George Hutton – Interpersonal Resonance

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Even if you have the perfect sales pitch memorized, the ideal pickup line, the perfect opener for your local networking meeting, it won’t work if you are terrified inside.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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George Hutton – Interpersonal Resonance

George Hutton - Interpersonal Resonance

What is this Wizardry?

  • The IR model teaches how to increase your inner game to huge levels of congruence and confidence. It also teaches the simple but powerful outer game techniques that will help you overcome your fears and insecurities.
  • It will be second nature to talk to strangers and walk up to them!
  • Three comprehensive manuals and 17 unheard-of subliminal programming sessions, each lasting one hour. This will eliminate all fear and weakness, as well as make it easy to have any kind of relationship you desire, regardless of reason.
  • See, whenever you talk to somebody, there’s a LOT going on. Verbal communication. Nonverbal communication. Conscious persuasion, subconscious persuasion. Inner and outer games of one individual, and the inner- and outer games for the other.
  • Most people aren’t aware of most of these. Which is why when most people speak, they take a couple ill formed thoughts, hook some words to ’em, spit ’em out and hope for the best!
  • This is exactly why sales and dating are considered to be a. “numbers” game. Since most people are spitting out a bunch of jumbled nonsense, it’s no wonder we say things like, “Get Lucky!”
  • But you’ll learn a powerful theory that will tie all of these complicated ideas into one neat package, turning you into a powerhouse communicator.
  • Now, I’ll be honest. This is not a. “set and forget” program. This includes over 17 hours of subliminal programming. However, it also includes twenty-five highly detailed, powerful mind exercises that you absolutely must complete.
  • Not only once, but multiple times.
  • For those who are brave enough and able to do these exercises, keep track of their progress and fully expect miracles.

Part One – Theory of Communication
You’ll learn why all communication is persuasion. This means that every time we open our mouths, we intend to get some sort of result.
You’ll understand the difference between verbal and nonverbal, and which is much, much more powerful.
You’ll learn the three levels of persuasion, and why what is NOT seen is almost always the driving force in any communication.
You’ll learn precisely why understanding your inner and outer game is not enough.
You’ve also got to consider the inner and outer game of your conversation partner.
You’ll learn twenty five DEEP practice exercises to train yourself into an unconscious understanding of all of these elements. X-Ray vision is the key to understanding the true meaning behind communication with others.
Part Two – Inner Game Secrets
Your inner game is the most important part of any communication. Even if you have the perfect sales pitch memorized, the ideal pickup line, the perfect opener for your local networking meeting, it won’t work if you are terrified inside.
You’ll learn the most common fear that we ALL share. They are real, they are false, and there are mental practices to eradicate them.
You’ll learn two incredibly powerful exercises that when done daily, will turn you into a master Jedi of communication.
Change your personal history, shadow energy, or a simple exercise to make that person you’re afraid of approaching suddenly transform in your mind into a timid little puppy that just needs some love.
Part Three – Outer Game Magic
Yes, I know. “Magic” It is a strong word. However, I will show you how to use an almost ALWAYS misunderstood strategy from NLP.
This simple but extremely powerful technique should only ever be used with extreme care. This is not a marketing gimmick.
This is easy to learn “questioning” Technique will make even the most timid person in the world open up to your gaze and tell you their deepest hopes, desires, dreams, and fantasies.
You subconsciously associating them all to YOU.
If you’re in sales, you’ll make a small fortune in a short amount of time.
If you’re playing the dating market, you’ll have gorgeous people (guys or girls) eating out of your hand.
If you’re building a business, your customers will love you and buy everything you’ve got.
I must reiterate. This is not a sneaky trick. This is NOT something that you can remember and repeat the same way over and again. This is a interpersonal skill that takes practice.
(But don’t worry. One of the twenty five exercises is a simple way to SLOWLY expand your comfort zone until you’re ready for the big leagues!)
It takes asking the right questions at the right time. Once you master it, you will never again want anything. It is that powerful.
If you want the best kept secrets even most NLP gurus don’t know, this course will give it to you.

You will learn the theory, the inner and outer game exercises, and the journaling techniques to help you get on the right path to ultimate success.

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