Harlan Kilstein – Hypnotic Reframing

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Those notes became part of NLP history and became known as the Six-Step Reframe Process. Over the years, it became known as one of the most powerful tools for personal change.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Harlan Kilstein – Hypnotic Reframing


NLP Co-Founder Teaches Seminar with a Raging Fever and Accidentally Discovers Six-Step Process To Eliminate – In 20 minutes, any negative behavior is gone

  • The story became a legend in NLP history. John Grinder was scheduled to give a seminar when he got a raging fever. The seminar couldn’t be delayed. The show must continue, in the tradition of all showmen.
  • Grinder was completely altered when he taught that day and went to sleep. He woke up the next morning to find notes on the board that he had written the previous day. He was aware he had written them, but not conscious of it.
  • These notes became part NLP history and were referred to as the Six-Step Reframe Process. It has been a powerful tool for personal transformation over the years.

What is NLP? How can it change your life?

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming was the brainchild Dr. John Grinder, who is a professor of linguistics at a college, and Richard Bandler, who is a student of computer programming. They began to collaborate to model the most effective therapists in the world to find the fastest and most effective ways to help people change.
  • Their tongue-This is where the name twister came from: neuro-Behavior comes from the brain. Linguistic – People reveal their thinking through programming and language. Most people have patterns built into them over time.
  • Bandler and Grinder designed patterns that shocked the therapeutic world. In just five minutes, they created a pattern that could cure the most stubborn phobias. Despite not having a background in therapy, the pair were teaching therapy to therapists from around the globe.
  • Tony Robbins, one of their most prominent students, based his entire career around the teachings and techniques of NLP.

The Six-Step Reframe Process

Grinder discovered a simple six-step method to teach in a raging fever even though he was teaching.-A step-by-step process that allows people to stop engaging in negative behaviors. The six-step process has been refined over time.-Step reframe has been used by therapists around the globe to change negative behavior quickly, including:

  • Weight issues (For people who are unable to lose weight through normal diet and exercise).
  • Smoking (For people who want to quit but don’t want to quit)
  • Alcohol (For those who know they are ruining their families but cannot give up alcohol).
  • Sexual Dysfunction issues
  • Failure to Succeed in School and in Business
  • These are just a few of the many issues.

Grinder stated that he had never encountered a problem other than the six.-Step 3: Reframe the process.

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