Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022

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I want YOU to have this same curriculum that I use … so you can use it too… to help your clients, students, or patients learn and use mindfulness and meditation…“This course is available for immediate delivery!”


Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022

Jack Kornfield - Mindfulness Teaching Curriculum Package 2022

…. This curriculum allows you to add your name, brand, and logo.

{And you can use all of it with your clients, students, or patients … starting TODAY.}

On this page, I’m going to show you a curriculum that I use when I teach mindfulness and meditation to others.
I designed this curriculum based on the teachings and trainings I’ve received over many years from the monks, researchers, teachers, coaches, and mentors who I was fortunate to have teach me.

This curriculum has been shown to be extremely effective.-It is effective, which means that it ACTUALLY HELPS people. It’s not only been proven to be effective anecdotally (with the thousands of people who I’ve taught and led through it), but it’s also based on the latest methods, practices, and techniques that have been proven scientifically too.

This curriculum has helped me to help thousands of people become proficient in mindfulness and meditation… and have improved and enhanced their lives.

…but it’s also made my job as a mindfulness and meditation teacher It’s so much easier too.

I want YOU You can have the same curriculum as me… so you too can use it… to help students, clients, and patients learn and practice mindfulness and meditation…

AND AN So your job as teacher is now It’s so much easier too!

You can download this curriculum from this page RIGHT NOWGet it now and share it with your students, clients, and patients.

These are just some examples of the materials you can get…just in Session 1

A Brandable Presentation, Student Workbook, AND a Brandable Presentation are also available. Teaching Guidebook available for each of the 9 sessions.

Here is the full list of all 10 sessions you get in the curriculum — the program is designed so you complete one session per week with the individual or group you are teaching:

Session 1

Introduction Mindfulness
Session 2

Mindfulness The Body
Session 3

Mindfulness Of Emotions
Session 4

Being With What’s Difficult
Session 5

Loving Kindness & Compassion
Session 6

Communication & Leadership
Session 7

Session 8

Mindfulness For Anxiety
Session 9

Mindfulness For Work & Career
Session 10

Moving forward with a positive mindset

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