 Bottoms Up

Jon Yuen – Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up

… Is a Ten-A week-long program and course that aims to make people better squatters. This course focuses on building the Grace, Grit, and Skill to not only keep your heels on the ground but also to move them up and down in a controlled manner while squatting. This will allow you to free up movement for the knees.

✔️ Clear instructions and demonstrations of every movement, including guidelines for creating a squat program and tips for incorporating the movements into your training. Bottoms Up You can incorporate exercises into your existing program.

✔️ 15 exercises specifically designed to build skill, mobility, and strength in your feet and ankles.

✔️ 41 videos and notes are included for the program. Short form videos of all techniques are also included. These videos can be used for quick reference, such as at the gym.




Increase your range of motion. You will be able to open your hips and close the ankles more easily.


Tension is created and maintained. Increase the strength and resilience of your ankles and knees.


Move with ease Improve your ability to use your physical abilities.


Course curriculum

►Calling all squatches!◄

  • All sassy squatches are welcome.

►Program Guidelines◄

  • The Three Tenets
  • Exercise Order
  • Sets and reps
  • Effort
  • Progression
  • Recovery
  • Incorporation
  • Practice
  • Guidelines for Programs

►Phase #1◄

  • Introduction to the Demi Plié
  • Space – Demi Plié March
  • Shallow Knee Bend – Grit
  • Grace – Barrier Squats
  • Phase 1 – Notes
  • Technique Recap – Demi Plié March
  • Technique Recap: Shallow Knee Bend
  • Technique Recap – Barrier Squat

►Phase #2◄

  • Space – Magic Mike
  • Grit – Geisha Squats Stationary and Moving
  • Grace – The Fourth Wall
  • Phase 2 – Notes
  • Technique Recap – Magic Mike
  • Technique Recap – Geisha Squat – (Stationary and Moving).
  • Technique Recap – Fourth Wall

►Phase #3◄

  • PSA
  • Space – Demi Plié To Relevé
  • Deep Knee Bends and Grit
  • Flat Earth Grace
  • Phase 3 – Notes
  • Technique Recap – Demi Plié to Relevé
  • Technique Recap – Deep Knee Bend
  • Technique Recap – Flat Earth

►Phase #4◄

  • Space – Coyote Ugly
  • Grit – Pansy Squaret
  • Grace – Sequence #1
  • Phase #4 – Notes
  • Technique Recap – Coyote Ugly
  • Technique Recap – Sequence 1
  • Technique Recap – Pansy Squat

by Sarah Bender

Jon’s Squat course is a thoughtfully curated blend of exercises and tasks that are not only effective but fun! He has simple exercises that will help you build strength and balance, while improving your squat skills. But he also has a wonderful assortment of tasks that will encourage spatial reasoning skills and encourage the task taker to push the limits in a creative way. This course is excellent and I highly recommend it.

by Angie Cavazos

Bottoms Up Squat training has helped me increase my strength, stability, and balance. Each week my calves became stronger. These tasks are challenging, creative, and fun. Each week the instructions are clear. Jon Always available. I could see clear improvements in my ankles as well as my knees and hips at the end of the course. A deeper squat, no Dragon squat and solid sissysquats.

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