Giovanni Lordi – Activating Your Super Conscious Mind Program

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You will experience some amazing shifts in awareness as you begin to explore deep within and understand how everything fits into place.

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 Activating Your Super Conscious Mind Program

Giovanni Lordi – Activating Your Super Conscious Mind Program

Giovanni’s It has been his passion to push boundaries. He has worked with many people, including rugby league stars, world champion fighters and radio hosts as well as people with all kinds of issues. As a hypnotist Giovanni incorporates his knowledge of traditional hypnosis, mesmerism, TFT, NLP & his own life experiences, to present a unique process to help people personally, and through his range of CDs, MP3s and Book. Giovanni It is also the co-owner of Resonanz Recordings, an Australian CD distribution company that represents 25 authors in the hypnosis/relaxation/self help industry. This has been an integral part of GiovanniHis personal journey is a result of the people he’s worked with, the skills he’s acquired, and being part in something that has largely changed the way people view hypnosis here in Australia.

He is particularly interested in using hypnosis for exploring the different realms and showing people what the mind can do when they ‘look deeper’. But most importantly, Giovanni He is a down to earth Australian guy who loves to tackle complex concepts and share them in an easy to understand way that everyone can apply to their lives.
Activating Your Super Conscious Mind Program
►Training your brain to reach amazing new levels◄These items will expand your consciousness and help to realize the full potential of what your mind can do. As you start to look deep within and see how everything fits together, you will experience amazing shifts of awareness. You will experience remarkable shifts in your mind when you use hypnosis to access the power of your subconscious. Follow the instructions, use these tools, and more & more each day you will experience life on a new unprecedented level you probably never thought was even possible

►About the Hypnosis Sessions◄
These are professionally recorded personal hypnotherapy sessions designed to be used in the privacy & comfort of your own home. These programs can help you make powerful changes in your consciousness and reap the many benefits of hypnosis across a wide range of areas. Each MP3 is GiovanniThe soothing voice of’s, binaural beats that entrain your brain into specific levels of consciousness for each title, and relaxing background tunes.
►How do they Work◄
These items will help you to expand your consciousness and realise the full potential of what your mind can do. As you start to look deep within and see how everything fits together, you will experience amazing shifts of awareness. You will experience remarkable shifts in your mind when you use hypnosis to access the power of your subconscious. Follow the instructions, use these tools, and more & more each day you will experience life on a new unprecedented level you probably never thought was even possible
Retail Value of Whole Package: $420
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☑️ GiovanniThe first book by’is a look into many aspects of life. It is based on experience and contains techniques to help you get through. The book is divided into the following chapters: How the Mind Works, Stages in Life, Men & Women, Relationships, Understanding & Awareness, Perception, Communication, Persuasion & Manipulation, Tips & Techniques & Addictions & Self Help. It is basically 400 pages of information, advice, and understanding that can be used no matter where you are in life.
☑️ To increase your creativity and imagination, open up more parts of the mind. This tool helps you shift your consciousness to the moment where you can experience unimaginable clarity and creativity. It also provides the skills necessary to carry it out.
☑️ Loosely inspired by the movie ‘Limitless’, this hypnosis session is designed to unlock more abilities within your mind & help elevate you towards achieving the state of superconsciousness. It includes techniques that will increase your mental perception and abilities to amazing new levels. You’ll be amazed at how it amazes you every day.
☑️ This session is intended to help you achieve Zen. Zen is a destination that must be reached by you alone. This session will help you get close to it and free you to think for yourself. Includes a spoken hypnosis session and an extended binaural beat meditation.
Are you feeling stressed? Do you find yourself thinking too much, letting your emotions take over or are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, this MP3 will help to relax you and make your worries disappear. You can relax, let this audio take you deeper into relaxation and make you feel better than ever! ARIA has also certified this title as a Gold Record for sales exceeding 35 000 copies.
☑️ The MP3 includes 2 tracks: a 40-minute spoken hypnosis session that prepares you for lucid dreams and a 40-minute binaural beat meditation that helps you experience them. They will train your brain, give you the ability of stepping inside your lucid dream world and direct their outcome.
☑️ This session is meant to help you get to the core of your purpose and to open up your mind to your true self. It will help you discover your true self, and help you prioritize what is most important in your life. This will empower you and give you the confidence to ‘know’. It’s a companion piece to the Finding Zen MP3.
☑️ This product is designed to improve your focus, concentration, awareness, and help you stick to your tasks. This is useful if you are easily distracted or procrastinate.
☑️ This session will inspire you with new ideas, creations, and concepts. Then, follow them through with persistence motivation. Step 1 is to clear your mind of clutter and encourage clear thinking patterns. Step 2 is to motivate you to keep creating and trying different things.
☑️ This session will help you let go of your past hurts, emotions, and memories. It will teach you how to live in the “now” and not let your past dictate your life. It uses powerful color healing techniques to represent all the negative past events that have caused your present to crumble.
☑️ This MP3 is very simple. It is only meant to make you smile. It includes techniques to keep smiling and to always see the positive side of things. It is amazing how much happier things can be when you are happy. All it takes is changing your mindset. Self-help-Positive, optimistic, depressive thoughts and esteem.
☑️ This session helps you to feel confident in all areas of your life, such as work, relationships, communication, and general self-confidence. It contains 3 main steps to achieve this – enhance optimism & positivity – believe in your abilities – apply this to your actions.
☑️ The session begins with a creative visualization process that creates a strong picture of your goal/s. It ends with powerful mindset techniques that will help you get there. It’s easier to keep your eyes on the end result you want and stay on track.
☑️ This session applies all laws of attraction and manifestation. It will help you create abundance in your relationships, financial, career and personal lives. It teaches you how to identify what you want and to accept that you deserve it.
☑️ This session will help you improve your memory and identify the best ways to learn. This session will improve your recall and retention of information by clearing your mind, encouraging a more efficient flow and creating a mindset that allows you to learn better when you need it.
☑️ This powerful yet simple program will help you achieve success in all areas of your life. This program will help you change your mindset towards success and achieving your goals. This proven method will help you change your mindset to embrace success and take the right steps towards achieving it.
☑️ Giovanni Your own hypnosis MP3 will be recorded with whatever content you want, for whatever reason, and sent to you as an MP3 audio file. The recording will be at least 30 minutes long, but you can request that he make it longer or shorter if necessary. In fact, to personalize the session even more, he can even say your name so it is all the more personal to you.☑️ Like all the other MP3s in this program, the session will be recorded in GiovanniThe recording studio of’s, which uses a quality compressor microphone in a soundproof, acoustically-treated, vocal booth. The audio quality is excellent and the recording will never be made available to anyone other than you.

☑️ You have the option to choose from the following background sounds: binaural beats or relaxing music.

☑️ If you purchase this pack, you will receive instructions on how to take advantage of the $100 savings. Simply fill out the form to request your recording. Within 2 weeks, you will receive your customized hypnosis session via download link.

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