Ian Ferguson (Jaiya ‘s Husband) – Pleasure Practices & Erotic Expansion

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Take steps to overcome and breakthrough physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that hold you back.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Ian Ferguson (Jaiya ‘s Husband) – Pleasure Practices & Erotic Expansion

Ian Ferguson (Jaiya ‘s Husband) - Pleasure Practices & Erotic Expansion

Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course – Get The Results You Crave…- 8 Weeks of In Depth Trainings with Jaiya and Ian
Week 1Orgasmic Orientation
You can set yourself up to succeed:

what you’ll learn and how to take action
Easy wins can help you accelerate your erotic journey
Empathy is your best support for radical transformation
Connecting with you, your partner, and our Erotic Community
Week 2Core Erotic Blueprints™
Explore the 5 Sexuality Steps, 5 Erotic There are 4 main pathways that can enhance or destroy your sexual health and pleasure.
Map your Core Erotic Blueprint™ and open to orgasmic vitality
To achieve greater levels of erotic fulfillment, you must identify where your energies should be directed.
Find deeper connection and mutual fulfillment by gaining empathy for other people’s pleasure map
Week 3Deliciously Determining Blueprints
You can be an erotic detective by sleuthing your own way to love-making mastery
Practice touch and talk games to determine your own or someone else’s Blueprint in the course of an evening!
How to interview and observe others to determine which erotic methods would make them swoon.
An introduction to turning on techniques for all 5 Blueprint Types
Week 4Frequently feeding the Blueprints
Get the touch that you want:

Live demonstrations of erotica are available for each Blueprint Type
Blueprints Skills for flirting, seducing
Learn how to communicate your sexual needs and get them satisfied
You can be sure that you can satisfy your lover like never before
Week 5The Blueprints: Seductively Speaking
Confidently use the most stimulating words in and outside of the bedroom
More than words:

Use congruent body language that will increase your cravings
Play a special game to uncover the hottest words for your own or a lover’s arousal
Sexting, emailing and whispering the right words and phrases to make your lover hungry for you
Week 6Holistically Healing Blueprints
The shadow of your Blueprint can be healed, allowing you to have more joy and more connection
You can create deeper erotic freedom by removing any blocks that may be preventing you from enjoying your sexual pleasures
Take steps to overcome the physical, emotional and biochemical barriers that keep you back
Transform your greatest obstacles into your deepest pleasure pathways
Week 7Expertly Expanding the Blueprints
Expand your palette and discover erotic satisfaction you didn’t know possible
Increase your lover’s satisfaction by learning to play in their Blueprint
You will have easier access to superpower sex skills, orgasm states, and orgasm
Get on the road to Erotic Mastery
Week 8Hot Sex for a Lifetime
Get the plan for a happy, healthy sexual life.
Learn how to live a life full of passion, ravishment, connection, and crave.
Couples: Find out what you can do to keep it warm for a lifetime
Singles: Learn the pleasure pathway for an empowered sexual experience
Celebrate your Erotic Evolution as we complete the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course!

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