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When Buddha was born, he took seven steps. In the 19th and 20th centuries, H. P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey are among the many spiritual authors who spoke of the “seven rays.”

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 Energy Flows

iAwake Technologies – Energy Flows

Energy Flows Meditations can help:

  • Connect and realign every energy center of the body, mind and spirit.
  • Feel more grounded and stable
  • Help you claim your sacred boundaries
  • Take control of your power and be authentic
  • Connect with your heart and forgive.
  • Accept, acknowledge, and see all of your potential
  • Invoke creativity and tap into the frequency for inspiration
  • Feel grateful and authentic.

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Track Details

✫ Energy One (3 Hz). [11:11 minutes]

✫ Energy Two (4 Hz). [11:07 minutes]

✫ Energy Three (5 Hz). [11:06 minutes]

✫ Energy Four (7.83Hz). [12:48 minutes]

✫ Energy Five (8.5 Hz). [11:04 minutes]

✫ Energy Six (5.5Hz) [11:05 minutes]

✫ Energy Seven (40 Hz). [11:06 minutes]

Full package includes:

✫ 7 tracks (for a total duration of 79.31 minutes)

✫ Tracks available for free iAwake Technologies App for iOS and Android

✫ Audio files that can be downloaded in MP3, WAV and FLAC formats

✫ User Guide (PDF download)

✫ Ongoing support (responsive email, active Facebook forum, FAQs, videos, audios)

✫ 1 optional CD*

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About the TracksColette Baron, the Creator-Reid

Seven is a sacred number that has been held in high regard by many cultures and belief systems throughout history. Folklore has it that the seventh son from a seventh child will have magical powers. The Christian Bible is filled with references to the number seven. These include the seven sacraments and seven parables by Jesus. Hinduism speaks of seven higher realms and seven lower worlds. Buddha was born seven steps. H. P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and many other spiritual writers spoke of the Buddha in the 19th and 20th century. “seven rays.” Many creation stories refer to the power of the number 7. The world was created by the Christian God in seven days. The origin of the Aztecs can be traced back to Chicomoztoc. This is the place where seven caves were found and from which seven tribes emerged to populate this world. Cherokee mythology states that the first animals and plants were required to remain awake for seven nights and that the first woman gave birth every seven days.

The significance of the number 7 can also be seen in our daily lives. Many calendar systems are based upon a seven.-Day Week, including the Gregorian (which most people use today), the Jewish lunar and the Bengali luni-solar calendar, and the Bahā’ī solar calendar. There are seven musical notes. The cells of our bodies must be replaced every seven year. Adults can store seven numbers in a short amount of time.-term memories.

Many people are familiar with the concept chakras today, especially since yoga and traditional Eastern philosophy have become mainstream. Shai Tubali is a writer, philosopher, and expert on chakras. She reveals the deeper truths in this energy system.
Contemporary Western imagery and practice shows that chakras are reflections the seven energies in life. These energies are interconnected and create your being. They guide you to your ultimate evolution through their diverse wisdoms. Chakras are seven cosmic energy centers that make up your subtle body. You can activate all the potentials of your body by following their guidance, and you will be able to achieve your own wholeness.

These meditations were created from an understanding of the power and potential of seven. Energy Flows: Brainwave Enhancing Guided Meditations for Aligning the 7 Energy The Centers of the Mind, Body, and Spirit This was inspired by my Oracle Card Deck “Oracle of the 7 Energies,” This is an intuitive divination system that is not limited to the mind.-Body-Spirit model of energy, consciousness and co-Creation is found in the traditional understandings of the seven chakras, but also in the wisdom of seven that is reflected in many belief systems and modern practices.

Within these meditations, the concept of the seven energies can be said to apply to the totality of your life’s story—the way you think, how you make your choices, and what you encounter within yourself—and the conditions of your world as you journey forward. I’m also applying a Western psychological perspective on how we as individuals create and experience our reality, evolving and transforming through this living mind-Body-spirit interface

The Story of the Development ofEnergy Flows Colette Baron, the Creator-Reid

With over 30 years of experience as an Oracle & intuition expert, I’ve published over 14 Oracle Card decks, books, and countless meditations, which I like to call Guided Vision Journeys.

When I was asked to make my Oracle of the 7 Energies deck, it was clear that I would have to create a set of 7 guided mediations to accompany it. To create the music, Erroll, my dear friend, and talented musician, helped me. iAwake Add the brainwave enhancing technology to your arsenal Energy Flows: Brainwave Enhancing Guided Meditations for Aligning the 7 Energy The Centers of the Mind, Body, and Spirit  Was born!

These 7 energies are available in specific “energy centers” They are the interface between our physical bodies, consciousness and the greater energy field. Each center corresponds to a particular element or force of nature and plays out through themes that appear in every day life.

Each meditation is designed to correspond with one of the 7 energies — so you can heal, activate, and connect with that energy.

I’ve chosen to loosely base the music of these meditations on the seven notes in the scale of music and the psychospiritual wisdom of the seven energy centers, as described in many systems.

Make sure that you use these meditations in a place you have reserved for sacred practices, prayer, or meditation. Decorate a space in your home with beautiful items. I like to surround my card decks in objects that hold special meanings, such as crystals and colorful fabric or aromatherapy oils.

