Jason Sen – Money Alchemy Course 2020

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Danny has held a lifelong passion for the markets. He purchased his first shares at 8 years of age through his uncles brokerage account and has been in love with the markets ever since.This course is available for immediate delivery!”


Jason Sen – Money Alchemy Course 2020

Jason Sen - Money Alchemy Course 2020

***A Wholistic Approach to Wealth Building***

  • It would be fair for us to say that we live in one of today’s most uncertain times.
  • People all over the globe live in fear. This fear is often caused by uncertainty about the economic impact of what appears to be happening.
  • Businesses that have been around for years are being forced into bankruptcy. People who were only months ago in secure jobs are now wondering if they will soon lose their jobs. Industries are shifting to ensure their survival.
  • In other words, everything that was once the norm is now questionable in our daily lives.
  • Each of us has a choice to make at this critical moment. The choice is simple. Do we allow fear and uncertainty to dictate our lives? Or do you take control of your experience in an empowered fashion to deal with the uncertainty and thrive?
  • What would it cost you to have the skills and tools to create an environment of internal freedom and external abundance in your life?

***Inner Freedom Coupled With Masterful Financial Strategy***

This fall, I will be collaborating with Danny Attridge. Danny, a 36-year veteran of Lester’s Method, is an enthusiast of Lester’s Method. He has worked for some the largest investment banks, stock brokers and broker dealers in the world, as well as on the floor at the London International Futures Exchange.

Danny has been passionate about the markets his entire life. He bought his first share at 8 years old through his uncle’s brokerage and has been in love since then.

An avid market historian and student, Danny’s fascination with uncovering how markets work and what causes them to act as they do led him to spend $100’s of thousands of dollars on books and courses over the years in a constant pursuit to discover the underlying truth of market movement.

Danny began to study and implement various trading methods, including WD Gann’s Pattern Recognition, Elliot Wave principle and Volume analysis. He also mentored market educators and quickly realized that there were underlying relationships that could have been identified IN ADVANCE using a combination a variety of methods.

Danny will show each of these components, as well as their meanings in the context of market conditions, over the course of 12 weeks. Then, he will combine them all into an application that will provide the step-by step framework for predicting market turns with high probability. This will allow Danny to predict market turns in minutes, hours and days, as well, possibly even months in advance.

Danny has been a private trader his entire career. He wants to share this information to create a body work that will infuse all of the knowledge he’s gained through experience and study. He hopes that the 12 weeks of interactive work where participants ask questions to increase their understanding will create a step-by step legacy of work that will be available to his children over the years.

This information is unique and will be shared. Danny will be covering many aspects that are often overlooked in trading works. These include income glass ceiling identification and optimum energy applications. These will have a profound effect on your life and your success.

***In Times Of Great Uncertainty Come Great Opportunities To Prosper***

  • These periods are more successful than any other.
  • Adversity is also a great catalyst for Inner Realization.
  • How would your life look if you knew you could create financial wealth regardless of the economic downturn?
  • This one-This is-You can find more information at-Kind Money Alchemy Course We will combine releasing with a holistic, fully-instructional immersion into the worlds of investing and trading for the first time.

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