Frank Kermit – How To Build A Social Circle Network

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How to set boundaries to prevent yourself from being taken for granted and used as a Social Slave (just like how Charlie Brown was abused at Thanksgiving in the cartoon).  Avoid being Charlie Brown”This course is available for immediate delivery!”


Frank Kermit – How To Build A Social Circle Network

Frank Kermit - How To Build A Social Circle Network

…… You’ll find all the information in these 3 MP3s (APPROX. 3 HOURS) digital Audio Set:

  • Questions from the LIVE audience Frank Answers on-the-spot
  • How to create a social network that will help you improve your dating life and your social life.
  • How to use the POINTMAN (or POINT PERSON) System to make your social circles work for YOU
  • A Personal story Frank about one of the challenges he faced when one of the first social circle outings was taking a turn for the worse (because someone was getting offended by bad humor) and how he got it back on track so you can use exactly the same strategy
  • Learn the 3 Stages of creating your social circle networks. Each stage is designed to meet different needs. You can also learn when each stage can be moved depending on your social goals.
  • How To prevent you from being taken for granted and used to be a Social Slave (just like Charlie Brown was used at Thanksgiving in the cartoon).  Avoid being Charlie Brown
  • How How to balance having fun with managing social circles.
  • To make sure you organize an outing that is worthwhile, be aware of the differences between Attraction and Attention.
  • How to properly Integrate yourself into an existing Social Circle To make sure everyone is happy to receive you
  • How Respect others without being a doormat
  • How Use charisma to make people respect you, even if they don’t like you.
  • Learn when it is and isn’t appropriate to tap on someone’s personal boundaries. This includes a personal story about how he reached his goals without crossing any boundaries.
  • For more information on stage 1, please refer to this page. To ensure you are always able to communicate with others, please read the following:
  • The Rule of the Replaceable, how it will stop you becoming desperate or needy for one person or social group, and a personal story. Frank
  • 2 steps to starting STAGE ONE and how to handle Random Invitations, Choosing Your Venues, New Invitations, Avoiding Neediness, When Too Many Show Up, Who Gets More of Your Time, Introductions at Singles Parties, What to do with Limit Capacity Venues, Manage the Risks of Being a Point Person, Facing No Shows, Hiding Disappointment and How Long to Remain at Stage One
  • This is the number one rule for STAGE TWO. It will determine how successful your efforts to build social networks. This includes how to handle multiple invites at once.
  • What to do if someone offends you?
  • What do you do if someone is just interested in a relationship and you don’t want to be included in social circle building?
  • STAGE TWO – Learn when you should bring someone and when you should go on your own
  • How How to host a Singles Party during STAGE 2 and the rules to follow to ensure everyone has a great time
  • Learn the importance and how to effectively screen people for STAGE 2 and weed out people you would not like to see again.
  • What to do if the person in your social circle wants to go on a date with another person
  • How How to handle sex within a social circle context. How to stay calm if there are any misunderstandings about commitment
  • How To preserve your contacts and to balance them with the new contacts you make, so that everyone has a social outing
  • Integrating in existing social circles is the key to making new close friends.
  • How Manage your finances Social Circles so you can date Multiple people at the same time, without risking losing the social circle
  • The Rules for Dating in a Social Circle How to keep your sexual relationships private
  • How to Demonstrate your Interest in someone in your social circle, and what NOT to do, to ensure that your social circle does not fall apart
  • What to do if you get two lovers from your social circle start talking about you? Or if one of your lovers meets another?
  • What are the changes you need to make if you have a Boy/Girlfriend? Social Circle It changes the way you interact with your social circle. This includes how and when you introduce them to the circle.
  • How To ensure you are ready and settled for STAGE THREE of building your social networks and strengthening your relationships with people, This includes information about what activities you can cease doing if your interest is not in recruiting new social circles.
  • How to be aware of the costs and how to manage social circles
  • How You should be able to deal with people who are more powerful than you and not try to ruin your social networks.
  • 3 steps to having sexual encounters at a social gathering. Personal stories are included to help you understand how to make it happen.
  • ​How to avoid making the biggest mistakes men make when creating a new social network
  • The do’s and don’ts on talking with someone who was not at an event that you went to.
  • Things to remember when Scouting for Your Locations
  • Keep these House Party Rules in mind
  • The Rules for Combining Social Circles
  • How to budget your time balancing social circles as well as your sexual relationships within those social circles
  • The Best Way To Contact People for building a social circle
  • Different ways to get into Good (VIP) locations
  • Conflict Resolution and how to quickly assess if it is a Personality Conflict vs Low Quality Person
  • Learn When To Cut a Person Out and what do to if they  Keep Coming Back
  • How Balance new people and old friends joining your social circle
  • Social circles and dealing with your ex and the ex’s of others

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