How to Use

How to Use Energy Flows

Energy One Meditation

This meditation can help you feel more stable and grounded. This track will help you reach inner peace, calm your mind, and connect you to your higher purpose and vitality.

Energy Two Meditations

Water is all about intimacy, vulnerability and vulnerability. Meditation inspired by water can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and others. This meditation will help you to recognize your boundaries as sacred.

Energy Three Meditations

You can meditate with the energy of Fire to move consciously and purposefully. This meditation will help you to step into your power and allow you to see all your intentions manifest in the world.

Energy Four Meditations

Energy 4 is for Love in all its forms. Love energy teaches us to forgive and to give. Meditation inspired by Love Energy helps us to see the world in a new way and accept our responsibility for how we interact with it.

Energy Five Meditations

The 5th Energy opens us up to new information, and instills the spirit of creativity. Listening to this meditation will help you get creative, tune into the frequency of inspiration, and truly listen to your soul’s yearning for authentic self-expression.

Energy Six Meditations

This meditation is inspired from the 6th energy. Listening to it encourages us to see, accept and acknowledge our full potential. Any idea you have can become a reality. Your imagination is sacred.

Energy Seven Meditations

This 7th energy meditation connects to the conscious universe as well as the frequency of Spirit. Listening to this meditation can help you feel deep gratitude and a sense of trust that all your prayers and needs will be met in divine timing.


Brainwave Patterns Targeted

Each brainwave pattern is targeted by the entrainment or technology in Energy Flows  Each guided meditation has been carefully selected to provide the best possible state of mind for working with the individual energies. Each of the 7 energies are represented by a shift at the brainwave frequencies. Energy Flows Series will enrich and amplify your experience, leading directly to profound experiences in energetic opening, growth and balancing. This collection of tracks can be used as a complete set. They cover a range of frequencies and brainwave state, which builds resourcefulness and the ability of shifting states to any desired patterns in the moment. You can thus experience the richness of life beyond the mundane waking consciousness.

These are the patterns that are intended for each track:

Energy 1: 3 Hz Delta

Energy 2: 4 Hz Delta/Theta threshold

Energy 3: Theta 5 Hz

Energy 4: 8.73 Hz Theta/Alpha threshold/Schumann Resonance

Energy 5: 8.5 Hz Low Alpha

Energy 6: Theta 5.5 Hz

Energy 7: 40 Hz Gamma

Soundtrack Details from the Author of the Music Energy FlowsDoug Prater

The soundtrack of Energy Flows has been infused with a powerful blend of entrainment methods that take advantage of the natural richness of the soundtrack, complementing and deepening the flow of the music and the guidance to shift your brain waves to the optimal state for each track’s meditation.

Technology that nudges listeners into desired brainwave patterns is a combination of a variety of powerful methods. The combination of different tools creates a synergy that is far more than the sum. It shifts brain waves into the expansive consciousness created by the 7 energies.

To achieve this optimal synergy, the program uses a variety methods, including binaural beats (isochronic pulses), frequency, and frequency-Shifted instrumentation, dynamic amptude modulation and light rhythmic paning.

Combination of frequency and entrainment-Each meditation uses shifting technologies to guide you deeper into the experience. They start gently and build in intensity. Energy Flows With every listen.



✨Colette Baron-Reid✨

Colette Baron-Reid, creator Energy Flows, is an internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, thought leader, and speaker in the personal transformation space. With over 30 years of experience as an Oracle & intuition expert, Colette’s greatest joy is teaching people they can have a direct and personal dialogue with the Universe to help them create their best lives. She’s a best-Multiple life selling author-Change books, The MapThe book is available in 27 languages. Her popular meditation apps, as well as Oracle Card decks, are huge hits all over the world. She was also the star of the hit TV series. “Messages from Spirit” Hay House Call, which is extremely popular-in radio show “Ask the Oracle.” Colette is also the founder and creator of Oracle School – where people learn to transform their lives using Oracle Cards as a guidance system. Colette lives in Canada and the USA with her husband, and their three adorable Pomeranians.

✨Douglas Prater✨

Douglas Prater Author, meditator and fitness enthusiast, Doug holds a degree from Texas State University in Music: Sound Recording Technology. Doug was born in Littleton, Colorado and grew up in Atlanta, GA. He has always longed to return to the mountains and now lives in western North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains.

Since 2010, Doug has been creating and engineering brainwave entrainment audio tracks for meditation, creative pursuits and to achieve peak performance flow states. He is also the creator of Rainstorm SleepwaveInfinity, Stealing Flow+, Stealing Flow – Power NapThe technology and music for The Near Death Experience: Waking Up to LifeThe technology and the people behind it. The Freedom of ForgivenessHe is also the producer and webmaster of the site. Journey to Integral Recovery podcast. Doug is the author of the upcoming book The Dharma of Harry Potter: A Muggle’s Guide to Buddhism (and a large catalog of fiction written under a handful of pseudonyms that he won’t tell us… we suspect he writes romance novels).

I’m getting unstuck and these Energy Flows are definitely part of the opening equation.” – Christopher Griffin

“Loved these tracks — I not only experienced very vivid visual images as the narrator guided me through the sessions but distinct energetic openings.” – J.M.

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