Jon Sinn – Automatic Approching

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 Eliminating procrastination in order to talk to the women you want.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Jon Sinn – Automatic Approching

Jon Sinn - Automatic Approching

Module 1: How to get rid of approach anxiety once and forever
How to be rejected proof
Installing your girl-Changing your mindset
Infield techniques to get women close to you
How to approach women differently
How to avoid making this major error when talking to women
Giving women the confidence they need to talk to you
A 4-Part system to eliminate women’s anxiety about speaking
A plan that prepares women for going out and meeting new women
Module 2: How to kill your excuses and stop procrastination
The excuse-killing technique
Avoiding common mistakes
How to balance your dating life and your regular life
How to talk to women with a busy schedule
You can stop procrastinating and talk to the women that you want.
How to make more time and have more opportunities to approach women
–Module 3: Easy conversation starters–
How to deliver direct openers
Women are open to curiosity
Role play openers that are funny and interesting
Use sneaky openers and charms to persuade women to talk to yours
Conversation starters to get a woman to sexually excite for you
Attractive to women: Body language and opener delivery
Module 4: Fearless follow-up–
After-conversation mistakes
A strategy to ensure smooth communication
Conversations that create infatuation
Techniques to ignite a woman’s sexual desire
Flipping the script to make women want you to impress
How to get a woman to agree to a first conversation
Transitioning from the opener into the next conversation topic
Different transitions can create attraction in women

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