Flowing Zen – Qigong 101



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Are your shoulders getting tighter, is your breath getting shallower, and is your patience running thin?”This course is available for immediate delivery!”


Flowing Zen – Qigong 101

Flowing Zen - Qigong 101

Qigong 101: The Art and Practice of Healing for Busy People
Step-By-Step ONLINE Teachings that make it affordable and convenient for you finally to heal.

Are You in Pain?
Do you have chronic pain that just won’t go away?

Are painkillers all that your doctors can give you?

Are you looking for a better way to manage your chronic pain, back pain, and migraines?

Are you depressed or anxious?
Are you depressed — whether it’s clinical, undiagnosed, or just a terrible case of the blues?

Is there an anxiety background that you can’t get rid of?

Are you stressed?
Do you feel like you are getting overwhelmed by stress?

Are your shoulders becoming tighter? Is your breath becoming shallower? And is your patience getting less?

Are You Exhausted?
Are you feeling so tired and worn out that it is difficult to manage your daily responsibilities

Do you spend your free hours working on your recharge rather than having fun?

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